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    Default [3.x] Compendium of Healing

    This is meant to be a comprehensive list of all of the ways to heal HP damage in official D&D 3.x material. If I've missed something (I almost certainly have), feel free to point it out.

    In each section, there's a subsection for spells/powers, feats, class features, and items. The spells are listed in order of level (by the lowest level they appear on any class's list, for the benefit of archivists and chameleons), then alphabetically. Each spell line gives the name, the classes that get access to it (and a number, if it's higher level for that class), the sourcebook, and a brief description.

    Feats are listed alphabetically. Each line gives the name, then the source, then a brief description.

    Class features are listed alphabetically. Each line gives the name of the class feature, then the name of the class, the level in that class when the feature becomes available, and the source, then a brief description. Some class features are shared by multiple classes.

    Items are listed alphabetically. Each line gives the name of the item, then the cost, then the source, then a brief description. Potions, scrolls, and wands are not listed, since they can be made from any spell.

    All descriptions are brief; for full details, see the original source. Some aspects not related to healing are omitted from the descriptions, and many have prerequisites for their use. If no source is listed for an ability, either it's core, or I missed listing it.

    General healing (can be used on most creatures):


    0: Cure Minor Wounds (adept, clr, drd, hlr, shu) 1

    1: Crusader's Strike (cru; ToB) 1d6+1-5
    Cure Light Wounds (adept, brd, clr, drd, hlr, healing, pal, rgr, shu) 1d8+1-5
    Goodberry (drd, hlr) 2d4 plus nourishment
    Healthful Rest (brd, clr, drd; SpC) Double natural healing for CL targets
    Invest Light Protection (clr; PHB2) 1d4+1-3, plus DR 1/evil
    Lesser Vigor (clr, drd; SpC) fast healing 1 for 11-15 rounds
    Martial Spirit (cru; ToB) 2/attack
    Minor Word of Nurturing (tru; ToM) FH 1 for 5 rounds
    Touch of Health (Life mantle; CPsi) 2 +2/PP

    2: Close Wounds (clr, hlr3; SpC) Swift action cures 1d4+3-5
    Cure Moderate Wounds (adept, brd, clr, drd3, hlr, healing, pal3, rgr3, shu) 2d8+3-10
    Empathic Transfer (egoist, psiwar; XPH) Heal target 2-10d10, take half self
    Estanna's Stew (clr, drd, pal; BoED) 1-5 servings each heal 1d6+1
    From the Brink (Life mantle; CPsi) Stabilize and heal 1/PP up to 1
    Hydrate (brd, clr, drd, pal, rgr; Sand) 2d8+3-10 desiccation damage
    Lesser Word of Nurturing (tru; ToM) FH 3 for 5 rounds
    Mark of Judgement (clr; PHB2) All who strike subject heal 2
    Shared Healing (clr; MoE) Target gains pool of 6-20 to draw from
    Stabilize (pal, clr; SpC) swift heal 1 point to all within 50'
    Summon Elysian Thrush (brd, clr; SpC) Doubles natural healing within 30'

    3: Cure Serious Wounds (adept, brd, clr, drd4, hlr, healing, pal4, rgr4, shu) 3d8+5-15
    Healing Spirit (brd4, clr4, drd4, pal; PHB2) Can heal 1/round 1d8, CL/2 rounds
    Healing Touch (wiz; SpC) Heal target up to 1d6/2 levels, take half self
    Invest Moderate Protection (clr; PHB2) 3d4+2-6, plus DR 3/evil
    Light of Venya (clr, wiz; SpC) 2 rays deal 3d6 damage or heal 1d6+5-10
    Mass Lesser Vigor (clr, drd; SpC) fast healing 1 for 15-25 rounds to CL/2 targets
    Moderate Word of Nurturing (tru; ToM) FH 5 for 5 rounds
    Refreshment (brd, clr, endurance; BoED) Remove all nonlethal damage in 20'
    Revitalizing Strike (cru; ToB) 3d6+5-10
    Vigor (clr, drd; SpC) Fast healing 2 for 15-25 rounds

    4: Blood of the Martyr (clr, pal; BoED) Transfer 20 HP or more to target
    Channeled Divine Health (clr; PHB2) Swift touch 1d8, standard close 1d8+7-10, full-round medium 2d8+7-15, or 2 rounds long 4d8+7-20
    Cure Critical Wounds (adept, brd, clr, drd5, hlr, healing, shu) 4d8+7-20
    Cure Light Wounds, Mass (brd5, clr5, drd6, hlr, healing5, shu5) 1d8+9-25, CL targets
    Healing Surf (clr; web) You and 3 others in water heal 35-50 plus conditions
    Panacea (clr, drd5, hlr; SpC) 1d8+7-20, plus conditions
    Polymorph (wiz) Heal as if rested when change forms
    Positive Energy Aura (clr; SpC) living creatures within 10' (not you) heal 1/3CL (max 5)/round, for CL rounds
    Potent Word of Nurturing (tru; ToM) FH 10 for 5 rounds
    Seed of Life (clr, drd5, pal; CCham) FH 2 for 17-30 rounds, can discharge for half duration in d4s
    Summon Nature's Ally IV (animal, drd, rgr, shu) Summon a unicorn (CLW 3/day, CMW 1/day)

