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    Default Dwarven Beardwarrior [3.wutevs] No, the 'd' is not a typo.

    Beards are as much a necessity for dwarven life as beer, battle, and stone. However, beards are often relegated to being mere status symbols or a point personal honor. But, what of those brave few who embrace the beard as a way of life?

    " A savage storm of blood and keratin."
    The Dwarven Beardwarrior

    Alignment: Lawful Chaotic (Beardwarriors have a cult of honor built around the way of the beard, but they must balance this by being flowing and free.)

    Race: Dwarven

    Hit Die: 2d6 (Beardwarriors have amazing toughness and are more hardy than other combatants)

    BAB: High

    Good save: Fortitude

    Skill points: 4+INT (x4 @ 1st level)

    The Way of the Beard: Followers of the beard must choose a beard path.

    Strong Beard: +2 STR, +4 to sunder attempts when using the beard, an additional 100lbs of storage in the beard that do not count against encumbrance, the dexterity and skill penalties are removed from beard armor, wielding the beard two-handed does 2xSTR instead of the standard 1.5xSTR.

    Fast Beard: +2 Dex, Dexterity replaces Strength for melee attacks when using the beard as a weapon, +10 feet fast movement and may make one turn while charging (the beard flows through the air like an array of magnificent warbanners while charging), every enemy that could make an opportunity attack on the beardwarrior while he charges, runs, or simply moves his max speed (whether they choose to or not) takes 1d6 bludgeoning damage from the flailing beard.

    Hard Beard: +2 CON, Constitution replaces Strength for melee attacks when using the beard as a weapon, the beard gains a +20 bonus to hitpoints, the beard provides Damage Reduction equal to 1/3rd his current number of hit die (minimum DR 2/-), attacks with the beard ignore damage reduction equal to the Beardwarrior's current number of hit die, the beard provides cover.

    More paths to come!

    Additionally, the beard is used for arms, armor, and utility purposes. The beard may be used one, two, or dual-handed. It can also be used as a reach (1/5th HD feet, minimum 10 feet) weapon with the tripping property, a staff weapon with the defensive property (bonus to AC), or a hammer weapon with a bonus to sundering. It may be used as any type of shield, up to and including tower shield. It has weapon damage dice that scale with level, starting at the same 1d10 that is normal for a Dwarven Waraxe. The beard's hitpoints are seperate, but equal to the Beardwarrior's maximum hitpoints.

    As Dwarven Beardwarriors age, or become wizened veterans from prolonged campaigns against the razorgolems, their beards begin to turn silvery gray, and take on mithral-like qualities.

    Razorbeard: If a Beardwarrior manages to slay an elite razorgolem in single combat then he may affix the broken razor shard to his beard, gaining the 'Keen' weapon property. His honor prevents him from simply finding razors and affixing them

    Bingebeard: If the Beardwarrior engages in combat after a night of binge drinking (as approved of by dwarven standards, not those lightweight humans or elves), then he may apply penalties to those in melee combat with him due to the aroma of spilled ale and assorted tavern refuse emanating from his matted beard. The Beardwarrior loses these bonuses if he bathes in any way or is immersed in water for more than 3 rounds. In that case he acquires the Wetbeard property and takes a -2 penalty to charisma, as all nearby victims wonder who let the wet dog in.

    One with the Beard: At a certain level, the Beardwarrior may stand up and continue fighting with hitpoints equal to the current total HP remaining in his beard when knocked unconscious or when dying. This is initially usable once per day, and improves to once per encounter.

    Beard Power: If the Beardwarrior manages to find one of the lost ancient tonics of beard growth he may add another beard path.

    Well, that's what I've got so far. I'd welcome any ideas you have for what a Beardwarrior should be able to do. Any ideas for a good mascot image? I was thinking of something like this... ...but more full and primal.

    This is more about having fun with the idea, but it would be nice to find a balancing point that makes it playable.
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    Default Re: Dwarven Beardwarrior [3.wutevs] No, the 'd' is not a typo.

    So long as it requires a nonexistent alignment, it is not playable.

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    Default Re: Dwarven Beardwarrior [3.wutevs] No, the 'd' is not a typo.

    Fine. A pre-existing alignment isn't exactly fitting for such amazing beards though. ^_^

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    Default Re: Dwarven Beardwarrior [3.wutevs] No, the 'd' is not a typo.

    The listed Hit Die is non-standard, and likely to cause all kinds of problems with skill ranks/HD caps/saves/etc. I suggest switching it to a d12 instead. (The slight drop in average HP is unfortunate, but probably unavoidable.)
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