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    Default Campaign Log - It's WAR!

    Okay, this campaign hasn't actually started yet, but I've done enough work on it to get a few weeks worth of posts in...also

    "Thread Necromancy
    Bringing a thread back
    from "the dead." If a thread hasn't been posted in within the last six weeks, don't reply to it. Start a new topic, if you want to discuss the subject (you are welcome to link to the old thread). If you think it would be better to resurrect an old thread, PM a moderator for that subforum and wait for approval. The original poster of a creation in Homebrew (and only that poster) may revive a creation beyond the six-week threshold without prior Moderator approval."

    Six weeks is more than enough time for me to write something cut-scene wise. I'll try to keep posts to weekly at minimum though.

    Anyways, let's start at the concept of the campaign, the main story.

    ~Plot Summery~

    We live in this material plane.


    (The numbers refer to how many strategic points each area has, for example to capture the one with '8' we need to win 8 battles)

    The continent is referred to as "JAPAN" (currently at least). It is a continent in a state of war. The slightest spark could set off a powder keg, turning the continent into a free-for all.

    We (the PCs) play as the Stratos family. The king recently dead via a disease and the queen dead 18 years giving birth to their sons. Twins Alex and Sabin have taken up the mantle of rulers, along with their romantic interests. Their goal? Take over the world. They might actually pull it off with the help of the others.

    Yes it's THAT kind of campaign.


    Gestalt, start at level 10, cohorts are gestalt, all characters are evil. La buy off allowed, all WOTC books allowed including setting and dragon magazine. Firearms from "pathfinder ultimate combat 1" are allowed.

    Every gets two special "skills" for free max ranks, and can use special tactics related to their position in the cabinet.

    Role: Military General
    PC: B
    Bonus Skills: Knowledge(War), Intimidate
    Skills Special: Knowledge(War) is used to cover most knowledge checks that cover something related to war ex. proper places to set up
    ambushes, kinding structural weaknesses in enemy strongholds, etc
    Intimidate is used to put fear into the hearts of attacking enemy soldiers
    Tactics: Attack- This is the ability to attack another nation.
    Ambush- You can prepare a suprise attack against the enemy if you are successful your team gets a full round action before the start of combat.
    Hold the Line- Your team takes a defensive formation if you are successful you and your allies gain a tactic bonus to ac this bonus does not apply if you are flat-footed.

    Role: Terrorist
    PC: D
    Bonus Skills: Intimidate, Bluff
    Skills Special: Intimidate is used to take actions that will demoralize cities
    Bluff is used to spread rumors that will strike fear into the heart of a nation
    Tactics: Raze the land- If this tactic is successful after after your first victory this month your men will annihilate the town and use that to cause public unrest. Head on a pike- You march into battle bearing the heads of enemy troops if this tactic is successful you will demoralize enemy troops.

    Role: Spy
    PC: G
    Bonus Skills: Gather Information, Bluff
    Skills Special: Gather Information is used to get any information from a person in your spy network Bluff is used to keep undercover while on espianoge missions
    Tactics: Infiltration- You send an allied soldier undercover into enemy territory if this tactic is successful you can use this soldier for various purposes.
    Poison the Watersupply- This tactic can only be used if u have an allied soldier in the enemy nation he will contaminate the towns watersupply before your next attack causing enemy troops to take penalties.
    Information Network- After you have a soldier on the inside you can use them to gather intel on the enemy which gives you bonuses against enemy tactics.

    Role: Captain of the Guard
    PC: J
    Bonus Skills: Intimidate, Gather Information
    Skills Special: Intimidate is used to keep prisoners in line or to force a prisoner to give up information
    Gather Information is used to collect useful information from captured enemies
    Tactics: Torture- If this tactic is successful you can get information from an enemy general that will give you bonuses against enemy tactics.
    Convert- If this tactic is successful you can recruit an enemy general to join your army.

    Role: King
    Pc: Morithias
    Bonus Skills: Diplomacy, Gather Information
    Skills Special: Diplomacy is used for various diplomatic means such as aranging a truce with another nation, declaring war on an enemy
    nation, or making an enemy nation surrender to your rule
    Gather Information is used to get information for the local populus that you might be able to get use out of
    Tactics: Declare War- You officially declare war against an enemy country.
    Demand Surrender- This tactic can only be used when you've taken over at least 75% of the enemy territory if you are successful the enemy nation will agree to become your vassal and give you support in battle.