    5: Critical Word of Nurturing (tru; ToM) FH 15 for 5 rounds
    Cure Moderate Wounds, Mass (brd6, clr6, drd7, hlr) 2d8+11-30, CL targets
    Darts of Life (clr; CCham) Create ten darts; free action use one for 1d8
    Greater Vigor (clr, drd; SpC) fast healing 4 for 19-35 rounds
    Heal (adept, clr6, drd7, hlr6, healing6, shu6) 110-150 plus conditions
    Healing Circle (clr; CCham) 5 charges allies can use for CCW, CSW, CMW, CLW, 5
    Rejuvenating Cocoon (drd; SpC) Heals 90-150 over 2 rounds
    Warding Gems (clr; BoED) 1 gem/3 CL orbits a creature; creature can use each for 10

    6: Cure Serious Wounds, Mass (clr7, drd8, hlr) 3d8+13-35, CL targets
    Greater Word of Nurturing (tru; ToM) FH 20 for 5 rounds
    Mend Wounds (Life mantle; CPsi) 55+5/PP, +4 PP to affect all within 20'
    Rallying Strike (cru; ToB) 3d6+11-15 in 30' burst
    Regenerate (competition7, clr7, drd9, hlr, healing7, shu8) 4d8+13-35 plus regrow
    Snowsong (brd; frost) FH 1 and other benefits to all within 30 ft, 10 min/level
    Summon Monster VI (brd, clr, wiz) Summon a Bralani (CSW 2/day)
    Vigorous Circle (clr, drd; SpC) fast healing 3 for 21-40 rounds to CL/2 targets

    7: Cure Critical Wounds, Mass (clr8, drd9, hlr, healing8) 4d8+15-40, CL targets
    Fortunate Fate (clr; SpC) Target that would be killed is affected by Heal
    Rejuvenating Light (clr; CCham) All within 60' of glowing object gain FH 1
    Renewal Pact (clr, pact; SpC) Panacea triggered when needed
    Righteous Burst (clr; PHB2) Enemies within 30' take 1d8+13-35, allies heal same
    Summon Monster VII (clr, wiz) Summon an Avoral (lay on hands 66 HP)

    8: Mass Heal (clr9, hlr, healing9, shu) 170-250, all targets 30 feet apart
    Polymorph Any Object (wiz, trickery) Heal as if rested when change forms
    Summon Monster VIII (clr, wiz) Summon a Lillend (bard spells)

    9: Feast of Champions (clr, feast; ECS) Cure 2d8+17-20, 1d8+8-10 temp HP, etc.
    Shapechange (animal, drd, wiz) Heal as if rested when change forms
    Strike of Righteous Vitality (cru; ToB) Strike grants Heal
    Summon Monster IX (clr, wiz) Summon a Couatl (spells) or leonal (CCW 3/day, Lay on Hands 114)
    Summon Nature's Ally IX (dru, shu) Summon celestial charger unicorn (cleric spells)


    Greater Dragonmark: Healing (ECS) -- Heal 1/day, extra use of least, lesser
    Healing Devotion (CCham) -- Fast healing 1-5 for 1 minute, 1+turns/day
    Least Dragonmark: Healing (ECS) -- CLW 1/day, +2 heal checks
    Lesser Dragonmark: Healing (ECS) -- CSW 1/day, extra use of least
    Magic of the Land (RotW) -- Know(Nature) while casting a spell to heal targets 2/spell level
    Planar Touchstone: Blinding Tower (PlanarHB) -- Darkvision; Ray of CMW, 6 charges
    Planar Touchstone: Breath of Threphocris (PlanarHB) -- +1 wis skill checks; breath weapon heals 1d8+9 (3 charges)
    Planar Touchstone: Empyrea Mere (PlanarHB) -- +3 HP; cure 90 HP or other conditions (4 charges)
    Stigmata (BoED) -- Take con damage to heal allies 1/HD/2 con damage
    Sacred Healing (CDiv) -- Spend Turn to give FH 3 within 60' for 1+Cha rounds
    Sacred Purification (PHB2) -- Swift spend Turn to heal 1d8+Cha within 60'
    Touch of Healing (CCham) -- Heal target up to half; +1 CL on healing
    Touchstone: Healing Waters of Abu-Ima (Sand) -- CSW or Remove Disease 1/day; Raise Dead 1/week 2 charges
    Touchstone: Shrine at Kahar (Sand) -- Aid, Calm Emotions, CMW, lesser restoration, or remove paralysis 1/day
    Wedded to the Light (Dr358) -- Familiar gains positive-energy abilities

    Class features:

    Arrowroot tattoo (Tattooed Monk 1, CWar): Level*Wis/day, others only
    Blessing of the Illuminated Heaven (Celestial Mystic 10, BoED): Living creatures within 10' gain FH 2
    Blood of the Martyr (Defender of Sealtiel 4): As spell, 1/day
    Breath of Life (Swift Wing 3, DM): Spend Turn to heal 1/level in 30' cone
    Buer vestige (Binder 5 or 7, ToM): FH 1-5, 1d8+5-10 with touch 1/5 rounds
    Champion of the Golden Orb dragonpact (sor 14, DM): MCLW 1-3/day
    Corellon's Blessing (Champ of Corellon Larethian 1, RotW): Level*Cha per day
    Draconic word: Ssearth (Dracolexi 4, RotD): 1/CL, each target 1/day
    Earth's Communion (Holt Warden 3, CCham): 10 min casting 1-4/day, Heal spell divided among recipients
    Fast Healing (Incandescent Champion 9, MoI): FH 1/essentia for 1 round/level/day adjacent allies
    Healing Blast (Eldritch Disciple 1, CMag): Eldritch Blast heals living
    High Priest Mask (Master of Masks 1, CScou): CLW, CSW 1/day
    Lay on Hands (Pal 1; Hospitaler 1, CDiv; Gray Guard 1, CScou; Purifier of the Hallowed Doctrine 2, HoH; Knight of the Pearl 1, Storm): level*Cha per day
    Lifebond Vestments (Inc 1, MoI): Touch heals level+5*essentia 1/target/hr, you take half
    Mark of Healing (Heir of Siberys 2, ECS): Mass Heal 1-2/day
    Nightingale Tattoo (Tattooed Monk 1, CWar): 2*level/day
    Opportunistic Piety (fct 5, Dun): 3-6+wis/day, 2*level+int or turn undead
    Primal Scream (Wildrunner 10, RotW): FH 5 while under frenzy
    Song of Healing (Dragonsong Lyrist 5, Drac): Allies heal as full day's rest
    Song of Life Refrain (Seeker of the Song 4, CArc): Bardic music to heal equal to Perform check
    Sphere of Concordance (Singer of Concordance 10, RotD): Transport companions to minor-positive demiplane
    Spirit of Healing (pal 5, Dun): Allies in spirit's square can take some healing, up to 2*Lay On Hands
    Spirit of the Fallen (pal 20, Dun): FH 10 to adjacent for 20 rounds, 1/round heal 2*level to fallen
    Splice the Main Brace (Legendary Captain 9, Storm): Mass CLW to all on ship 1/day; takes 10 min to work
    Spontaneous Rejuvenation (drd 1, PHB2): Spend spell slot to give allies FH equal to spell level for 3 rounds
    Touch of the Shadow Sun (Shadow Sun Ninja 1, ToB): Deal unarmed+wis negative damage to a target, then heal another target same amount
    Touch of Vitality (Dragon Shaman 6, PHB2): 2*level*cha/day
    Ursinal's Touch (Sentinel of Bharrai 7, BoED): Like Lay on Hands, but total equal to full HP
    Vigor aura (Dragon Shaman 1, PHB2): Allies gain FH 1-5, up to half
    Water's Blessing (Knight of the Pearl 5, Storm): spend Turn Undead for 4d6 to all within 30' in water


    Amulet of Emergency Healing (6000 GP; MiC) 3/day, immediate 1d4+5 within 30'
    Angelhelm (10,000 GP; MiC) CCW 1/day, other benefits
    Anstruth Harp (32,100 GP; MiC) CLW and other spells, 1/day, if 12 ranks in perform
    Arm of the Ancestor (8,500; web) Graft 1/hour grant FH 3 for your HD/2
    Bead of Healing (9000 GP) CSW, remove blindness, or remove disease 1/day
    Cornucopia of the Needful (6000 GP; MiC) 1/day or 1d4+1/day (relic), fruit for Heal or other benefits
    Dove's Harp (12,100 GP; MiC) Bardic music to give allies in 60' FH 3 for 1 minute
    Dymondheart (legacy; WoL) 18th level, CCW 4/day
    Goodberry Bracelet (2000 GP; MiC) 1/day, creates 5 goodberries
    Hair Shirt of Suffering (3400 GP; MiC) +1 nat armor, CSW (others only) 1/day
    Healing Belt (750 GP; MiC) 3 charges/day, heal 1d8+1d8/charge spent
    Healing Nodules (21,000 GP; MoE) Graft produces CSW potion 1/hour
    Healing Salve (2250 GP; MiC) 10 doses, each heals 1d8+1
    Mac-Fuirmidh Cithern (2100 GP; MiC) CLW and other spells 1/day, if 4 ranks in perform
    Merikel (legacy; WoL) 5th level, CLW 3/day; 17th level Mass CLW 2/day
    Mirror of Curing (11,800 GP; OA) Heal, 10 charges
    Platform of Healing (76,500 GP; Drac) Heal spell on creature placed on architecture
    Restorative Ointment (4000 GP) 5 doses, each 1d8+5 or cure poison or disease
    Scales of Balance (legacy; WoL) 7th level, CLW 3/day
    Shield of Mercy (2170 GP; MiC) spend smite ability to heal equal to extra damage
    Staff of Healing (27,750 GP) Lesser Restoration, CSW, remove blindness (2), remove disease (3)
    Staff of Life (155,750 GP) Heal, Resurrection (5)
    Staff of the Torrent Moons (legacy; WoL) 18th level CCW 3/day, maximized if in water
    Tabard of the Great Crusade (5500 GP; MiC) Relic; Ally gains Heal 1/day
    Unicorn Pendant (6000 GP; MiC) CMW and Neutralize Poison 1/day; paladin treats Cha as +4 for Lay On Hands
    Vampiric Goblet (8100 GP; DragComp) Drinker takes or cures 1 HP depending on command word

