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    Default [Compendium] Base Classes

    Please do not post in this thread except to submit your homebrews in the approved format. If you want to discuss things, please do so in the Discussion Thread

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    Base Classes

    In this thread will reside every user-submitted base class designed by the Playground. When submitting your classes, please do so in the approved format, with no extraneous detail. Doing otherwise will result in a thread that is hard to navigate.

    Entries should look like this:
    [Tag] Class Name: A one-line explanation of the class.
    For instance:
    [Ftr] Jim's Fighter Fix: A fighter that's focused on defense and protecting his allies.

    That's it. Please provide nothing else and try to limit your explanation to one line. Please try to consolidate all of your homebrews into one post if you come back later to add more.

    *Note: Please disable your signature when posting to this thread. To do so, uncheck the "show your signature" box under additional options when posting (or editing).*

    A list of approved tags below. These will serve to help people search the thread more easily for the type of class that they are looking for.

    Melee Tags
    [Ftr] = classes that count as Fighter levels specifically and advance [Fighter] feats
    [Martial] = initiators
    [Gish] = having a spell list, but does not attain 9th level spells (Ranger, Bard, Paladin--i.e. capable of only 4th level spells)

    If one of the above doesn't apply, try using one of these.
    (Do not use both BAB20 and Melee--they are mutually exclusive)
    [BAB20] = classes that have full BAB, but are not Fighters or Initiators (Barbarian)
    [Melee] = LESS THAN 20 BAB, but primarily melee (including archers) with only a couple of spells or supernaturals. These should not have "Caster Levels" (Monk)

    Casting Tags--Do not use if you max out below 9th level spells
    [FullArc] = classes that progress full arcane casting at every level (Wizard, Sorcerer)
    [FullDiv] = classes that progress full divine casting at every level (Cleric, Druid)
    [ArcCast] = arcane casters that have potential to cast 9th level spells, but do not progress caster level at every level (a lot of prestige classes will fit here)
    [DivCast] = divine casters that have potential to cast 9th level spells,, but do not progress caster level at every level (a lot of prestige classes will fit here)

    Other "Magics"
    [Psion] = psionic
    [Incar] = incarnum classes
    [Invok] = invoking classes
    [Bind] = binders

    [Util] = primarily utility (Rogue)
    [Craft] = crafting-focused (Artificers)
    [Other] = other

    If absolutely necessarily, you may tag your creation with multiple [Tags]. For instance, an Initiator that has Invocations would necessitate both tags in front of the class name.

    If you have a tag that you would like to be approved, please suggest it on the Discussion Thread. If you have questions about the classification, please ask on the Discussion Thread.

    Happy 'brewing!
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    Default Re: [Compendium] Base Classes

    [BAB20] Barbarian: A re-tooled Barbarian who has a pool of rage points that are used to power Rage ability and other abilities.

    [FullArc] Planar Mage: A Wizard re-dux that gains its power from the planes. Only gains 7th level spells.

    [FullDiv] Priest: A Cleric re-dux that gains domain casting. Only gains 7th level spells.

    [Psion] Psionicist: A Psion re-dux that gains powers based on the discipline chosen. Only gains 7th level powers.

    [FullDiv] Druid: A Druid re-dux based on the Priest. Only gains 7th level spells.

    [Melee], [Util], [Martial] Bard: A martial Bard, gains different songs, martial maneuvers, and some rogue-like special abilities at higher levels.

    [Psion], [BAB20] Psychic Warrior: A Psychic Warrior re-dux that gains actual class features based on a path chosen at first level.

    [BAB20], [Martial] Ranger: A martial Ranger, who is very similar to the Psychic Warrior because of the paths, but also gains maneuvers.

    [Melee], [Incar] Essentia Thief: A rogue-like incarnum user, steals people's souls in order to power their abilities.

    [ArcCast] Jade Weaveshaper: An elemental balance based caster, uses a very specific system of per encounter spells to cast, and only gets up to 6th level spells.

    [BAB20], [Martial] Warrior Poet: A martial intelligence based Bard like warrior, who uses Maneuvers and poetry/stories to debuff enemies and buff allies.

    [Other], [Util] Stitch Witch: A strange class, uses cloth as a way to buff allies, create weapons that give wielders bonuses, and also create cloth constructs that can fight in battle and be used outside of combat as well.

    [BAB20], [Other] War Weaver: A martial class based on the Stitch With's system, gains the ability to buff allies with the power of cloth and summon weapons, but cannot summon cloth constructs. Instead, has a cloth ally who can help in combat, but pretty much only in combat.
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    Default Re: [Compendium] Base Classes

    [Gish] Debaser: A debuff-focused class with spells and class features all geared toward crippling foes with skills to also be the party face.

    [BAB20] Earthshaker: Masters of earth able to create earthquakes, make rock armor, and burrow.

    [Util] Muse: Musical prodigies able to support allies and smash people with their instruments.

    [Psion] Psychic Guardian: A tier 2 take on the psychic warrior focused on defensive abilities and powers and crowd control.

    [BAB20] Radiant Monk: A reworked monk-like class looking at destroying enemies with light-based attacks as well as protecting themselves and allies with defensive abilities.

    [Melee] Sentinel: A tank-like class with an aura, the ability to move around the battlefield quickly to aid allies, and send damage and effects back to enemies.

    [Melee] Waverider: A melee class using tidal waves, rain, and other water abilities to supplement its role in combat.

    [BAB20] Windstriker: A primarily melee-based class that uses wind, lightning, and clouds, and aerial creatures to aid it in combat.
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    Default Re: [Compendium] Base Classes

    • [BAB20], [Gish] Paladin Armipōtent - Lawful Good divine prepared caster gish.

