Okay, so I have this awesome idea for a homebrew "4.5E".

There are five 'meta-classes' / 'power sources'. Each 'meta class' / 'power source' covers five 'classes' - one for each of the four roles, plus the base "hybrid" / "generalist" class.

The Fighter, or Martial Hero: Warrior (Striker), Guard (Defender), Scout (Controller), and Marshal (Leader).
The Rogue, or Cunning Hero: Assassin (Striker), Acrobat (Defender), Thief (Controller), and Bard (Leader).
The Barbarian, or Primal Hero: Berserker (Striker), Warden (Defender), Hunter (Controller), and Shaman (Leader).
The Mage, or Arcane Hero: Sorcerer (Striker), Sage (Defender), Wizard (Controller), and Alchemist (Leader).
The Priest, or Divine Hero: Avenger (Striker), Templar (Defender), Invoker (Controller), and Cleric (Leader).

Then you have the "hybrid" classes: the Duelist (Fighter/Rogue), the Ranger (Fighter/Barbarian), the Monk (Fighter/Mage), the Paladin (Fighter/Cleric), the Explorer (Rogue/Barbarian), the Charlatan (Rogue/Mage), the Inquisitor (Rogue/Priest), the Witch (Barbarian/Mage), the Druid (Barbarian/Priest), and the Theurge (Mage/Priest).

Now, here's what I need help with.

The Fighter gets to choose a Fighting Style: I have Bare-Handed, Light Weapon, Heavy Weapon, Two Weapon, Shield, and Reach Weapon fighting styles.

The Barbarian gets to choose a Totem: things like Oak, or Raven, or Bear, or Cat, or Snake. This determines what kinds of critters you can summon, what you can have for your animal companion, and what kinds of Rage / summon / shapeshift powers you can choose.

The Mage gets to choose a favored School: Evocation, or Enchantment, or Conjuration, or Necromancy, or Illusion, or Transmutation, or Abjuration.

The Priest gets to choose a Deity, which determines what Domains they have access to.

So... what are the Rogue choices? Right now, the name I have is "Specialty"... but what are the Specialties? What do they do?