    Restricted healing (used on a limited set of creatures):


    0: Inflict Minor Wounds (clr) 1 to undead
    Repair Minor Damage (wiz, urban drd; SpC) 1 to construct

    1: Faith Healing (blackguard, clr, pal; SpC) 9-13 to a worshiper of your deity
    Inflict Light Wounds (clr, destruction, drn) 1d8+1-5 to undead
    Repair Light Damage (wiz, art, urban drd; SpC) 1d8+1-5 to construct

    2: Evergreen (drd; Frost) 10 foot radius of plant life heals 1d8+3-10, immunity to cold
    Frostburn, Lesser (clr; Frost) 1d12+3-5 to cold subtype, or damage others
    Inflict Moderate Wounds (clr, drn) 2d8+3-10 to undead
    Psionic Repair Damage (shaper; XPH) 3d8+1/ML+1d8/2PP to construct
    Repair Moderate Damage (wiz, art, urban drd; SpC) 2d8+3-10 to construct

    3: Heal Animal Companion (rgr, drd5; SpC) as Heal, except only companion
    Heal Mount (pal) As Heal, except only mount
    Inflict Serious Wounds (clr, drn) 3d8+5-15 to undead
    Insignia of Healing (brd, clr; RoD) 1d8+5-10 to all insignia wearers in long range
    Rejuvenative Corpse (clr; SpC) Undead eating corpse gains FH 1 for 5 min
    Repair Serious Damage (wiz, art, urban drd; SpC) 3d8+5-15 to construct

    4: Bleakness (clr, wiz; PHB2) Undead FH 3 for 1 rnd/CL
    Frostburn (clr; frost) 3d12+7-20 to cold subtype, or damage others
    Inflict Critical Wounds (clr, destruction) 4d8+7-20 to undead
    Repair Critical Damage (wiz, art, urban drd; SpC) 4d8+7-20 to construct

    5: Mass Inflict Light Wounds (clr, destruction, drn) 1d8+9-25 to CL undead
    Mass Repair Light Damage (urban drd; DragComp) 1d8+9-25 to CL constructs
    Undying Aura (clr; MoE) Death Ward, discharge to heal deathless 1d6/CL

    6: Blackwater Taint (wiz, blackwater; storm) 1d6/2 levels to undead in 20' radius of water
    Frostburn, Mass (clr; frost) 3d12+11-20 to cold subtype, or damage others, 1 target/level
    Harm (clr, destruction, drn) As Heal, to undead
    Mass Inflict Moderate Wounds (clr, drn) 2d8+11-30 to CL undead
    Mass Repair Moderate Damage (urban drd; DragComp) 2d8+11-30 to CL constructs
    Total Repair (art; ECS) as Heal, except on construct

    7: Greater Harm (clr, drn; HoH) 1d12/CL to undead
    Mass Inflict Serious Wounds (clr, drn) 3d8+13-35 to CL undead
    Mass Repair Serious Damage (urban drd; DragComp) 3d8+13-35 to CL constructs
    Ravenous Darkness (clr; CCham) Undead FH 1 for 1 min/CL

    8: Mass Inflict Critical Wounds (clr, drn) 4d8+15-40 to CL undead
    Mass Repair Critical Damage (urban drd; DragComp) 4d8+15-40 to CL constructs

    9: Mass Harm (drn; HoH) Greater Harm to all except caster in 20'
    Weighed in the Balance (Balance; SpC) Heal to all true neutral within 30'; others damaged


    Elemental Healing (CDiv) -- Rebuke to heal elemental subtypes 1d8/2 levels
    Ghost Healing (Ghostwalk) -- Sacrifice own HP to heal ghost
    Profane Vigor (LM) -- Rebuke to heal one undead 2/level

    Class features:

    Charnel Touch (drn 1, HoH): Touch 1-6 negative energy
    Creation aura (DMi 1, CPsi): Constructs 1/hr - 1/round
    Heal Mount (Battle Maiden 8, OA): 1/day, as spell
    Natural World aura (DMi 1, CPsi): Animals, plants, fey 1/hr - 1/round
    Negative Energy Burst (drn 3, HoH): 1-4/day, d4/level within 5'
    Utterdark Blast (Wlk 16, CArc): Eldritch blast deals negative energy


    Collar of Healing (5000 GP; MiC) 1/day, immediate heal bonded animal 50
    Cooling Gel (100 GP; DragComp) 1 dose heals 1d6 fire damage dealt in past 5 rounds
    Psionatrix of Damage Repair (CPsi, 1620 GP) Psionic Repair Damage 1/day