    Currently I am running FIVE PCs, the leader Alex, the artificer Sabin, The blackguard Iseria, the sharpshooter Yumi, and the harvester devil Jebel.

    Since Jebel is the cause of the whole campaign I think I'll post her backstory first, just give me about 30 minutes to write it.

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    Default Re: Campaign Log - It's WAR!

    Silly elves, that's not how you draw a swastika!

    (Seriously though, that's the first thing that caught my attention).

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    Default Re: Campaign Log - It's WAR!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rallicus View Post
    Silly elves, that's not how you draw a swastika!

    (Seriously though, that's the first thing that caught my attention).
    Yeah the thing is, in the video game we stole the map from, that area is home to a group of monks whose goal is to keep a demon sealed away.

    Jebel's backstory will come soon! I'll post it right after I finish writing it.

    Edit: Backstory done.

    Jebel's backstory.

    Over 1000 years ago in the heavens, before the creation of Baator, an angel lived. A NG angel of virtue and love. Who cherished the stage and saw the world as a place to perform and act her heart out to entertain others.

    This angel was named Jebel. She was a warrior angel with a flair for dance and song. She fought along side Asmodeus and the other angels in the war against the First and his demon armies.

    Eventually however, she became corrupted like her fellow angel warriors, and left with the rest of them to find her home in Baator, the new hells.

    She worked hard in Baator, but was unlucky she was constantly getting promoted and demoted. 1000 years later she found herself in the form of a harvester devil, working in the infernal court rooms as a defendant. A huge step down considering she had once been a horned devil, almost a pit fiend!

    She again was too good for her own good. Her mastery of acting, diplomacy, and knowledge of the planes given her bardic knowledge was able to win almost any court case, and she was constantly getting souls released from Baator. She was kicked out of the court room, and told this.

    “We cannot demote you for doing your job, just stay out of our way, and try not to release anymore souls!”

    Jebel took to the streets of Dis and worked on a book. A tome on how to survive in the nine hells, how to be a tyrant with a gleaming smile and a traitorous streak and get away with it.

    This brought unwanted attention.

    Jebel sat in a tavern enjoying her meal and a creature walked up to her in a cloak and asked if she would meet him in the backroom.

    “Why should I?” She demanded of the traveller.

    “Because I have an offer, an offer you won't be able to resist taking, something that could make you more than you could ever imagine.” The cloaked figure said.

    “I used to a horned devil, so unless you can turn me into a pit fiend...” Jebel began.

    “Come and hear me out,” The creature said. “What is five minutes of your time to an immortal?”

    “Very well.” Jebel said as she followed him to the backroom.

    The creature removed his cloak and Jebel was shocked. He looked like the ultimate devil, a gorgeous devil with an air of taint around him that made him look like the ultimate evil.

    “What are you?” Jebel asked.

    “I am....the avatar of the first.” it answered.

    “The first......THE FIRST?!” Jebel freaked out and dropped her book. “But, but, what do you want with me?” She asked scared of the elder evil.

    “This” it said picking up the book. “I have a plan, a plan that could make you one of the greatest devils in existence, but as the first I cannot walk in the open to do your plan myself. Do you want to hear it?”

    “Yes.” Jebel quickly answered.

    “I want to upside the balance between good and evil, I want to create a new god. A new god of darkness.” it began. “There is a war torn world called Japan out in the many material planes. Should someone unite them all, and be a good enough ruler to harvest enough worship, we could create a new god.”

    “But someone kind enough to be worshiped like that wouldn't be evil.” Jebel said.

    “Assuming the kindness was true kindness.” The First answered. “When has a devil ever done something out of kindness? No they do things to serve their own ends, we need to find a mortal who can think like a devil, evil in private, good in public, willing to take over the world, but not willing to break the world in two in the process.”

    “That will be hard...but not impossible.” Jebel answered.

    “That is your task, should you'll have missed a VERY big opportunity.” the first said. He opened a portal to Japan. “Japan awaits you,” it said. “Do not fail me.”

