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    Default Lacembra - Moonshadow Lizardfolk [3.5e Race]

    In the Second Era the Lacembra were created by Atlan, Queen of the Sea, from the dark waters of the Moonshadow Isles. These creatures were masters of the marsh and the coast, and quickly formed tribes. These tribes were barbaric but were very adaptable. They swiftly discovered how to make tools and were skilled hunters.

    After many years, the Lacembra started to explore the other islands of the Moonshadow Archipelago, finding the Ranx. The two species, fought at first, but quickly realised that working together was a much better strategy for survival.

    Lacembra are cautious and but strangely arrogant. They take time to think decisions over, making sure they are fine with the consequences. Lacembra's arrogance comes from their natural talent in hunting and their skill in surviving in the swampy jungle.

    Physical Description
    Lacembra usually stand 5 to 7 feet tall with green, dark bronze and gray scales to help them blend into the murky water.The Lacembra has a crocodile like head,they are equipped with jagged teeth that can deliever a powerful bite that can crush bone, tear and fillet meat. Their eyes are a very deep yellow or sometimes orange. Their thick neck connect to a lean but surprisingly muscular body. They use their tail for balance and propeling itself through the water,the tail is about 3 to 4 feet long.

    Lacembra have had a long partnership with the Ranx and both races have very good relations. The Karmainians don't trust Lacembra as during the War of Dunes, they took over South Karma. Most other races are neutral in dispostion to the Lacembra.

    Lacembra don't care about morals, prefering to simply do what they need to survive. This causes them to generally be neutral.

    They live in the Moonshadow Archipelago and in the marshes of South Karma. Preferring to inhabit the bogs and the deadly jungles in the southern regions, these green-scaled lizardfolk are well adapted to their semi-aquatic life. Like their animal cousins, Lacembra often hunt by lieing half-submerged in the dark, reedy water of their homes, hoping to ambush any creature which wanders too close.

    Worship of the Divines is common in the Moonshadow Isles. Most Lacembra hold Atlan, there creator as their patron, but it isn't uncommon for them to worship other gods of nature like Kephrana, Lord of the Wild, and Sharka, Master of the Hunt.

    They are the speakers of the Umbrese tongue. Which originated in their homeland of the Moonshadow Jungles. This language has a small number of words compared to most, but still functions in nearly any situation.

    The names of a Lacembra is generally a word in the Umbrese Tongue.
    Male Names: Klahan, Preecher, Mongkut, Somchai
    Female Names: Anong, Kulap, Malai Sasithorn

    Racial Traits
    • +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence
    • Humanoid (Reptilian)
    • Medium
    • Base land speed is 30 feet.
    • Awkward Build: Due to their tails and bumpy, scaly bodies, Lacembra must have armor custom made at an increased cost of 50% (including the cost of masterwork armor.)
    • Camouflage: Lacembra's rough scale pattern and dark coloring give them a +2 to Hide checks in swampy environments.
    • Hold Breath: A Lacembra can hold its breath for a number of rounds equal to four times its Constitution score before it risks drowning.
    • Natural Armor: A Lacembra's scaly skin provides it with a +2 natural armor bonus to its Armor Class.
    • Natural Weapon: A Lacembra has a natural Bite Attack as a primary attack. This bite attack deals 1d6 plus 1 1/2 your strength modifier in piercing, slashing, and bludgeon damage.
    • Tail: A Lacembra's long tail gives it exceptional balance,granting it great jumping skill and helps propel it through the water, a Lacembra gains a +2 racial bonus on all Balance, and Swim checks.
    • Favored Class: Druid

    Vital Statistics

    {table="head"]Lacembra Random Height and Weight| | | |
    Gender|Base Height|Height Modifier|Base Weight|Weight Modifier
    Male|4'5"|+3d10|150 lb.|x (1d6) lb.
    Female|4'8"|+2d10|130 lb.|x (1d6) lb.[/table]
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