    1: Bestow Wound (drn, wiz, spite; BoVD) Transfer up to 1/CL to target

    2: Body Adjustment (psi3, psywar; XPH) 1d12+1d12/2PP
    Healing Sting (drd; SpC) 1d12+3-10 damage, heal same amount

    3: Claws of the Vampire (psywar; XPH) Heal half base claw damage per hit
    Hostile Empathic Transfer (telepath, psywar; XPH) Transfer 50-90 damage to target
    Vampiric Blade (psywar; XPH) Heal half base weapon damage per hit

    4: Hibernal Healing (drd, clr5; frost) absorb ice for 10/level
    Hoard Life (sor; RotD) Take up to CL*2 nonlethal to heal same later

    5: Magic Convalescence (brd, clr, drd; PHB2) You heal 1/level of spells cast within 20'
    Undying Vigor of the Dragonlords (sor; DM) 5d6+1d6/level of extra spell slot spent

    6: Iron Heart Endurance (wrb; ToB) Swift 2*lvl if under half


    Arcane Toughness (PHB2) -- Immediate spend spell slot to heal 1/level when reduced to 0
    Combat Vigor (PHB2) -- fast healing 2 or 4 while combat focus
    Curative Legacy (WoL) -- Heal 5-25 when use legacy item
    Draconic Vigor (DM) -- heal spell level whenever cast
    Divine Spirit (ToB) -- When in devo stance, spend turn for 3+cha
    Enervative Healing (RofFaerun) -- Heal when use enervation SLA as touch
    Fast Healing (epic) (Draco) -- Fast healing 3
    Faster Healing (CWar) -- Natural healing slightly faster
    Healing Factor (ECS, MM3) -- heal CL when shifting ends
    Healing Flames (RofFaerun) -- Heal using control flame SLA
    Healing Soul (MoI) -- Heal 2-4 per essentia, essentia/day
    Hibernate (Dr313) -- Double healing from sleep
    Karmic Healing (Dr351) -- Use ki to heal Wis*level/2
    Life Tap (Dr327) -- Drow gain 1 HP/2RHD slain melee
    Planar Touchstone: Mimshan's Curtain (PlanarHB) -- +2 Heal checks; CSW, Magic Circle against Evil, Remove Blindness/Deafness, Remove Curse, or Remove Disease 5 charges
    Poison Healer (FC1) -- save vs. poison to heal Con HP
    Profane Lifeleech (LibMort) -- Two rebukes to deal 1d6 in 30' burst; heal total
    Rapid Metabolism (XPH) -- Add 2*Con bonus to daily healing
    Reptilian Healing (Dr335) -- Lizardfolk double normal healing rate
    Second Wind (MiniHB) -- 1/day free action, heal 1/con mod
    Self-Medicating (Dr354) -- Heal self 1d4+int 1/day; Heal is class skill
    Touchstone: Womb of Kikanuti (Sand) -- Temp HP = Wis bonus each day; FH 2 for 24 hours (2 charges)
    Vital Recover (ToB) -- Once per encounter when recover maneuvers, 3+1/CL

    Class features:

    Absorb Cold (Frostrager 3, Frost): Heal half cold damage while raging
    Arcane Rejuvenation (Enlightened Fist 5, CArc): Spell slot to heal equal to spell level
    Blessing of the Crystal Heaven (Celestial Mystic 7, BoED): 3*level/day
    Cadence of the Lost Wound (Acolyte of the Ego 2, ToM): FH 1-5 for 1/class level
    Chrysanthemum tattoo (Tattooed Monk 1, CWar): level/hour in sunlight
    Constellation Power: Tamara (Dragon Prophet 5): FH 1 in prophetic favor
    Desert Slumber (Sand Shaper 7, Sand): Lie in sand for benefit of Regeneration spell, 1/day
    Divine Wholeness (Contemplative 3, CDiv): 4*level/day
    Dragon Mantle (Totemist 17, DM): FH equal to essentia, up to half
    Fast Healing (Incandescent Champion 2, MoI): FH 1/essentia for 1 round/level/day
    Feign Death (Flux Adept 5, Dr317): 2d8 and 2 to each ability score after 24 hr trance
    Fiendish Resisience (Eldritch Theurge 2, CMag): 1/day, FH 1-2 for 2 min
    For Medicinal Purposes (Drunken Master 8, CWar): convert drink to CMW potion 3/day
    Morphic Healing (Warshaper 4): FH 2, full-round Conc check to heal 10
    Nature's Rejuvenation (Forest Reeve 1, CCham): CMW 1-3/day
    Path of Shadow (Wlk 16, CArc): Each hour shadowwalking acts as full day rest
    Phoenix Belt (Tot 14, MoI): Resist fire, FH 1 when resist
    Positive Energy Healing (Illumine Soul 4, CPsi): 1/day, 5d8+5 when reduced to 0
    Regeneration (Flux Adept 10, Dr317): Regen 1, cold, elec, fire, sonic bypass
    Renewal domain (cleric): 1/day, if brought below 0 HP, gain 1d8+cha
    Restoring Immersion (Scion of Tem-Et-Nu 7, Sand): Immerse in river for Restoration effect
    Ride the Water Dragon (Shintao Monk 9, OA): 1/level/hour
    The River's Life is Mine (Scion of Tem-Et-Nu 3, Sand): FH 5 whenever in or next to a river
    Sanctified Blessing: Ehlonna (Sanctified One 1, CCham): 1/day, FH 5 for 10 min
    Self-Repair (Renegade Mastermaker 2, MoE): Full-round spell slot to heal 1d6/spell level
    Word of Health Restored (Disciple of the Word 3, ToM): Stunning Fist and Truespeak to heal 1/char level
    Urban Sustenance (Urban Soul 1, RoD): Double natural healing in city
    Wholeness of Body (Mnk 7): 2*level/day
    Wild Growth (Nature's Warrior 1, CWar): FH 1
    Wild Shape (dru 5): Heal as if rested when change form