    Jebel stepped through the portal with her book, the Tome of Jebel and appeared in Japan. “Here we go then.” she sighed to herself, as she began to gather information about the plane, taking human disguise.


    And that's it for this week, unless people ask questions. I'll probably post Iseria's backstory next.
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    Default Re: Campaign Log - It's WAR!

    ~Iseria's backstory~

    Jebel's plan was going very well. She had infiltrated the royal family, and had been working to corrupt the family for the past 16 years. The two sons were pure evil now, and were happily keeping to their experiments and notebooks, rather than causing trouble. Alex in particular seemed to love holding combat tournaments, as well as staying in the family garden growing plants.

    "Big tournament today." Alex said to his bother, who was testing out a prototype musket.
    "Do you think you'll EVER find the right girl?" Sabin asked. "Powerful female knights don't just drop out of trees you know."
    "Given enough time, yes." Alex replied. "A good evil overlord needs a good bodyguard." Alex said, paraphrasing a quote from the tome.

    The two head off to the tournament and watch it. There were fighters, barbarians, and even a few brave clerics, but one person in particular caught Alex's eye, a woman in mechanus armor. An aasimar with white hair, and blue eyes. Her hair cut like a man's, and holding in her arm a black sword that looked like something one would use to kill an angel.

    Alex pointed to her.. "She's...she's..." he began then suddenly got out of his seat and ran away from the stands.

    "Love at first sight...I didn't think it existed." Sabin sarcastically said to his father.

    Iseria quickly slaughtered her way through the competition. Her smiting powers and clerical spells working their magic. Against the final opponent a holy Paladin she laid down rapid smite goods and left him on the ground.

    "You are a dark woman...tell me, why do you fight?" The Paladin said gasping for his life.

    "Cure minor wounds." Iseria said stabilizing him. "To be the very best." She replied flatly. "I fight for the same reason, people write poetry, cook food, or build ships. It is my life, my dream, and my desire. I want to fight in the greatest wars, to face the most powerful opponents, and when I finally die, I want to go to the hells, and fight in the blood wars."

    "What kind of Aasimar are you?" The paladin asked shocked as Iseria walked away to claim her prize; ignoring his question.

    ~After the ceremony~

    "For you." Alex said, handing her a large bouquet of black roses. "I know you might not like flowers, but I thought we could celebrate your victory with a nice drink at the tavern."

    "You are the prince aren't you?" Iseria said shocked back to him as she took the flowers. "I'm sorry, but you're not my type, I'm looking for a man who can show me combat, show me me a good fight."

    "This continent is a powder keg." Alex pushed seeing an opening. "What better way to find war, than to join up as the personal bodyguard of the prince? Not only do you get fine wine and dine, you get top of the line training facilities and get to fight off assassins. Plus if we ever go to war, I'll see you're on the front lines."

    "But will you go to war? For me?" Iseria said looking at the roses.

    "It's going to happen..." Alex said in a dark voice. "Eventually war will happen. It might take a while, but when it happens, it's going to be BIG."

    "I will join you then." Iseria said turning to get her stuff.

    "See you at the castle then." Alex said leaving to report the good news to his brother, as he left him and Iseria said the same thing after they were out of earshot.

    "I'm going to marry him/her someday." They said putting their hands over their hearts.

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    Default Re: Campaign Log - It's WAR!

    This is a cutscene I wrote that involves a PC that isn't mine. Also sorry for not posting on Sunday. I had to get approval for the scene, plus I went to see the avengers (go see it)

    ~The Captain of the Guard~

    Vincent is a person with a long and twisted history. For he is a man without a soul. Not metaphorically...literally. Having lost his soul in a contract with a demon who spared his life. Seeking to get his soul back, he studied the abyss and became a planar shepherd, which combined with his barbarian rage, and berserker frenzy make him a beast on the battlefield.

    However one should not think just because he is barbaric and chaotic evil that he is easy to fool. His wisdom is great, and leads him on his studies and path towards getting his soul back. When not on duty he spent much time pouring over books in the library.

    “Hey Vincent”, a voice calls out from behind him, making him jump slightly. Jebel had kept human form as the caretaker of the princes for sixteen years, slowly corrupting them and turning them into what she needed, and today was no different.

    “Jebel!” Vincent said, slightly shaken. “How did you sneak up on me?”

