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    Default My Ideas For Orcs and Goblins

    I like Goblins and Orcs as enemies, but they do come off kinds flat "Its OK to kill us- We are all evil"

    So For the standard Pathfinder World, Here are my orcs and Goblins:


    Goblins have very strong traditions in every tribe and while allot of them are usually bizarre and highly comedic to those that don't grow up with goblins they are sacred to the tribes never the less.

    Goblins believe that reading and writing takes steal the words from your head. As a result many goblins are amazing artists, storytellers and poets. Many of them have great memories. While allot of other races don't get some of the goblins form of art. Goblins sometimes want to convey feelings and emotions rather then just tell a picture so their art tends to be very abstract.

    Goblins usually never have any form of death penalty, as the biggest insult to one is exile. These goblins, filled with hate usually form with others exiles and create their own tribes. These tribes usually don't last long, and are much smaller then real goblin tribes but they are a danger to everybody else. Filled with outcasts and the worst goblins have to offer they attack and harass nearby settlements which gives the goblins their bad name.


    Ever since they where chased from the underground by Dwarves, Orcs no longer follow dark gods. Most Orcs are secularists.

    Orcs usually don't form tribes but have small congregations.

    Orcs are not unusual sights in many cities of the world, using their strength to work as muscle or soldiers. There is one tradition that Orcs always follow though. Once every ten or so years Orcs gather around in congregations of hundreds and feast and tell stories. During this time its expected for Orcs to find mates. After the months long celebration is over Orc families path their separate ways. While orcs may seem tough, they usually reveal a soft kind interior. This has resulted in a sharp rise in half orcs throughout all nations. Half orcs are valued in orc communities for their intelligence and cunning, though elders don't look on these pairing positively. Half orcs are not looked down apon by most organized nations either.

    But some sects of Orcs that still worship their dark creator gods exist and their form of life is much more savage as they live in their agressive tribes doing horrid stuff.
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    Default Re: My Ideas For Orcs and Goblins

    Just a minor nitpick. The orcs you describe are secularists, not atheists.

    Otherwise good stuff, needs more fluff though. Go into detail about all of their traditions.
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    Default Re: My Ideas For Orcs and Goblins

    Im going the "By need to know basis"

    AKA: When one pops up in a campaign I will go into major detail. Until then I will avoid creating major details to avoid making it dumb.


    And I implemented your suggestion.
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    Default Re: My Ideas For Orcs and Goblins

    I like what you did with the Goblins, especially their development of oral tradition in lieu of literacy.

    Another minor nitpick: art in general is intended to convey a kind of story or emotion, so "abstract art" may not be so incomprehensible to non-Goblins.

    Example: Think of Guernica, by Pablo Picasso. It tells a story of chaos and disorder, of a once-tranquil setting torn apart and scattered by death.
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    Default Re: My Ideas For Orcs and Goblins

    That was exactly my point. Just I doubt that Golarion has modern arts paintings in it. Most of them probably are painted to look realistic.

    Goblins are the modern artists of the setting.

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    Default Re: My Ideas For Orcs and Goblins

    I really like what you have done here, not to mention that going into too much detail at this stage might be the wrong move given that as most tribal traditions are born through pragmatism, these will vary by tribe ad tribe location.
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