A while ago, a man wrote something that got me into the Touhou fandom. A high level D&D 3.5 Wizard falls into Gensokyo, and hilarity ensues. The thing's still alive, although updates have slowed down from their initially mind-boggling speed.

Now, see here, I've gathered some material, manned up, and started a crossover CYOA fic of my own. Unlike the first fic I linked, and indeed most Touhou x whatever fics, my own is starting in medias res.

Due to the image-board nature of the thread, as the OP/writer it's in my best interest to avoid filling it with my own natter; also, it looks bad to ask for critique in the very same thread. So I decided to post somewhere where I'm far more comfortable in an attempt to discuss my writing openly: namely, these boards, which I consider my "home" on the internet, as strange of a concept as that may seem.

I don't have any specific questions about your opinions for now, but I'd love it if you read what I've written, and tell me anything you'd like to say about it. I'd especially like it if you voted. Just keep in mind that anonymous imageboards are not the most friendly of places, and that anything beyond merely anonymously voting has its own rules of etiquette. Please read this first, and spare yourself the embarrassment and the thread the clutter.