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    Default [Weird Race] (WoW) Forsaken


    "If you look into the mirror and see a hunchback, half-paralyzed joints, rotten cheeks and a punctured torso...but if you look into yourself, you will see that will to survive that only we can muster. Ferocious. Expansive. Beautiful."
    - Sir Gesthephan, Forsaken

    Type: Aberration

    {table]Adulthood (competence)| Simple | Moderate | Complex
    initial | +1d4 | +1d8 | +2d6[/table]
    {table]Middle Age (2nd cycle)| Old (3rd cycle)| Venerable (4th cycle)| Maximum Age
    +100 | +175 | +225 | +3d12[/table]

    A Forsaken can only form from a humanoid that was already adult upon death, so they start counting their years from the age that they died, but these do not figure in the tables.

    Eventually the soul tires from trying to keep the body of a Forsaken together. Instead of having age categories, though, Forsaken have cycles. The first cycle starts at creation, the second 100 years after creation, the third 175 years after creation and the fourth 225 years after creation. Forsaken are also not exactly immortal, and cannot be brought to life after reaching their maximum age just like living beings.

    Since these cycles do not work like physical aging, the bonuses and penalties to stats are different:

    {table=head]Stat | mod per cycle

    Str | +0
    Dex | -1
    Con | N/A
    Int | +1
    Wis | +1
    Cha | -1[/table]

    Height/Weight: Forsaken would be 5'8"-6' tall if they could stand up straight, but most of them can't and so look 3-4 inches shorter. They weigh from 20% to 50% less than a human of the same height (and get lighter with age).

    Languages: Common, Undercommon
    Bonus Languages: Any non-secret

    Speed: 30 ft base land speed

    A forsaken can be born in two ways. Both involve personal willpower, strength, conviction, and sacrifice. Firstly, a person can hold so fiercely and passionately to his own life in the thorns of death so as to keep living, not sustained by his own organs, but by his own spirit. Instead of turning into a ghost, those individuals forever bind their soul to their earthly bodies, and keep on going. Secondly, a forsaken can be born if his soul is not crushed or silenced by nether spirits when he is turned into an intelligent undead (wraith, wight, spectre etc), and after some time he manages to restore control of his body.

    Forsaken are unique beings neither dead, living or undead. Due to this, they do not retain any class feature or class levels they had while alive, cannot be Turned or Rebuked, and when risen, resurrected or True resurrected, do not return to their prior form, but stay forsaken. Also, unlike other aberrations, they CANNOT be raised as undead by necromancers after they are killed, not even after their soul leaves the body.

    Names: Forsaken use the names they had in life if they remember them, but usually drop the family name.

    Appearance: Forsaken look like humanoid, usually human corpses in various states of decay. The actual decay of a forsaken's body is not caused generally by how old he is - although that plays a part - but by how passionately he clings to life.

    Racial Features:

    Stats: +2 Cha, Con voided

    Forsaken do not have a constitution score. However, this does not make them immune to spells/conditions/effects that influence only beings with constitution. Actually, the roles of their constitution stat are simply taken over by other abilities, as shown here:

    {table=head]Role | Ability used
    HD addition | Cha mod
    Fort saves | Cha mod
    Concentration checks | Wis mod[/table]

    If any other situation apart from the ones presented above arises, use wisdom instead of constitution.

    Forsaken cannot take constitution damage, nor can they sustain constitution drain, and their cha/wis scores are not affected by either.

    State: Forsaken can be in either of two states: deathless state or undead state. This is chosen at character creation. Note however that undead forsaken do not have the undead type and are not treated as undead. The state simply indicates whether a particular forsaken is driven by negative or positive energy.

    Undead state forsaken are healed by negative energy and harmed by positive energy, just like regular undead. They do not, however, receive extra damage from spells that are specifically more effective against undead but do not channel positive/negative energy (such as Searing Light).

    Deathless state forsaken are healed by positive energy and harmed by negative energy, like regular living beings.

    Metabolism: Forsaken can have either of two types of metabolism, chosen at character creation: active and passive.

    Forsaken with active metabolism need to eat and drink, can heal naturally, and die at -10 hp.
    Forsaken with passive metabolism don't need to eat nor drink, can't heal naturally, and die at 0 hp.

