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    Default (3.5) Daemon's Seal Race: The Teral PEACH

    The Teral

    The Teral are an enigmatic race in the world of Eridia. Every other primary race on Eridia came from one of the tribes however Teral were not among those numbers. Some believe that the Teral were the members of some hidden tribe but the Lira and the Teral themselves know the truth. Teral did not evolve, they were created. While still on Tera the Lira created the Teral to serve them. For generations the Teral were their servants however eventually they began to evolve a basic conscious. They were still tied to the Lira though because as created beings they were unable to breed. This was changed one day when a mysterious goddess appeared to the first of the Teral and gave him and his people the blessing of a spirit. She told him that he must venture to Nerius and discover some long buried secret.

    Personality: Teral are hard to pin to one particular personality description as each model was made differently. Most Teral however tend to be hard working and follow directions easily. They are more then anything team players who will go out of their way to help those around them.

    Physical Description: Teral are varied radically from one to another though some basic design fundamentals remain the same. All were made to emulate the origin race and so they tend to be tall with tanned skin. Their eyes are one of five colors; orange, silver, purple, red, and yellow. They are a sturdy race thanks to their origins as constructs.

    Alignment:Teral are almost always neutral on one spectrum, though those who are not tend towards Lawful good as law was bent into their very being.

    Lands:Teral have no land of their own.

    Religion: Teral have a unique view on religion. They know that there is a deity who deserves their respect but they do not believe that any religion vaulted by the church or daemon worshipers is correct.

    Language: Teral speak common

    Names: Teral choose a name at the age of 10 that they believe suits them.

    Game Statistics
    Medium Humanoid: Teral's gain no advantages or penalties for size.
    +2 con, -2 cha, -2 dex. Teral are a sturdy race but their origin makes them seem awkward and their joints are stiffer then average.
    +2 racial bonus to disable device skill
    +1 racial bonus on attack and damage rolls when around at least one other Teral
    +2 bonus to any assisted check when the character assisting the Teral is another Teral
    Link: Teral's can sense the presence of another Teral within 50 ft of them by the emanations of the other Teral's thoughts. As a free action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity a Teral may attempt to initiate mental contact with the other Teral. Both must be willing to open such a link. Once linked the subjects are treated as if they have Telepathy that only functions between them. Any number of Teral may be in a link at one time. A link may not be dispelled or interrupted by magic, however if a Teral goes unconscious he is unable to maintain the link and it drops.
    Photographic Memory: Teral have a photographic memory. They remember everything they have ever seen. Once a day a Teral may add half her HD to a knowledge roll so long as it is a class skill to her.

    Mind Spear Immunity: Teral can not be targeted by a Uazi's Mind Spear as their minds are so alien that it is impossible for the Uazi to inhabit their body.
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    Default Re: (3.5) Daemon's Seal Race: The Teral PEACH

    No PEACH?

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