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    Default Ranx - Moonshadow Insect [3.5e Race]

    In the Second Era Aeros, Mistress of the Wind, formed the Ranx from the air, and placed them on an island in the Moonshadow Archipelago. These Ranx had the bodies of insects and were curious of the world. The Ranx formed small groups which travelled through the jungles, using they're agility to hunt. They only just started to form tribes when the Lacembra arrived on their island.

    The Ranx quickly fought them off using guerrila tactics, but they soon returned. Strangely this time when the two races met, they did not fight. They formed a partnership to help each other survive in the dangerous world of Keran.

    Ranx are very curious, often causing them to act rashly. They have very open minds, which can often cause them to go back on what they previously decided. Despite this chaotic nature, they are rather focused in one regard.

    When it comes to family a Ranx is nearly always selfless and aims to help them even at the cost of their own lives if necessary.

    Physical Description
    A Ranx has six limbs: two legs, two arms that end in hands, and a set of intermediary limbs that can be used as weak arms or legs.

    Their heads are strange and insectoid, with two large, compound eyes taking up a large amount of the face. They have small mandibles that serve only for eating, not for attacking. They have two antennae atop their heads that function as sensory organs, as well as indicators of mood.

    Ranx stand 4 5 feet in height on average, with females being slightly larger, but with more slender heads. Their bodies, like most insects, have a defined head, thorax (where four of the six limbs are connected, as well as breathing spicules), and an abdomen.

    A Ranx begins life with a green exoskeleton that fades in color causing it to turn yellow at adult hood, and eventually white.

    Ranx have had a long partnership with the Lacembra and both races have very good relations. The Karmainians don't trust Ranx as during the War of Dunes, they took over South Karma. Most other races are neutral in dispostion to the Ranx, seeing them as strange but not hostile.

    Because of their open minds, Ranx are commonly Chaotic in alignment. They also pull more towards good than evil because of their self-less inclination.

    They live in the Moonshadow Archipelago and in the marshes of South Karma. Preferring to inhabit the the deadly jungles in the southern regions, these humanoid insects are well adapted to their treetop. They're homes are built into the trees out of a mixture of leaves, bark, and other materials common on the jungle undergrowth and are rather small in size.

    They worship Kephrana, Lord of the Wilds, and his daughter, Aeros. They are known to sometimes worship other Divines, but they seldom do.

    They are the speakers of the Umbrese tongue. Which originated in their homeland of the Moonshadow Isles. This language has a small number of words compared to most, but still functions in nearly any situation.

    Ranx names are normally hard to say in any language other than Umbrese. Their names are normally a word in Umbrese with click sounds in it.

    Male Names: Klatkcan, Preechter, Monqkut, Somkhait
    Female Names: Anonqi, Kulapci, Malkai Saccithorn

    Racial Traits
    • +2 Dexterity,-2 Strength: Ranx are quick, and deft, but their insectoid bodies make it hard for them to grow muscle.
    • Humanoid (Insectoid)
    • Medium Size: As medium creatures, Ranx receive no bonuses or penalties due to size.
    • Ranx base land speed is 30 feet (6 squares). A Ranx can increase their speed to 40ft if they use their lower "Arms" as legs.
    • Climb Speed 20 ft.
    • Darkvision out to 60 feet.
    • +4 Natural Armor: A Ranx's chitinous exoskeleton is tough and resistant to blows.
    • Hard to Read (Ex): Their inhuman facial features and foreign body language make it extremely difficult for most to tell when they are lying, bluffing, or even joking. Ranx gain a +4 racial bonus to all bluff, and intimidate checks against all creatures without the insectiod subtype. While Ranx gain a -4 racial penalty to all Diplomacy checks against all creatures without the insectiod subtype.
    • Heat Acclimated: Ranx like it hot and muggy, and get a +4 racial bonus on Fortitude checks against hot environments. Unfortunately, Ranx do not do well in the cold, and take a -4 on Fortitude checks in a cold environment.
    • Insect anatomy: Ranx, like most insects, breathe not through their mouths, but through six spicules in their thorax, three on either side of the body, though they can (and do) speak by vibrating their version of vocal cords in their necks. A Ranx will drown if standing in water of even chest height. Their clothing is designed to accommodate this, but it makes tailoring armor extremely difficult. For a a creature without the Insectiod Subtype to create armor for a Ranx, the cost of creation is double, and the time to craft it is tripled. Ranx almost never wear armor heavier than medium.
    • Keen Sight: Their multi-faceted eyes give Ranx sharper vision than even elves. Thri-ranx get a +2 to Search and Spot checks. Their detailed eyes also give them a +1 bonus on appraisal checks.
    • Multiple limbs: Ranx have four arms, but the lower arms are too small to be of very much use in combat. They can hold objects and do other things normal arms can do. These smaller arms can only wield light weapons. They can also use these "arms" as legs to increase speed. If a Ranx is using his lower legs for speed they can't use the legs for arms as well. If using their extra limbs as legs they also get a +4 racial bonus on balance checks.
    • Sanguine Weakness: Though a Ranx's exoskeleton is extremely durable, it is vulnerable. If cracked, a Ranx is in real danger of bleeding to death. Ranx that take lethal damage begin losing hp due to blood loss at the rate of 2 hp per round per wound until either magically healed or a heal check is made (DC 15). Left on it's own, treat fractured chitin the same as a broken bone as far as natural healing time goes.
    • Favored Class: Ranger and Sorcerer.

    Vital Statistics

    {table="head"]Ranx Random Height and Weight| | | |
    Gender|Base Height|Height Modifier|Base Weight|Weight Modifier
    Male|4'2"|+1d10|100 lb.|x (1d8) lb.
    Female|4'2"|+2d6|85 lb.|x (1d8) lb.[/table]
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