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    Default Warmage Focused School [PF]

    So I was looking into making a warmage build and I noted that there's really no need to create a whole class or even steal the 3.5 class to do so.
    I'm thinking of making a Warmage Focused School under Evocation that would replace Force Missile with Light Armor Casting at no ASF and Elemental Wall with Medium Armor Casting with no ASF.
    Does that seem balanced and effective for making a warmage without needing a whole class?
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    Default Re: Warmage Focused School [PF]

    You might also want to up the hp, or maybe a bonus to spell dcs or damage dice for evocation spells to bring them up to par with other didcated spellcasters.

    There is also a bunch of alternate warmage fixes in the compendium below.

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