    “Alex and Sabin where always hard to keep track on, had to learn to be stealthy or else they would've just ran off. The boys like their freedom.” She turned to the book he was reading. “The abyss huh? Any particular reason why you're studying up on them?”

    “Well I can turn into them, I've always been fascinated by them.” Vincent replied trying to avoid telling her his true goal.

    “But everything has a beginning.” Jebel slyly said to him. “Everything starts somewhere, what caused you to walk the path you do?”

    “I do not feel comfortable telling you.” Vincent said to Jebel. “It is a tale from my past...a tale where I lost something very dear.”

    “But if you do not tell us, how are we suppose to help you find it?” Jebel said pushing for her advantage.

    “Even the Prince could not bring back what I lost, not unless he was a god or something, and although the Prince will be a great ruler, he is NOT a god.” Vincent said in a tone that showed his was getting sick of Jebel.

    “Not a god....YET” Jebel said as he walked off. “And one day he may be...if everything goes right.”

    Vincent turned back. “Explain. Now.” He demanded.

    “Certainly.” Jebel said with a sly look. “Tell me what cause a god to rise up? Worship no? And do the people of this country not love and worship the Prince?”

    “To create a god would take millions of people.” Vincent said. “This country is not enough.”

    “But the rest ARE.” Jebel said. “This continent is a powder keg waiting to explode like one of Sabin's muskets.” She said with a dark look in her eyes. “It is likely war will break out, and when it does the Stratos family may come out on top...and when they control the continent..give a few years of development, and BAM. You have your god.”

    Vincent looked at the floor. “Ridiculous.” He said. “That would never work...even with our forces, we can't pull that off.”

    “You are cynical,” Jebel said. “You do not believe in our ruler, but keep in mind, that if everything works out, you might have a chance, however small to get back what you lost.” And with that last armour piercing line, Jebel walked off to teleport to Alex and tell him what she had found out.

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    Default Re: Campaign Log - It's WAR!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rallicus View Post
    Silly elves, that's not how you draw a swastika!

    (Seriously though, that's the first thing that caught my attention).
    Just to clear up, so that Morithias gets in no trouble: The swastika is actually a symbol of eternity, reverence of the sun, buddhism and a bunch of other stuff that is not genocide. And nazis er stupid.

    EDIT: (Not implying that you implied this Rallicus... argh, not it went and became complicated anyways!)
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    Default Re: Campaign Log - It's WAR!

    Go campaign logs! I like reading these things.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rallicus View Post
    Silly elves, that's not how you draw a swastika!
    Well, that's not a swastika. That's a sauwastika.

    [/thread derailment]
    My first character was a first edition thief.

    Evidence that MS Paint is still a valid avataring tool:

    1st commemorative BEAST award, for displaying BEASTLY qualities in overcoming tricksy obstacles.

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    Default Re: Campaign Log - It's WAR!

    Quote Originally Posted by ufo View Post
    Just to clear up, so that Morithias gets in no trouble: The swastika is actually a symbol of eternity, reverence of the sun, buddhism and a bunch of other stuff that is not genocide. And nazis er stupid.

    EDIT: (Not implying that you implied this Rallicus... argh, not it went and became complicated anyways!)
    Again, we kinda stole the map. We didn't design it. It's from an h-game called "Sengoku Rance". Where the elves are instead a group of monks whose job is to keep a demon sealed away so he doesn't cause havoc. If this thing gets moderated, I will alter the map.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sampi View Post
    Go campaign logs! I like reading these things.

    Well, that's not a swastika. That's a sauwastika.

    [/thread derailment]
    Glad you enjoy it. I'm sorry there's no real action so far, but we meet rarely, and it's getting hard to connect to people and get their character introduced. So 90% of the action is probably going to revolve around my characters.

    I just hope my writing isn't damaging anyone's brain. I'm not a good writer.

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    Default Re: Campaign Log - It's WAR!

    ~Yumi and Sabin~

    The flames burn hot in Sabin's personal smithy. However if you looked around, one would think nothing but ghosts were working here. Muskets being made at rapid pace seemingly by just flying together by unseen forces.

    Sabin, twin brother of Alex is a mighty artificer and master of crafting weapons. His mundane muskets are so well made, they are extremely accurate even when used by those who don't really know how.

