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    Default Soul-Bonded (3.5 Template, PEACH)

    The Soul-Bonded

    Some people are born with natural gifts. Others are born with innate powers. But some are simply born with a bond. How that bond appears is different for each person, but it connects the person with another creature on a deep, spiritual level. These are the Soul-Bonded.

    Soul-Bonded is a template that must be added to any sentient (Int of three or more) character at their birth; it may not be gained at a later date. Soul-Bonded are identical to a normal person from their race, save for the following changes:

    Ability Scores: Wis +4, Cha -2
    Soul-Bonded have unusual depth to them, however they tend to separate themselves from others, who tend to not understand what it's like to be bound to another in the way the Soul-Bonded are.

    Kindred Soul: The Soul-Bonded have a Kindred Soul who seeks them out at birth. Usually their Kindred Soul just shows up and hangs around shortly after their birth, although sometimes they don't show up for a few months, or rarely a year or two. The Kindred Soul is treated statistically as identical to a Druid's Animal Companion with the following changes:

    • The Kindred Soul does not get bonus tricks.
    • If the Kindred Soul would normally start with an Intelligence score of 1 or 2, raise it to 3.
    • The Kindred Soul gains an Intelligence bonus equal to the bonus it receives to its Strength and Dexterity scores.
    • The Kindred Soul has a telepathic bond that lets them communicate to a distance of 1 mile per hit die the Soul-Bonded has. They may only communicate in this fashion with the Soul-Bonded.
    • If the Kindred Soul is killed, the Soul-Bonded must immediately make a Will save (DC10+1/4 their hit dice+their Wisdom modifier+the Kindred Soul's Wisdom modifier). On a failed save, they become stunned for one round per hit die they possess. On a successful save, this becomes dazed for half that amount of time.
    • Should the Kindred Soul pass away from age or be killed, a new Kindred Soul will always show up to take his place shortly thereafter (how long exactly is left up to the GM, but as a general guideline it should be no more than a week).
    • At the discretion of individual GMs, some creatures with the magical beast or vermin types should be allowed on the list of creatures the Soul-Bonded may become bound to.

    Level Adjustment: +1
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