    Axe of Ancestral Virtue (8530 GP; MiC) Relic CMW 3/day
    Belt of Theft-Healing (2000 GP; MiC) 3/day when steal spell, heal level of spell
    Bullybasher's Gauntlets (legacy; WoL) 18th level, 2/hour as Ring of Regen
    Cloak of Predatory Vigor (1400 GP; MiC) 2/day, heal 1/HD while raging
    Cudgel that Never Forgets (20,312; MiC) Relic; CMW 3/day
    Darkwood Flesh (19,000; MoE) When hit by crit or SA, graft heals damage taken
    Exordius (legacy; WoL) 13th level CSW self swift
    Greater Crystal of Life Drinking (6000 GP; MiC) 5/hit, up to 50/day
    Greater Healing armor (+24,000 GP; MiC) 3d8+15 2/day
    Healing armor (+8000 GP; MiC) 2d8+5 1/day; automatic if reduced to -1 to -9
    Healing Blood (182,000 GP; LoM) Graft grants FH 2
    Helm of Glorious Recovery (5600 GP; MiC) 4d8+7 swift 1/day
    Least Crystal of Life Drinking (400 GP; MiC) 1 per hit, up to 10/day
    Lesser Crystal of Life Drinking (1500 GP; MiC) 3 per hit, up to 30/day
    Magic Bedroll (500 GP; MiC) Sleep 8 hrs for 1/CL
    Magic-eating armor (+10,000 GP; MiC) 1/spell level when save vs. spell
    Merikel (legacy; WoL) 20th level, 1/day swift Heal or Harm self
    Millennial Chainmail (8150 GP; MiC) Relic; fast healing 3 in light
    Pearly white spindle ioun stone (20,000 GP) 1/hour
    Periapt of Wound Closure (15,000 GP) Double natural healing, no bleeding damage
    Psychoactive Skin of the Troll (61,000 GP; XPH) heals 5 per minute and regrows limbs
    Rags of Restraint (3200 GP; MiC) Use stunning fist or Ki power to heal 1/monk or ninja level
    Ring of Regeneration (90,000 GP) 1/level/hour and regrows limbs
    Rod of Deadly Function (60,000 GP; DragComp) 1/day deal 2d4, cure same
    Scales of Balance (legacy; WoL) 18th level, Heal self 1/day
    Shadow Maniple (3700 GP; MiC) 1/spell level when cast shadow spell, 3/day
    Shield of Vigor (6170 GP; MiC) 1/day plus 1/Knight's Challenge, FH 5 for 3 rounds
    Silthilar Heart (91,000 GP; LoM) 1/day, heal 4d8+20 if dropped below 1
    Skull Lash (legacy; WoL) 16th level, 1/day 3d8+10 when hit living creature
    Stormchaser's Cudgel (legacy; WoL) 8th level, CLW self swift
    Thanifex (legacy; WoL) 1 point whenever you confirm a crit
    Ur (legacy; WoL) 19th level, CCW 2/day self swift
    Vampire Torc (5000 GP; MiC) 2/day, heal half damage dealt with attack
    Vampiric weapon (+2 bonus; MiC) Deals extra +1d6; you heal same amount

    Temp HP:


    0: Virtue (clr, drd, pal1, shu) 1

    1: Vigor (psi, psywar; XPH) 5/PP
    Hungry Touch (Consumption mantle; CPsi) Touch 1d6+1d6/2PP, gain same

    2: Aid (clr, good, luck) 1d8+3-10 plus Bless)
    False Life (wiz) 1d10+3-10
    Reinforce Construct (art; MoE) 1d6+1-10 to construct

    3: Doom Scarabs (dsk, wiz4; PHB2) 1d6/2CL damage 60' cone, plus 1d4 temp HP per creature whose SR you overcome
    Mass Aid (clr; SpC) 1d8+5-15 plus bless to creatures 30' apart
    Vampiric Touch (wiz) deal 1d6/2 levels; gain same

    4: Bolster (shad; ToM) touch for 5/target HD
    Heart of Earth (drd, wiz, wu; CMage) +8 stability, 14-30 temp, can stoneskin

