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    Default "Everyone loves playing with fire!" (3.5 Spell, PEACH)

    This is another Evocation spell created to make said school not suck.

    Fireblast Vial
    Evocation [Fire]
    Level: Sor/Wiz 8
    Components: V, S, M
    Casting Time: 1 standard action
    Range: One vial of alchemist's fire touched
    Area: 30-ft.-radius spread
    Duration: Instantaneous/one day per caster level
    Saving Throw: Reflex half/none/Fortitude negates (see text)
    Spell Resistance: Yes

    You channel your power into the vial of alchemist's fire in your hand, and the liquid inside begins to smolder dully.

    Once cast, this spell turns the vial into a bomb of explosive power. When broken (generally by being tossed at a foe), the vial sets off an explosive blast of flaming mist in a 30 foot radius that deals 2d6 fire damage per caster level. Creatures in the blast radius can make a Reflex save for half damage. Once cast, the vial remains a bomb for one day per caster level, after which it becomes a normal vial of alchemist's fire again.

    At the option of whoever throws the vial, you may make a ranged touch attack against a single foe within throwing range with the vial (treat the vial for all purposes as an alchemist's fire to calculate range). Should you hit a foe with this attack, that foe does not get a Reflex save for half damage.

    Any foe who fails their Reflex save for half damage has fire cling to them, taking 3d6 fire damage a round until they are splashed with or enter water, spend a full round to put the fire out, or are hit with a spell that has the [Cold] descriptor. A foe who was not allowed a saving throw instead takes 6d6 a round instead of 3d6, and must be either fully immersed in water or spend two full rounds to put it out; a cold spell or being splashed with water will reduce this to the 3d6 of a standard failed save.

    Furthermore, anyone within the radius of the spell must make a Fortitude save or breathe the fiery mist in, searing the inside of their lungs. The person immediately begins to suffocate until they are healed of at least one quarter the damage dealt by this spell. A successful save negates this effect. Creatures that do not need to breathe are immune to this effect of the spell.

    Multiple fireblast vials going off at once in the same area do not deal double damage, instead increasing the immediate damage of the strongest by 2d6 per vial, and adding 1d6 lingering fire damage per vial.

    Material Component: A vial of alchemist's fire and a ruby worth at least 50 gold.
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    Default Re: "Everyone loves playing with fire!" (3.5 Spell, PEACH)

    So 2d6 per caster level (I'm guessing capped at 40d6?) to all within 30ft, reflex half, plus a fort save or another 3d6 per round. AND if you hit with the ranged touch (throwing the flask) that one target cant save and takes 6d6 per round instead. As well as costing only 70gp to cast the spell and it lasts one day per caster level, meaning you can hold onto half a dozen for emergencies.

    Aside from the damage over time this is absolutely perfect for Evocation. Potentially OP, but it has to content with incendiary cloud and be better than polar ray.

    Can I suggest that to make things simpler maybe change the no fort save for the guy hit to a save at -4 for the normal effect? That means following up with a cone of cold will 'save' them all in the one go
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    Default Re: "Everyone loves playing with fire!" (3.5 Spell, PEACH)

    The added damage each round is part of the Reflex save; fail the initial Ref save, take extra damage. The person who was actually hit with the vial doesn't get a Ref save; he took a direct hit, and lots of fire is going to splash on him. Fort save is to avoid the suffocation side effect caused when the spell chars the inside of your lungs.

    As for OP, no, it's not. This is an 8th level Evocation spell as the school should be. Damage plus a SoD is in no ways OP as 8th level spell.
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