Hey all, I just submitted a character for Harry Potter D20 Game, found here. It is an Detective/Auror game, similar setting to the most recent Sherlock Holmes movie. We are still recruiting if any of y'all are interested. The Harry Potter d20 ruleset is found here.

Johnny O'MalleyN Wizard5/Wandmaker5/Auror1 Human
Str 10 Dex 15 Con 10 Int 16 Wis 16 Cha 20
Bab +7/+2,
Attack +9/+2
True Seer
Skill Focus(Curses & Counter Curses)
Skill Focus(Transfiguration)
Skill Focus(Charms)
Combat Divination
Charms: +22
Curses & Counter Curses: +25
Divination: +21
Transfiguration: +22
Knowledge(Charms): +15
Knowledge(Dark Arts): +15
Knowledge(Herbology): +15
Knowledge(Transfiguration): +15
Knowledge(Wandlore): +11
Potionmaking: +17
Craft(Carpentry): +11
Concentration: +5

Special Features:
House Chosen (Slytherin)
Magical Counterspelling
Magical Blast 1d6
Natural Affinity +1 (Curses & Counter Curses)
Wand identification
Craft Wand
Wandlore +4
Dual ability
Unlocking the core
Favored Enemy: Dark Wizards +2
Auror Training

Approximately 15 different wands
Personal Favorite- Avada Kedarva Wand. +35 when casting Avada Kedarva, Can reroll attack 2/day
Crystal Ball
Tea Cups

My character is inspired by the gypsy bomb-maker in the latest Sherlock Holmes Movie, except instead of making bombs he makes wands. Sadly, the anarchist group he was with got busted and he is now working of the Ministry of Magic instead of serving his time in Azkaban.

Everyone's opinions, critiques and criticisms on the strength of my character is welcomed.