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    Default Let Me Make This Clear; I am the Blademaster [ACF, PEACH]

    Blades of the Fragmented Soul
    You would never expose your soul to such alien beings; that is unthinkable!
    Classes: Binder
    Level: 2nd
    Replaces: Suppress Sign.
    Benefit: You no longer bind your Vestiges to your own body; instead, you bind them to weapons that you crafted out of the soul-stuff that leaks back from the void. This weapon is referred to as a vestige-blade.

    Treat your vestige-blades as if they were Spiritual Weapons cast by a Cleric of your Binder Level, and using Charisma as your spellcasting ability score, with the following changes; the duration changes to "As long as the Vestige stays bound", the Range changes to Close, and may be formed into any weapon you are proficient in (a ranged weapon creates its own ammunition.). A vestige-blade is not affected by any of your Pact Augmentation abilities (but see below.)

    The vestige-blade itself is clearly visible to everyone, and has a figure scribed onto it. This figure is an image of an alien humanoid with four arms; two are to its sides, the palms facing out, and the other pair are held forward, as if in supplication. This figure displays the sign of the vestige bound to it.

    You only receive the benefit of a Vestige bound to a vestige-blade if it is adjacent to you; otherwise, every single effect and ability of the vestige treats the vestige-blade as its point of origin; you may choose to have any vestige-blade use one of the Vestige's active abilities as a Standard action that replaces the standard group of attacks that it would have made.

    Any creature struck by the vestige-blade must make a Will Save against a DC of (10+1/2 your EBL+your Charisma Modifier); on a failed save, it displays the sign of that Vestige and is forced to follow the influence of that vestige as if by a Suggestion effect; this effect lasts for 1 minute.

    In addition, add the following option to your Pact Augmentation ability:
    • Each vestige-blade you have gains 1 bonus Weapon Augment Slot; unlike other Pact Augmentations, this one does affect vestige-blades.

    If a vestige-blade is destroyed, it reforms in 5 rounds, and you are treated as if you disobeyed that vestige's influence. You originally may only have one vestige-blade at a time; however, you gain another vestige-blade every time the number of vestiges you can bind increases.

    • Change the text of Spiritual Weapon from "It uses your base attack bonus (possibly allowing it multiple attacks per round in subsequent rounds) plus your Wisdom modifier as its attack bonus." to "It uses your base attack bonus (possibly allowing it multiple attacks per round in subsequent rounds) plus your spellcasting modifier (Wisdom for Clerics) as its attack bonus."

    So, what do you think?

    Sure, it is a lot to get for getting rid of just Suppress Sign, but think about it this way...

    You are going to have 1-4 spooky spirit swords floating around you at all times; unlike the normal sign, YOU CANNOT HIDE THEM. They are a beacon that tells people "Binder here, Binder right here."

    Throw in the fact that, if you want to use these things at a decent range, you lose the benefits of your bound Vestiges, and that if they get destroyed, dispelled, or whatever else... you receive a -1 to practically everything.
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