    Sabin is practising his craft and just finished an even better musket. A +4 mundane musket if you will, when a girl walks in. A tiefling with horns, red skin, and dark red eyes.

    "Can I help you?" Sabin asked turning to the girl, and getting ready to charm her. Like his brother Sabin is very charming and the two of them are known for their grace and way with words, able to make anyone agree with anything.

    "Um...yeah" The tiefling says, clearly intimidated by being in the Prince's presence. "My musket broke, and they told me it was one of yours so I need you to fix it..."

    "Well, we can't have you walking around without a musket, you might as well not be wearing pants." He picks up the new musket and hands it to her. "Here, take this one, it's my latest design."

    "Unholy.." Yumi stops herself. "I's beautiful...the craftsmanship..are you sure I can have it?"

    "On one condition." Sabin states. "I want to go to the shooting gallery with you and see your targeting abilities. I hear you're a peerless archer. Yumi right?"

    "Yes...I'm surprised you know who I am.." Yumi says leaving her broken musket on the table.

    "Shall we go then?" Sabin states offering her his arm. Yumi takes his arm and they leave for the gallery.

    ~At the range~

    "Nice shot. That one nearly destroyed the target." Sabin comments on a brutal bullseye by Yumi from the new musket.

    "It's how you fire the gun, it's similar to a hand crossbow. If you squeeze the trigger right you can put more power behind the shot."

    "I'm going to have to ask whoever trained you to train some of our troops." Sabin commented. "Mind if you show me some hand crossbow tricks?"

    "Sure," Yumi pulled out her hand crossbow and quickly loaded it almost instantly. "Watch this." She stated, and used improved rapid shot, arrow swarm, and hand crossbow focus together, to shoot off 5 shots in 6 seconds, all of them hitting the target off centre. "What do you think of that?"

    "I know of a magic." Sabin began as Yumi raised her eyebrows. "It's called aptitude magic. If I was to put it on your musket, you could do the same trick with your musket as with your hand crossbow."

    "Reload a musket instantly huh?" Yumi looked at him. "Do you think you could almost make it so it can't misfire, cause all those shots would destroy the gun eventually."

    "True, but I've been working on that too, and I think I know how to fix it, it won't be cheap, but I can do it for you."

    "how much will it cost?" Yumi asked, "I don't have much money."

    "Well, I've been thinking, with Alex having Iseria, I think I need a bodyguard too. Why don't you join up with the royal guard as my personal assistant? Fighting off assassins would also given you nice target practice."

    "Are you going to deploy me in the front lines as well?" Yumi asked sarcastically.

    "Only if you want to." Sabin answered. "Let me guess, you overheard my brother flirting with the black knight also?"

    "My ears are very high quality." Yumi said proudly.

    "So we have a deal then?" Sabin asked.

    "Deal." Yumi stated picking up the musket and loading it. "Maybe more, who knows."

    "All relationships got to start somewhere." Sabin said trying to sound wise.

    The two of them talked until late in the night, about weapons, relationships, and war.


    Sorry for not posting on Sunday. Got sick, and I don't need to try writing complex romance cut scenes, when I'm as high as a kite on cough medication.

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    Default Re: Campaign Log - It's WAR!

    Wow I haven't posted here in a while. Sorry people!

    ~Jebel, the first, and the nature of evil~

    Jebel teleported to an empty town a plane abandoned long ago by it's people. She looked around. It was a fairly nice place, not much here and most of the buildings were decaying, but it was still a step up from the nine hells or the abyss.

    “Hello?”, She called out scared, hoping she wasn't late.

    “Jebel,” a voice called out from behind her. Jebel spun around and quickly fell to her knees in front of the aspect of the first. “Let us not have any of that.” The First told her. It looked at her. “I may be the aspect of all that is vile, but I am an overgod, I do not need worship. Rise.” Jebel quickly got to her feet.

    “I have reports on changes in the Stratos Empire.” Jebel said. “Alex has found a bodyguard in the form of a cleric of Bel. While Sabin has found a bodyguard in a disciple of Dispater.” She looks at the first. “The problem is that they are developing relationships. I am fearful for what love will do for our plans.”

