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    Default Sarli - Cats of Kratoa [3.5e Race]

    In the Second Era Electren, Mistress of Death, created the Sarli, and placed them on the south west of Kratoa. These Sarli were quick to learn the art of necromancy and nearly every Sarli has some magical talent in manipulating negative energy.

    Sarli tend to be mysterious and charming, though they always appear devious, as if they have something to hide or are plotting something. They always speak courteously and gently to all creatures, even in combat, but they have a semi-permanent snide look and often lace their soothing tone with sarcasm. Most Sarli's tends to be relaxed, calm, and easy-going.

    Sarli's tends to be interested in the study of anatomy of other species and why life must lead to death. They commonly studying undeath and almost all subjects under it.

    Apart from their sarcastic and sometimes easy-going nature, Sarli's are at most disciplined and cultured. They know how to act well mannered and civilized if the occasion ask it and they know how to dress well. They also like to groom themselves well, bathing, picking the right clothes, and present their selves to the public as best as possible.

    Physical Description
    Sarli's are a humanoid race, except that they have cat-like features, like having large cat ears, slightly loose skin, fur, cat tails and other minor cat-like details. They are humanoid in almost all aspects except that they are digitigrade in which they use their toes to walk, run or stand straight. Being a digitigrade does only apply to their feet and Sarli's still have access to a fully functional humanoid hands, and because of this body make-up, Sarli's have great difficulty on running on all four's unlike other feline humanoids and are not good swimmers.

    Sarli have a variety of strange features. They look vaguely feline but have snake-like pupils and fangs that can give hint of their diet. Their bodies are slender, lithe, appears frail and almost all of it are covered with black, short, fur with the thickest are located at the chest, knees, at the elbows and arms(though it is still slightly short and albino Sarli's are seen but slightly rare). They have sharp claws and golden eyes(though red, and violet eyes also occur) as well as a long tail.

    Sarli tends to have long flowing hair, though they tend to trim the male's hair to what is acceptable in human standards.

    They stands from 2-1/2 to 3 feet tall and weighs between 15 to 25 pounds only, with female's shorter and lighter than male. Sarli tend to reach adulthood in their late teens and can live for almost two to three century with little to no change of their adult appearance.

    Due to their appearance and reputation, few species, trust Sarli. However, Newesti and Dwarves are particularly unnerved by them and sometimes cannot even abide their very presence, largely because of their connection to the occult and the undead, not to mention their diet of daily blood.

    Because of this, they are not usually welcomed to Dwarven or Newesti lands and if a Sarli visitor steps inside one of either territories, they are either be attacked or directed to the exit.

    They tend to get along moderately well with Shadki, though neither can explain why, it may have to do with their natural talents with necromancy. Sometimes, Shadki will help a Sarli in its time of needs if needed be and will try to protect them if possible.

    Vithui are in constant need of the Sarli's magical services, specially their expertise in the undead and are willing to pay high specially during war in where massive forces are needed to replace the casualties.

    They are fairly tolerated and sometimes (though its rare) are taken good care by Karmainian's who finds them pleasing yet mysterious, even though Karmainians do get their fair share of sarcastic replies when they are with them. Good Karmainians are mostly concerned about their welfare and safety and sometimes will try their best to take good care of them.

    However, with all the benefits that the Sarli's receive from Karmainians, there is always an air of a cold, sad feeling of fear and uncertainty when they are dealing with them and Sarli's are afraid to completely trust a Karmainians even those who treat them well. A large part of this is because some Karmainians find Sarli's as an object of love and desire, either finding them cute, entertaining or attractive and it is not limited to those of evil alignment.

    Sarli have a mild tendency towards evil, but encountering a good or neutral Sarli is not at all uncommon. Those Sarli that are evil tend towards lawful or neutral evil, those that are good tend to stray away from lawful good. These is partly because of their upbringing and how they are taught on how to live in a world in where they are mistreated and not trusted.

    They are native to Kratoa, but do not have a large territory that they call home. They have a small number of towns in the north of Kratoa, but most are forced to be nomadic because of the hostilies from other races.

    Sarli often don't worship a god, instead paying homage to the whole pantheon. This generally doesn't grant them any favour from the gods though.

    Those that do worship Divines are likely to follow Divines such as Electren, Queen of Decay, or Jaccob, Master of the Mind.

    They all speak speak Kratain and Trade Tongue. The Sarli were taught Kratain by the Shadki during their first encounter.

    Their names are normally words in Kratain relating to cats.

    Male Names: Cara, Jacob, Pardo, Prion, Topu,
    Female Name: Alliurus, Pardus, Nebulos, Onyx
    Family Names: Aurata, Panth, Felin, Neofelis

    Racial Traits
    • +2 Int, +2 Cha, -2 Con, -2 Str. Sarli are clever and charming but feeble and weak.
    • Humanoid (Sarli)
    • Small Size
    • Sarli base land speed is 20 feet.
    • Dark Link: Sarli receive a +2 bonus to Spellcraft & Concentration checks made when casting necromancies or trying to identify a necromancy via detect magic due to their innate familiarity with the school. Sarli also receive a +2 racial bonus to saving throws against necromancy spells, due to their innate knowledge of death and how to resist it.
    • Horrid Swiming: Sarli receive a -4 racial penalty to swim checks, as their bodies are ill adept to an aquatic environment.
    • Low-Light Vision: Sarli can see twice the distance of a Karmainian in Moon-light, or otherwise shadowy illumination.
    • Natural Weapons: Primary bite (1d4 piercing damage) and 2 Claws attacks (1d3 points of slashing damage). Because of these weapons they qualify for the multi-attack feat.
    • Sanguine Feast: Sarli must drink at least one ounce of blood each day in order to keep their iron supply up. Failing to do so will result in one point of temporary Constitution damage per day without blood. The loss will be regained at the normal rate of ability damage healing, but a Sarli can recover it all in an hour by drinking one eighth of its weight in blood.
    • Sarli Understanding: Sarli receive a +2 racial bonus to Sense Motive checks. Sarli' can naturally look at someone's intentions which helps them through their everyday lives.
    • Vampric Fang: When a Sarli bites a creature, it can lick up some of the sweet blood that flows forth as a free action. This has no statistical bonus other than its nutritional value.
    • Favored Class: Necromaster.

    Vital Statistics

    {table="head"]Sarli Random Height and Weight| | | |
    Gender|Base Height|Height Modifier|Base Weight|Weight Modifier
    Male|2'6"|+2d4|20 lb.|x (1) lb.
    Female|2'5"|+2d4|15 lb.|x (1) lb.[/table]
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