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Thread: Filth "Demons"

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    Default Filth "Demons"

    I'm making a campain where one of the major conflicts is Technology VS magic. Filth creatures are often called demons becuse of the negative implications, but are self-replicating biological contructs/weapons. Or abberrations :) I'm taking some of my idea's from Gormans E6 threads.

    Name CR Role

    Filth Shard 1/2 Minion
    Lesser Filth 1 Footsoldier
    Filth Flinger 1 Range attacker
    Filth Hulk 2 Shock Trooper/ Rager
    Filthbringer 3 AoE Debuffs/ Controller
    Filth Priest 3 Healer and Buffer
    Filth Magus 4 Psionic Adept
    Filth Knight 4 Commander
    Filth Noble 5 Buffer and Stronger Commander
    Filth King 7 Boss

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    Default Re: Filth "Demons"

    Technist Subtype;
    Counts as the Law and living construct subtypes when benifical. Also acts as the Knack abillity of Engineer, and Gives SR equal to 12+HD. In addition, Creatures with the Technist subtype are Vunrable to magic. Xenothurgic effects make Technist creatures save vs massive damage.

    Filth Traits; All Filth creatures are immune to Acid, Poison and disease. They are similar to Oozes. As such their amorphous, Have light fortifcation and stun and daze effects last 1/2 as long. When filth creatures die, they dissolve into a pool of acid and industrial waste.

    Filth Shard
    Tiny Abberation(Technist)
    HD; 1/2D8-2(1 HP)
    Speed; 20ft, Swim 20ft, Burrow 20ft.
    AC: 15 (+2 natural, +3 dex), 13 touch, 12 flatfooted.
    Attack; Slam+0(1 acid Plus filth fever).
    Full Attack;2 Slams+0(1 Acid plus filth fever).
    SA; Filth Fever(DC14).
    SQ; Mindless, SR12, Filth traits, Blindsight 60ft, Blind.
    Saves; Fort-2, Ref+3, Will-2.
    Abillities; STR6, DEX16, Con7, Int-, Wis3, Cha1.
    Climate/Terrian; Any land, aquatic or underground(More [poultion, more chance of spawning).
    Orgainzation; Solitary, Landfill(2-20), Factory(4-60), Lab(20-200) or Power plant(200-1200)
    CR; 1/2.
    Alginment; Neutral.
    Tresure; None.
    Advancement; 1-3 HD(Tiny), 4-7 HD(Small).

    Filth Shards look like Tiny Alkilith, with a lot of debries. Some will have additional coloration.

    Combat; Swarm and Slam, nuf said.
    Filth Fever; As in the DMG, 10+HD+Con mod +4 racial.
    Mindless; While mindless, Filth shards respond to chemical programing of other Filth Demons.
    Blindsight; Can "see" everything in 60ft that produces chemicals or paramones.

    Lesser Filth
    Medium Abberation(Technist)
    HD; 1D8+1(6HP)
    Speed;25, Burrow 25, Swim 25.
    AC; 16 (+3 dex, +3 natural), touch 13, flatfooted 13.
    Attack;Slam+1(1d3 acid plus Filth fever)
    Full Attack; 2 Slams+1(1D3 acid plus Filth fever)
    SA;Filth fever(DC15).
    SQ; Filth traits, Blind Sight 60ft, Blind, Chemical communication, SR13.
    Saves; Fort+1, Ref+3, Will+2.
    Abillities;STR10, DEX16,Con12,Int3, WIS10, CHA4.
    Skills; Climb+4, Swim+12*, Survial-1.
    Feats; Track.
    Climate/Terrian; Any land and underground or aquatic.
    Organization; Solitary, Landfill(2-6), Factory(3-30), Lab(10-100), or Powerplant(300-900).
    CR; 1
    Tresure; None.
    Alignment; Neutral.
    Advancement;2-5HD(Small), 6-9HD((Medium)

    Combat; Same as Filth Shards.
    Chemical Communication; Using broadcasted chemical mists, Most filth creatures can communicate in a 60ft area. The communication is simmilar to computer to computer.

    Filth Flinger
    Small Abberation(Technist)
    Speed; 25, Burrow 25ft, Swim 25ft.
    AC; 17 (+3 natural, +4 Dex), touch 14, Flatfooted 13. +4 dodge AC VS oppertunity attacks provoked by ranged attacks.
    Attack;Slam+1 melee(1 Acid plus filth fever) or Filth Ball+5 ranged(1d4 Acid plus filth fever).
    Full Attack; 2 Slams+1 melee(1 Acid plus filth fever), Or Filth ball+5 ranged (1d4 acid plus filth fever).
    SA;Filth Fever(DC15), Filth Ball.
    SQ;Filth traits, Chemical communication, Blind, Blingsight 60ft, SR13.
    Saves;Fort+1, Ref+4, Will+3.
    Abillities;STR10, DEX18, Con12, Int4, Wis12, Cha6.
    Skills;Climb+4, Swim+12*.
    Climate/terrian; Any.
    Organization; As lesser filth.
    Tresure; None.
    Advancement;2-5HD(Small), 6-9HD(Medium).

    Combat; Pelt at range, nuf said.
    Fling Filth; Can hurl a infinite amount of raw filth, don't ask where it comes from.