    The First laughed at this report. “Love is a fickle thing. It can redeem, it can make on crazy, it can even corrupt. Love is an emotion, Jebel. Saying love is inherently good, is like saying fear is inherently good because it keeps people away from things that might harm them. Yet do not Paladins have immunity to fear?”

    Jebel looked at the First and continued her report. “The armies are massed, and it looks like invasions may start soon. However there is also news concerning the Blood War. Alex, Sabin, and the girls are debating about contacting the devils and selling arms to them in exchange for troops. It might upset the balance.”

    “It will do not such thing.” The First countered. “The muskets would devastate only the weaker demons, the majority of damage done to the devils is done via the powerful and magical ones, from whom the muskets would have almost no effect. I do not care what they do. It will not matter when I finally break free from my prison.” It looked at Jebel. “I can sense that you wish to ask me something more... personal.” It said looking into Jebel's soul.

    Jebel gulped. “Why....why did you pick me?” Jebel asked shaking. “Out of all the devils, demons, and other fiends at you command. Why was I best suited for the job?”

    “Because,” The First started. “Because you are the most vile out of all the devils.”

    “Wait, what?” Jebel said confused.

    “Evil is not just tyranny or destruction. Evil is context. Murder is not evil if it is used to save lives, poison is not evil is the alternative is the murder of hundreds of guards to get at one Duke. If you want true evil you must consider both the short and long term actions of everything you do, something that both the devils and demons are afraid to do. The demons because they are too violent, and the devils because they are too proud." The first looked at her. “You are neither. You considered every action you ever took for your own ends. Granted you could have gone about them more wisely and effectively, but evil is not something you avoid by being stupid. You are not even lawful. You're a happy-go-lucky devil who just wants to enjoy herself regardless at the expense of others, and that is what makes you truly vile.”

    Jebel stood their still confused and stunned. The First continued.

    “You will notice how I do not lash out at those I hate recklessly. Or allow my emotions to get the best of me. I do not allow my enemies to define my goals, and that is the plague that keeps most people from learning true evil. All the arch-devils define their plans around killing each other and the demons, and so do the demon lords. They never consider that by stopping their petty feuds they could do so much more. You realize this, and it is why I chose you. I need your actions to keep everything in line, keep the commanders from fighting among themselves, and most importantly once the mission is done, maintain Alex's sanity so that he does not fall into the same pitfall most tyrants do. For if he loses his worshippers, he will lose his godhood and this will all be for nothing.”

    “If I am truly vile, why am I not more powerful?” Jebel asked after a moment of silence.

    “You want to know a secret? 'Power' is loosely defined. 'Power' that can be taken from you easily, is not power. Being the greatest fighter in the world means nothing if everyone else is willing to gang up on you and take you out. Look at Alex. He is not a mage, he is a leader and nothing more, yet the fact remains is that although he may not be able to take you in a straight up fight, the mere strength of will he has, and his force of charisma puts him in position to do something most people only dream about in secret.”

    “Godhood...” Jebel muttered.

    “Exactly, he will achieve in mere decades what Asmodeus and the other devils and demons have been attempting to do for centuries. Why? Because he has power, and because he understands that in order to achieve great evils...sometimes you have to be nice to people.” The First smiled a twisted smirk at Jebel.

    “Should I tell him about you?” Jebel asked.

    “Not yet, but if he is as power hungry as you say, he should eventually learn about me. We shall see what kind of person he is in the dark at that point. Will he attempt to kill me? Or Join? Maybe both?”

    “You don't seem very stunned at the aspect of him attempting to kill you.” Jebel noticed.

    “Well I am an over deity, so it's highly unlikely he will succeed, and on the rare chance he does...well. He'll just replace me and there will be a new First. I don't look forward to death, but the fact remains is that if he manages to beat me, I just wasn't evil enough to stay in the game. Besides for now he is just a human with a fan base. I've had more powerful people come after my spot. The arch-devils for one.” It turned to Jebel. “Keep me posted on all events that come up. If war occurs, report to me at once.”

    “Understood.” Jebel said turning back to the portal and leaving through it. Her mind racing.

    The First looked at the closing portal smiling. “Now the only question is, can she resist the spark of good in her to keep on her path of darkness. Words can only do so much. In the end she still has free will.”