    • [BAB20], [Gish] Hexblade Armipōtent - Any Evil arcane spontaneous caster gish, focusing on debuffs.

    • [BAB20], [Gish] Sohei Armipōtent - Lawful divine spontaneous caster gish who focuses on self buffing, speed, and minor battlefield control.

    • [BAB20], [Incar], [Gish] Soulborn Armipōtent - Meldshaping warrior

    • [BAB20], [Psion], [Gish] Divine Mind Armipōtent - Psionic aura master, changing the battle just by being there.
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    Default Re: [Compendium] Base Classes

    [Gish] Eremite: Monk/wizard hybrid with medium spellcasting.

    [BAB20] Zealot: Divine-inspired melee combatant with no spellcasting.

    [BAB20][Other] Ebon Knight: Shadow-inspired melee fighter.
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    Default Re: [Compendium] Base Classes

    [FullArc][Other] Binder: A type of mage which uses magic to manipulate the souls of others and bind them to their will. They can use this magic to make servants, enchant items, and animate golems.
    [Melee][Util] Spider Blood Assassin: A stealthy class which excels in killing. It slowly gains several spider themed abilities.
    [Gish][BAB20] Stained Soul: A melee focused class which is based on Ragna the Bloodedge. It holds apocalptic energy inside its arm.
    [BAB20][Other] Sanguine Inquisitor: A Paladin-like class which uses blood to manipulate others.
    Tainted Scion of Venom: A shapeshifting warrior who can warp his flesh into weapons of destruction.
    Blacklight Variant - Tainted Scion of Venom: Alex Mercer Class.
    Bard: A master of sound, with new bardic musics to master.
    Barbarian: A Juggernaut in combat who can become even more powerful with the use of his Wraths.
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    Default Re: [Compendium] Base Classes

    [Melee], [Util] Remixed Monk: a striker/skill monkey upgrade to the monk.

    [BAB20], [Util] Daring Outlaw: a striker/skill monkey class to replace both rogue and swashbuckler

    [Ftr] Remixed Fighter: a well-rounded, flexible martial class to replace the barbarian, fighter, marshal, and samurai all at once.

    [FullDiv] Remixed Healer: an upgrade that turns the healer into a potent multi-functional support caster.

    [Gish] Knight-Paladin: a defender class to replace both knight and paladin

    [BAB20], [Craft], [Util] Soulcrafter: a front-line warrior who uses augments to power up his soulcraft items. Replaces soulknife.

    [Gish], [Util] Swift Hunter: a striker/skill monkey class to replace both ranger and scout.

    [FullDiv] Avatar: A cleric remix that gains phenomenal cosmic power only when acting in his deity's interests.

    [ArcCast], [Craft] Magician: A practitioner of low magic, including sympathetic magic and the crafting of simple magic items. Sorcerer replacement.

    [FullArc], [Craft] Ritualist: The traditional staff-wielding master of The Art, including circle rituals. Wizard replacement.

    [Gish] Magus of Blades: a gish that employs dancing swords, teleportation, and force magic.

    [Gish] Dawnblade: a divinely based striker class focused on martial supremacy.

    [FullArc] Earth Dreamer: an elemental caster specializing in earth magic. Wizard derivative.

    [FullArc] Emberhaunt: an elemental caster specializing in fire magic. Wizard derivative.

    [FullArc] Storm Lord: an elemental caster specializing in air magic. Wizard derivative.

    [FullArc] Wavekeeper: an elemental caster specializing in water magic. Wizard derivative.

    [FullArc] Void Disciple: an elemental caster specialzing in void magic. Wizard derivative.

    [FullArc] Summoner: An arcane caster specializing in summoning. Summoners are accompanied by a powerful planar companion, and can use augments to take on aspects of the companion.
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    Default Re: [Compendium] Base Classes

    [Invok] The Servitor: Versatile and flavorful invoker.

    [Util] Rogue Fix: Comes with invisibility, intelligence and increased sneak attack dependability.

    [Ftr] The Legionnaire: Fighter based on fighting with allies nearby, gains a few skills and other neat tidbits too.

    [Gish] The Spirit Warden: The Spirit Shaman's answer to the paladin and ranger.

    [Gish] The Arcane Warrior: The arcane version of the Psychic Warrior, with gear enchanting.
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    Default Re: [Compendium] Base Classes

    [Craft][Gish] Artificer: A completely revamped, and hopefully less abusable artificer.

    [Ftr][Martial] Aspirant: The wizard to the swordsage's sorcerer.
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    Default Re: [Compendium] Base Classes

    [Util] [Craft] [Other] Wordsmith: A class based on scribblenauts, write words and they come to life!

    [BAB20] The Intima: A melee class with Soul Grafts that grant Battlefield Control, Utility, and Debuffing options.

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    Default Re: [Compendium] Base Classes

    [Martial] [BAB20] [Melee] [FullArc] [FullDiv] [Psion] [Incar] [Invok] [Bind] [Util] [Craft] [Other] Trissociate: This is a customizable class, where you pick and choose class features (and even templates). It is hence theoretically capable of all the above tags, but not all at once in the same character.
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    Default Re: [Compendium] Base Classes

    [Util][BAB20] Urban Vigilante: An urban character specializing in finding and fighting the evil in his city.
    [Gish] Adept Of The Eyes: A caster who knows limited spells, but never runs out, and gains extra spells per round.
    [Martial] Adept of the Magical Beasts: A mobile/slippery character who bites from the blind spots.

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