    Filth Hulk
    Large Abberation(Technist)
    HD; 2d8+10(19HP)
    Speed;40ft, Burrow 40ft, Swim 40ft.
    AC; 18(+5 natural armor, +4 Brestplate, -1 size), Touch 9, Flatfooted 18.
    Attack;Slam+3 melee(1d8+4 plus 2 Acid plus Filth fever)
    Full Attack; 2 Slams+3 melee(1d8+4 plus 2 Acid plus filth fever)
    SA;Filth Fever(DC20), Rend, Acid burst.
    SQ;Filth traits, Blind, Blindsight 60ft, Chemical Communication, Constant Fury, Fast healing 1, SR14.
    Saves;Fort+5, Ref+0, Will+3*
    Abillities;STR16, DEX10, Con20, Int3, Wis3, Cha3.
    Feats;Power attack.
    Organization; Soiltary, Factory(1-10), Lab(2-16), Powerplant(5-50)
    CR: 2
    Tresure;Acid Scared breatplate.
    Advancement;3-6HD(Large), 7-10HD(Large), 11+HD(Huge).

    Combat; Charge and power attack.
    Rend; When both slams hit, deals 1d6 bonus damage.
    Acid burst; Acid increases to 6 on crits.
    Constent Fury;When hit in combat gains +1 stacking str.

    Medium Abberation(Technist)
    Speed;30ft, Burrow 30ft, Swim 30ft.
    AC; 14(+1 DEX, +3 natural), touch 11, Flatfooted 13
    Attack;Rotwood Staff+2 melee(1d6 plus filth fever).
    Full Attack;Rotwoos stadd+2 melee(1d6 plus filth fever)
    SA;Filth fever(DC17), Cloud of sickness, Arua of Decay, Contagion touch, Filth Mine.
    SQ;Filth traits, Blind, Blindsight 60ft, Chemical communication, SR14.
    Saves;Fort+2, Ref+1, Will+4.
    Abillities;STR12, DEX12, Con14, Int14, Wis12, CHA12.
    Skills;Knowledge(Arcana and technology)+7, Heal+6.
    Feats;Abillity focus(Clud of sickness).
    CR: 3
    Organization;Soilatry, Sickness(2-12), or Blight(15-90)
    Tresure;Rotwood Staff
    Alignment;Neutral Evil.
    Advancement;3-6HD(Medium), 7-10HD(Medium)

    Combat; Act as casters and controllers.
    Arua of Decay; Non Filth Creatures take a -(Filthbringers HD) penalty to Fort saving throws. This is a 30ft arua.
    Cloud of Sickness; creates a 2X2 square of fog that deals 1 acid damage per round and can infect with Filth mist(DC 10+1/2HD+con mod. 1d2 str. incubation period is 1 round). The Cloud lasts 1 round per HD.
    Filth Mine; Creates a Trap on the field in 50ft. If a creature steps on the trap, it explodes dealing 1d6 acid and Inflicting Rotting Filth(DC10+1/2HD + con mod. Incubation 1 round. 1d2 con. Cannot recover HP from ANY source while infected with this disease.)
    Contagion touch; 2/Day the Filthbringer can use Contagion as a EX abillity.

    Filth Preist
    Medium Abberation(Technist, Psionic)
    Speed; 30ft, Burrow 30ft, swim 30ft.
    AC; 16(+3 natural, +1 DEX, +2 Deflection), touch 13, Flatfooted 15.
    Attack;Staff of Solid Rot+4(1d6+2 plus 2 Acid plus filth fever)
    Full Attack;Staff of Solid Rot+4(1d6+2 plus 2 acid plus filth fever)
    SA;Powers, Filth fever(DC17)
    SQ; Filth traits, SR15, Blind, Blindsight 60ft, Chemmical communication, Arua of Filthy Awe.
    Saves;Fort+3, Ref+2, Will+5
    Abillities;STR12,DEX12, Con14, Int14, Wis15, Cha14.
    Skills;Concentration+10*, Knowledge(Psionics,Technology, Arcana and relgion)+8, Psicraft+8.
    Feats;Psionic mediation, Abillity focus(Arua of Filthy Awe).
    CR: 3
    Climate/terrian; Any.
    Organization; Solitary, Mission(2 plus 2-6 filthbringers and 2-12 Filth hulks) or Inquesition(10 plus 6-60 filthbringers, 30-300 Filth Hulks and 100-1000 Lesser filth).
    Tresure;Staff of Solid Rot.
    Alignment;Neutral Evil
    Advancement;4-6HD(Medium), 7-10HD(Medium).

    Filth Preists are the Healers and support troops.

    Powers; PP11; Powers known; 1st: Mending touch, Roting touch*, Disteny Dissodence, Foxhole, Mind Thrust. Manifester level 3.
    Arua of Filty Awe; Allies in the Arua gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls and a +1 bonus to damage rolls. Enimemys inside the 15ft arua must make a DC17 Fort save or be dazed.
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    Default Re: Filth "Demons"

    Honestly, as a player I would love the filth shard. Animate Dead on them(since they're aberrations), they only have 1/2HD, so you have max 40 of these things at level 5. They can burrow, and have spell resistance(and are a swarm?!)(if they are, add the swarm subtype). If it comes up, rule they have no skeleton.

    General advice:
    If it has SR, it should be a higher CR. Move it up to CR 1.
    Otherwise, lesser filth looks good.
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    Default Re: Filth "Demons"

    Added some stuff for their traits. To be honest, I was going for Biological contruct/Single cell organisim hybrid. And the Reason they get SR is a good one ;) While resistent to a degree, magic and technology don't mix well :) Added in a little Xenothugury refrence becuse if magic, which bends the laws of physical reality has a negative effect on em, how much disruption do ya think the far realms would cause as for animating them, ya, should have inculeded something before saying how you can't. And the shards not a swarm, just a tiny sized living toxic waste monster I ment swarm like a swarm of zerglings
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