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    No story for now. Just the summary of the houses. Will post more story once I finish something with my DM.

    ~The Houses~

    Us: The Stratos Empire are our Lead by the twin brothers of Alex and Sabin, the empire is a dangerous threat due to Alex paying his units more than any other house leading to his troop's increased power and loyalty. In addition to this, even though they are lead by a lawful evil ruler, Alex is open minded and unbiased, letting him field all varieties of troops. Their most dangerous troops are the “Sisters of Battle” cavalry units. They also are the only house with firearms. They are the only house left that is ruled via royal blood.

    Drow: The Drow 'empire' is more of a collection of united houses. They spend almost as much time fighting each other as they do their enemies. However this does not mean they should be underestimated, from all their fighting they have become very good at killing. Their spider riders, and powerful drow clerics can damage an unprepared enemy force greatly.

    Dwarves: The dwarven lands are aided military wise from their powerful armored fighters, and their race's strong bodies. Although they lack any super powerful mages, their fighters and other mundane combatants are very dangerous. They however, are cautious of the Stratos muskets due to the musket's power to penetrate armour.

    Ninjas: The ninja clans are of course ninjas. Their power comes from their traps, stealth techniques, and their mastery of disguise. Little is known about their techniques due to them being hard to study, and their tendency to leave few survivors whenever they do attack.

    Fey: The forests of the fey are defended via the fey themselves, along with their fierce animal companions. Their druids are very dangerous when in their home area, and many man has fallen pray to the nymphs' charms.

    Anthromorphs : These unique creatures have a wide variety of powers and techniques. They are similar to the Stratos empire in that they field all kinds of units. They do tend to be very hard to kill due to their animal-like natures.

    Abberations: These freaks of nature are dangerous to the core. Beholders, mind flayers, and all kinds of horrors await those who attempt to invade these lands.

    Amazons: The Amazons live in a jungle like area, similar to the ninjas and fey, their home advantage is their mastery of the terrain and hit and run tactics. Their warrior women are probably only equalled by the Sisters of Battle.

    Humans: The human kingdom is a strong force. Humans being masters of all means their versatility is through the roof. Their ruler is also a kind and just man, meaning they are united against any threat.

    Elves: The elves are a powerful force, like the drow, their main advantage is their spell-casters, in this case their wizards. However they tend to not do so well in diplomacy due to their pride, and many races such as the dwarves and drow would be more than happy to 'teach them a lesson'.

    Constructs: This nation of machines is a powerful force. They never tire, and don't need food. This makes them dangerously powerful. Luckily they take a long time to build, making it possible to win wars of attrition. This house tends to keep to itself.

    Beastmen: Feral in nature, this house lacks many spell-casters, but are brutally powerful in mundane combat. However due to their animal-like nature they lack the ability to use some of the more advanced tactics. Their numbers, similar to the demon armies, more than make up for it.

    Undead: Similar to the constructs, these forces never tire, and never eat. They also replenish themselves quickly via animating those they kill. Their territories are also extremely hard to invade due to all the strategic points one needs to capture. Their vampire and lich generals, also make life hell for invaders.

    Samurai: Lead by a man who never shows his face. This army is loyal and well trained. Their loyalty however comes without increase in expense. Their sense of honour is probably their biggest weakness, and they tend to see stealth and sabotage as dishonourable tactics. Due to their loyalty, they will fight to the bitter end rather than surrender.

    Orcs/Ogres: United via brute force, they are the most dangerous infantry units. Similar to the beastmen they lack tactical abilities, but more than make up with their natural strengths. Occasionally invade other territories for fun.

    Giants: Even more powerful than the orcs, and unlike them, do not lack intelligence. One of the most dangerous groups in JAPAN. Use both their natural size and strength, as well as their more advanced member's intelligence to fight logically.

    Monks: A pacifist group. Defended by untrained militia. Are rich, but tend not to spend it on military seeing gold and riches as unneeded. Is defended via an alliance with the Saints.

    Saints: The most dangerous group in all of JAPAN. Clerics, wizards, fighters, they have it all. All of their generals have the saint template and are extremely well trained. Their people are well treated and extremely loyal. No one, not even the powerhouse that is the giants are brave enough to attack them. They are also the only democratic country on the plane.

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