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    Default Twin Blood: Keran Half-Elves [PEACH]

    Design Notes:
    This race is a version of Half-Elf that was designed for the Blades Of Keran Setting. It refers to several races in that setting: For example Karmainan's are effectively Humans, Newesti are effectively High Elves, the Aegis can be seen here, Dunesti can be seen here.

    In the begining of the Second Era Karmainian's were created by Dylian, Patriarch God of Good, from the bodies of elves. The creator of the elves decided he disliked similarity between his children and Dylians. So Kephrana linked the souls of each Elf to his home realm, the Feywilds. After this event the raw energy of their god warped them into new beings.

    But when the Domễ Cult of the Elves was cut off from the Feywilds they strangely started to revert back into their ancient forms, but they were tainted by the act of creating the first demons. The result of this was the Dunesti The Dunesti were biologically the ancient elves, and as such they were similar to Karmainians, this makes it possible for Dunesti and Karmainians to reproduce.

    Even in the Third Era Karmainians and Dunesti are still close enough biologically to reproduce successfully. This results in a Half-Elf. If this Half-Elf breeds with the Karmainian or a Dunesti then the result will be Half-Elf. Strangely they're are rare exceptions, such as the Children of Pravelius, the Count of the Grand City of Everfall.

    They are as diverse as Karmainians when it comes to personality. Except that is it alot more common for a Half-Elf to feel like an outsider, as its blood is seperate from both of its parent's cultures. Because of this they have learnt to lie, decieve, and charm with great skill so they can merge with the culture rather than being an outsider.

    Physical Description
    A Half-Elf appears Karmainian in many respects, but has thinner darker eyes, tanned skin, and raven coloured hair. The ears of a Half-Elf are pointed like those of a Dunesti. They're arms are thinner, more flexible, but because of their heavier build than Dunesti and the trace amounts of Dead Iron in their body this doesn't increase the Half-Elves agility enough to make a difference.

    The eyes of the Half-Elf are designed for use in the dark. This allows them to see further in darkness and they can actually see more detail when shrouded in shadow.

    Most races on Keran pity the Half-Elves, seeing them as outsiders who have no true home. In Sumran society they have no rights and are classed as seen regardless of blood. Karmainians see them as strange yet similar and distrust them as they have the blood of the enemy in them. The Aegis, Dwarves, and Kobolds are slightly saddened by the fact that the Half-Elves aren't part of either of their parent's societies and generally are rather friendly to them.

    They do a lot in common with Aasimar and Tiefling, and the three generally get along quite well. Durzite, Murderers, Ranx, and Sarli treat them as they would any other sentient species.

    They tend towards Neutral, having to adapt to their environments rather than question it they have less thoughts about morality.

    Most Half-Elves travel to or are born in Kratoa as it has a mixture of Elves and Karmainians, while allowing Half-Elves to have equal rights. The other Half-Elves generally reside in Sumra as they have a some rights and Half-Elves aren't seen in a bad light, compared to North Karma where they are openly distrusted and seen as traitors.

    Half-Elves generally worship the deities of the local nation. For a Half-Elf religion is less about personal views and more about what it represents to a culture

    For example a Half-Elf will generally worship Dylian if they live in Kratoa or North Karma as his followers are seen as trustworthy and respectable.

    Half-Elves learn to speak Trade Tongue, and either Karmainian, or Sumran depending on its culture.

    They are given their names from their parents two weeks after they are born. This name is generally two words merged into one made from the Karmainian and Sumran Languages.

    Male Names: Belmark, David, Jerob, Samule
    Female Name: Jesika, Merob, Michol, Naamah, Sepphora, Thamar
    Surnames: Bolshadi, Masajaes, Pascaes, Tyser

    Racial Traits
    • Humanoid (Elf, Human).
    • Medium Size
    • Half-Elf base land speed is 30 feet.
    • Charming Nature: A Half-Elf quickly learn to lie and be charming to try and stop them from being outcasts. They gain a +2 racial bonus on all Bluff, and Diplomacy Checks.
    • Dunesti Eyes: Half-Elves have keen eyesight which excels in the shadows rather than brightlight. As such they take a -2 racial penalty to appraise, search, and spot checks while in bright light. But they gain a +2 racial bonus to Appraise, Search, and Spot checks while in Shadowy Illumination.
    • Karmainian Blood: Because of the Dead Iron in your blood you gain Spell Resistance equal to your half your character level.
    • Low-Light Vision: Half-Elves can see twice the distance of Karmainians in Moon-light or otherwise shadowy illumination.
    • Favored Class: Any.

    Vital Statistics

    {table="head"]Half-Elf Random Height and Weight| | | |
    Gender|Base Height|Height Modifier|Base Weight|Weight Modifier
    Male|4'7"|+2d8|100 lb.|x (2d4) lb.
    Female|4'5"|+2d8|80 lb.|x (2d4) lb.[/table]
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