    Regardless of metabolism type, forsaken don't need sleep (they CAN become fatigued and exhausted, just not because of lack of sleep) and don't breathe.

    Pestilentia (Ex): If a forsaken succeeds on his second fort save against a disease, he may either eliminate it normally or keep it in his system and attempt the save again the next day. If he does so and succeeds 3 saves in a row, he may become a passive carrier of that disease. Any given forsaken can only carry passively up to 3 diseases at the same time. If an opponent strikes a pestilent forsaken in melee with a non-reach weapon, or swallows him whole, or hits him with a natural attack, he has a 50% chance to contract any one disease on that forsaken (flip a coin for each individually).

    Ghostsight (Su): A forsaken has darkvision up to 120 feel in front of him and can see into the ethereal plane up to 60 feet in front of him. Since this sight is supernatural, forsaken are immune to normal blinding effects, but are blind within anti-magic fields and zones, and if outside can't look into such zones (seeing them as opaque black).

    Will of the Forsaken (Sp): Once per day, if a forsaken would be killed in any way except through ability damage/drain, he can use this ability. He gains 11 temporary hp and cannot take nonmagical damage for cha mod/2 (min 1, rounded down) rounds. He must still pass checks against death from massive damage if the damage would have been large enough.

    Influence (Su): Forsaken, through their outstanding will, can influence lesser undead when battling them. When he attacks an undead, the target receives a -2 penalty to AC, or -4 if the target has less HD than the forsaken.

    Cannibalism (Ex): Only usable if Metabolism is active. If you have the corpse of a humanoid or forsaken of at least small size near you, you can use this ability. The corpse must be 2 weeks old or fresher. As long as you don't move and are not attacked, you gain Fast Healing 1 for a number of rounds equal to the number of HD of the corpse. If you are interrupted from your feast, the corpse is spoiled, and you cannot use cannibalism on him again.

    Closed Transit (Ex): Only usable if Metabolism is passive. If you take energy damage of a certain type, except sonic, you gain 10 points of resistance against that type of energy for a minute.

    Religion: None. Forsaken, as a goal, want to stay alive and keep living, and therefore have no interest for the outer planes. They especially hate true neutral and lawful neutral deities of death and routinely hunt down and murder their clergy.
    Favored Class: any

    Level Adjustment: +1

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    Default Re: [Weird Race] (WoW) Forsaken

    Overall I love it. In fact I just now made an entire nation of them in my current campaign (Originally they were mostly necropolitain). Though I have two questions.

    What was your inspiration for Ghostsight?

    And why did you make them hate religion and true neutral deities of death? It doesn't seem very clear and its confusing since in WoW many forsaken worship the forgotten shadow.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hazuki View Post
    ...Silva, you are a scary person.
    Awesome Avatar by Derjuin

    My Homebrew: Here
    The Necromantic Codex: A collection of necromancy classes, items and monsters.

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    Default Re: [Weird Race] (WoW) Forsaken

    Quote Originally Posted by Silva Stormrage View Post
    What was your inspiration for Ghostsight?
    To be perfectly honest? It was Psicrystal vision. I mean, it makes perfect sense to me at least for a forsaken, who presumably has no eyeballs (they are the first thing to rot when you die) to see through an undefined, supernatural force. Most undead have 60 ft darkvision and no ethereal vision, but again, most undead are not powered by their own spirit. So naturally I thought forsaken would be able to use the force driving them as a sort of far-reaching tactile sense that would also be able to penetrate through planes.

    And why did you make them hate religion and true neutral deities of death? It doesn't seem very clear and its confusing since in WoW many forsaken worship the forgotten shadow.
    There are generally two reasons why creatures pray to deities of death: they either believe strongly that death, as a natural part of life, must come to all things and it's their duty to ensure such order or they want necromantic powers to trample the world with the armies of greater undead they summon. Forsaken belong to neither, they are defined by their will to live and actually abhor and hate the way the natural cycle of life works, and are against the necromantic arts on basic principle (mainly that controlling mindless undead or tempering with one's soul is greatly immoral).

    Or that's the way I see it anyway.

    And I'm not saying that mechanically a forsaken can't be a cleric of a deity of death. He can, but people will kinda hate him.

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