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    Default Gnomes of Keran [3.5e Race](Please PEACH)

    In the Second Era Gnomes were forged from primordial magma by Rana, King of the Burning Sun. Rana filled each of these creatures with a great passion to create. Soon these crafters started to develop a society in the Tulvarn Mountains. Gnomish culture was in a near constant renaissance, with the hundreds of gnomish inventors, artists, and researchers. As their numbers grew the Gnomes dug deep into Keran, but they soon reached the underdark. Within these dark depths they made contact with a strange species known as the Koumarn. But their wasn't any conflict, instead the two cultures made a deal; the Gnomes would gain access to Koumarn technology to supplement their own Steam-powered technology, and in return the Gnomes would give the Koumarn knowledge about Keran.

    This partnership went for 100 years, but ended once the Koumarn had all of the Gnomish knowledge. But the gnomes were desperate, they didn't want to lose the possibility of getting more of the highly advanced technology.
    So the Gnomes created a weapon for the Koumarn. The Aegis were hulking living titans of crystal, and a hybrid of Koumarn and Gnomish technology.

    With these new weapons in their command the Koumarn started to lay siege to the surface of Keran, this was known as the Aliēnus War. The Dragon Isles took the most of the attack, hundreds of kobolds were taking captive, and thousands more were killed. During this invasion the Koumarn left the gnomes to command the Aegis which ran the prisons. When the Aegis gained sentience at the hands of the Kobolds and all the prisoners started to escape, the blame turned to the gnomes. The Koumarn killed the leaders of the Gnomish people as a punishment for their failure and exiled them from the underdark.

    The Gnomes left, but when they returned to the surface, they were attacked by those who suffered in the war. Thus the Gnomes decided to build away from the other species. Aquiter was the result. Aquiter was a colossal metallic city which floated on the ocean. But the Kobolds held a severe grudge. They used magic to pierce the illusions of the Gnomes and after many years located Aquiter.

    The kobolds annihilated it, killing most of the Gnomes within. Ever since the Gnomes were a dying race; their home destroyed, most of their technology had been lost, they were viewed with distrust. But there is a glimmer of hope, as the North Karmainian's allow them into their lands in return for having to help them in the war against Sumra.

    Gnomes have inquisitive minds and are nearly all have an urge to create. This causes them to be very curious in finding out new information. They are always thinking of what to do next and often can't work on long projects because of lack of interest.

    They can focus on tasks though if they are important enough though.

    Physical Description
    Gnomes appear as small deformed humanoids. Their arms are long thin and each leg is stocky and short. In addition to the Gnomes also have a large number of thin whiskers, which are heat sensitive.

    The Gnomes are currently viewed with suspicion because of their past of helping the Koumarn Aliēnus War. The Kobolds harbour a special hatred for the Gnomes because they were attacked with the most force and thousands of kobolds were slaughtered because of their actions. The Karmainians do not view them with hostility because of a pact the two races have an alliance against the Empire of Sumra.

    They are normally neutral, and they nearly always are chaotic because of their erratic thought pattern.

    The Gnomes once lived in the Tulvarn Mountain, but were Exiled upon failing the masters. They then dwelt within the floating city of Aquiter but this was destroyed by the Kobolds in revenge. They are currently nomadic in the plains of North Karma, one of the only places in the world they aren't hated.

    Gnomes weren't originally religious, preferring to drive their own destinies rather than been forced to have their life chosen by another. This is slowly changing as the Gnomes are living in the very religious culture of the Karmainians, causing a small number to worship Dylian.

    The Gnomes have two languages; firstly the language of the original gnomes, Mecan, and Karmainian, the language of North Karma.

    There names are short and efficient words in Mecan.
    Male Names: Cyrus, Draco, Kyros, Linus
    Female Names: Agape, Alexis, Gaiane, Helene

    Racial Traits
    • +2 Consititution, +2 Intelligence, –2 Strength, -2 Wisdom
    • Humanoid (Gnome).
    • Small Size
    • Gnomes base land speed is 20 feet.
    • Low-Light Vision: Gnomes can see twice the distance of Karmainians in Moon-light or otherwise shadowy illumination.
    • Eldritch Knowledge: Gnomes have knowledge from beyond the far realm which warps their view slightly and they can gain insight from it in creation. This grants them a +1 insight bonus to all Craft and Knowledge checks. And also they gain a +2 Insight Bonus on saving throws against mind-effecting spells or effects.
    • Spell-Like Abilities: 1/day—Heat Metal. A gnome with a intelligence score of at least 12 also has the following spell-like abilities: 1/day Faerie Fire, Raging Flame, Slow Burn . Caster level 1st; save DC 10 + gnome’s Int modifier + spell level.
    • Whiskers: Gnome whiskers are heat-sensitive. This allows them to sense fire coming at them before others normally would. This grants them a +1 racial bonus on saves against fire.
    • Favored Class: Any.

    Vital Statistics

    {table="head"]Gnome Random Height and Weight| | |
    Gender|Base Height|Height Modifier|Base Weight|Weight Modifier
    Male|3'0"|+2d4|40 lb.|x (1) lb.
    Female|2'10"|+2d4|35 lb.|x (1) lb.[/table]
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