    5: Chaav's Laugh (clr, joy; BoED) Good creatures within 40' gain 1d8+CL
    Channeled Lifetheft (wiz; CMage) Deal damage and gain temp HP based on casting time
    Unicorn Blood (dru, wiz; CMage) Discharge to give a creature 9-15, or 18-30

    6: Heroes' Feast (brd, clr, fey, gluttony) 1d8+5-10 to CL creatures, plus other benefits

    7: Leech Undeath (clr, wiz8; MoE) 5/level damage to undead, gain same temp HP

    8: Heat Drain (clr; SpC) All in 20' take 1d6 cold/level; you gain 2 temp HP per victim


    Divine Vigor (CWar) -- Spend turn to gain +10 speed and 2 temp HP/char level
    Life Leech (UnArc) -- Dying creatures die faster; you gain temp HP
    Minor Shapeshift (CMage) -- temp HP equal to HD as swift action
    Stone Power (ToB) -- Take up to -5 on attacks, gain double until next turn
    Touchstone: Pyramid of Amun-Re (Sand) -- temp HP = CL 1/day for 1 hr, or for 24 hrs (6 charges)
    Touchstone: Womb of Kikanuti (Sand) -- Temp HP = Wis bonus each day; FH 2 for 24 hours (2 charges)

    Class features:

    Adrenaline Boost (Mar 4, PHB2): 1-5/day, grant 1/level to allies (not self)
    Ashardalon vestige (Binder 17, DM): 2*level
    Consumption Mantle (Ard 1, DMi 1, CPsi): Expend focus when wound within 10' to gain 5
    Deity's Favor (Fav 3, PHB2): One ally affected by your spell gains 3*spell level
    Devour Magic (wlk 11, CArc; dfa 11, DM): Dispel magic, 5 temp/spell level
    Draconic Toughness (dfa 11, DM) 1/level
    Draconic Word: Strix (Dracolexi 7, RotD): 2/class level, 1/day/target
    Final Stand (Purple Dragon Knight 5, CWar): 2d10 to allies within 10'
    Life domain (clr 1, ECS): 1/day, 1d6+1/level to touched
    Reckless Devotion (Dragon Lord 2, DM): 5 plus morale bonuses, to Cha allies
    River's Vigor (Scion of Tem-Et-Nu 2, Sand): 5/level for 1 min/level, 1-2/day



    Heartening shield (+2000 GP; MiC) 5, 2/day
    Scarab of Aradros (legacy; WoL) 5th level, 10 at sunrise

    Auxiliary (don't actually grant healing, but enhance or modify it):


    1: Healing Lorecall (clr2, drd2, rgr; SpC) Remove conditions with cure spell based on heal skill

    2: Conduit of Life (clr, pal; CCham) Use a positive ability to gain 2d10+1-10, or receive healing spell to gain extra 3d8+1/CL
    Soul of Light (clr3, pal; DM) When cast or receive healing spell, add 2*spell level
    Touch of Restoration (pal; CCham) Use Lay on Hands to cure ability damage

    4: Sacred Haven (pal; SpC) Allies gain +2 sacred AC; you can lay on hands at range

    5: Convert Wand (clr; BoED) Convert wand to Cure wand
    Energetic Healing (clr, drd; BoED) Target immune to one energy type, heals 10% instead


    Augment Healing (CDiv) -- +2 per spell level to your spells
    Azure Touch (MoI) -- add essentia to class level for lay on hands, wholeness of body
    Hands of a Healer (BoED) -- Treat Cha as 2 points higher for lay on hands
    Healer's Luck (CScou) -- Luck reroll healing spell you cast
    Imbued Healing (CCham) -- Extra effects based on domain to healing spells
    Initiate of Ilmater (PGtF) -- Extra healing from cure spells is temp HP
    Initiate of Tamara (DM) -- Cure spells add spell level
    Invigorating Spellcaster (Dr311) -- Can remove minor conditions with healing spells
    Martial Stance (ToB) -- Gain a stance
    Martial Study (ToB) -- Gain a maneuver
    Ritual Blessing (PHB2) -- Target gains +2 healed from your spells for a day
    Sacred Boost (CDiv) -- Spend turn to maximize cure spells for 1 round
    Sacred Healing (PHB2) -- Spend turn to gain +2 per die healing, +5 Heal checks for round
    Shape Soulmeld (MoI) -- Gain a soulmeld
    Spontaneous Healer (CDiv) -- Can spontaneously cast cures Wis/day
    Tomb-Tainted Soul (LibMort) -- Heal from negative, hurt from positive

    Class features:

    Acercerak vestige (Binder 10, ToM): Heal from positive or negative
    Aspect of Healing (Singer of Concordance 6, RotD): All healing within 10' extra 1d8
    Deadgrim Soul (Deadgrim 5, MoE): Heal from negative, hurt from positive
    Empower Healing (Radiant Servant 2, CDiv): Healing domain spells empowered free
    Field Healer (Combat Medic 2, HoB): Heal check as move action, take 10
    Healing Hands (Hlr 1): Add Cha mod to healing spells
    Healing Kicker (Combat Medic 1, HoB): Extra effect on healing spell, Wis+level/day
    Maximize Healing (Radiant Servant 6, CDiv): Healing domain spells maximized free
    Spirit of Heroism (pal 16, Dun): Lay on Hands as swift action, DR 10/--
    Spontaneous Curing (Clr 1; Death Delver 2, HoH): Swap prepared spells for cures
    Spontaneous Heal (Combat Medic 5, HoB): Spontaneously convert 6th-level spells to Heal
    Supporting Construction (Renegade Mastermaker 3): Benefit from Repair spells
    Supreme Healing (Radiant Servant 10, CDiv): Healing domain spells maximized and empowered free
    Theraputic Mantle (Inc 1, Sbn 1, MoI): You gain extra spell level + 2*essentia from healing spells


    Amulet of Retributive Healing (2000 GP; MiC) 3/day, when you heal another, heal self same amount
    Armband of Maximized Healing (7200 GP; MiC) 3/day, maximize healing spell level 6 or lower
    Bardic Cup (6500 GP; DragComp) Cup recognizes healing liquids, poisons, potions
    Caduceus Bracers (2000 GP; MiC) Use Lay on Hands or similar to fix conditions
    Circlet of Solace (3000 GP; MiC) 3/day, healing spell also gives save bonuses
    Ring of Mystic Healing (3500 GP; MiC) 3 charges/day; add 1d6+1d6/charge to cure spell
    Shirt of the Leech (20,000 GP; MiC) 3/day, redirect healing spell to yourself

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    Default Re: [3.x] Compendium of Healing

    Time travels in divers paces with divers persons.
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    Default Re: [3.x] Compendium of Healing

    Nice list. I didn't see Naberius in there though.

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    Default Re: [3.x] Compendium of Healing

    Soulmelds aren't really a "class feature" - you can pick up Lifebond Vestments and Therapeutic Mantle via feats, for instance. I'd probably put them under "other."
    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    But really, the important lesson here is this: Rather than making assumptions that don't fit with the text and then complaining about the text being wrong, why not just choose different assumptions that DO fit with the text?
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    Default Re: [3.x] Compendium of Healing


    Some things u missed
    -Augment Healing (cDiv)Add +2 points per spell level to the amount of damage healed by any Conjuration [Healing] spell that you cast.

    -Sacred Healing(phb 2) As a swift action, you can expend a turn undead attempt to augment your ability to tend to the wounds of others. You gain a +5 bonus on Heal checks and a +2 bonus per die on the damage healed by any conjuration (healing) spells you cast.

    Never mind they were under the last part of the compendium. Good job on it all=]

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    Default Re: [3.x] Compendium of Healing

    Polymorph allows healing.

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    Default Re: [3.x] Compendium of Healing

    Quote Originally Posted by Psyren View Post
    Soulmelds aren't really a "class feature" - you can pick up Lifebond Vestments and Therapeutic Mantle via feats, for instance. I'd probably put them under "other."
    Eh, to be fair they're easiest to acquire as part of the class.

    Maybe put them in both sections, but note underneath other that it's acquireable (with some difficulty) via feats.
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    Default Re: [3.x] Compendium of Healing

    I didn't include Naberius because I didn't include any ability score healing, just HP healing. I did include Buer, though.

    Soulmelds, I wasn't entirely sure where to put. They're sort of like the "spells" of incarnum, but they don't have a spell level, so they wouldn't have fit in the spells section. I could have made an "other" section, but it would have seemed silly to have an "other" section just for a couple of items. And I did list Shape Soulmeld under the auxiliary feats section, along with Martial Study and Martial Stance.

    And I had thought I had remembered to include polymorph effects, but I apparently forgot. It looks like I left off Wild Shape, too. I'll add those this afternoon.
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    Default Re: [3.x] Compendium of Healing

    Added Polymorph, Polymorph Any Object, Shapechange, Wildshape, and the Platform of Healing from Draconomicon.
    Time travels in divers paces with divers persons.
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    Default Re: [3.x] Compendium of Healing

    A spell you have is listed in the wrong level unless errata. Healing Spirit is actually 4th level. You also missed all of the healing type spells from a certain book one of them is Healing Sphere. Healing Sphere is 3rd level, 2d8+1/CL upto +10, and duration set to a minute automatically. The book in question is... Book of Erotic Fantasy. While most of the book shouldn't be used some of the spells are actually kind of innocent so cherry pick from that book.
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    Default Re: [3.x] Compendium of Healing

    You might find these useful for reference: Band-Aids for Dummies and A Player's Guide to 3.5 Healing...

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    Default Re: [3.x] Compendium of Healing

    I kinda miss the Hymn of healing ACF in there which amplifies healing spells, and can greatly enhance healing by resting.
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    Default Re: [3.x] Compendium of Healing

    May have missed it (nice list!) but there's a Sorcerer ACF:

    Divine Companion - Sacrifice your familiar (and pay some gold) and it can toss a heal your way.

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    Default Re: [3.x] Compendium of Healing

    Doesn't having the "Trollblooded" feat heal HP?

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