In addition to all the abilities of the Titan Mauler archetype, the following abilities are added:

Improved Massive Weapons (Ex):

At level 6, a titan mauler may treat any weapon that is too large and too unwieldy as if it were just incredibly unwieldy instead. When a weapon would be too large for a titan mauler to wield by nature of whether it is light, one-handed, or two-handed, rather than by its Size alone, a titan mauler may instead treat that weapon as if it had an additional -2 penalty to its attack rolls, but must wield it as a two-handed weapon.

For example, normally even with the Massive Weapons class feature, a Medium-sized titan mauler could not wield a Large greatsword, but with this class feature, a titan mauler could wield a Large greatsword as a two-handed weapon with a -4 penalty to attack rolls (that would be reduced by the Massive Weapons class feature).

The additional -2 penalty is treated as part of the oversized weapon penalty and may be reduced by the Massive Weapons class feature (to a minimum of -0).

No matter how much larger the weapon is than the titan mauler, the penalty for using it as a two-handed weapon remains at -2 (though the Size penalty still increases). A Medium sized titan mauler attempting to wield a Colossal greatsword would take a total penalty of -10 to attack rolls with the sword, which could be reduced to -4 by the Massive Weapons feature at 18th level.

This class feature is an augmentation of the Massive Weapons class feature, and does not replace any particular class feature.

Titanic Fighting Style (Ex):

At 7th level, a titan mauler is able to swing his powerful oversized weapons in a larger arc, allowing him to hit creatures farther away from him with ease.

When the titan mauler is using a weapon that is at least one Size category larger than him, the titan mauler gains an additional 5' of reach. At 10th level, and every 3 levels after that, this reach increases by an additional 5', (to a maximum of +25' reach at level 19), but a weapon may only grant a maximum of 5' extra feet of reach per Size category it is larger than the wielder. For example, even at level 19, a Medium sized titan mauler with a Large greatsword would only have 10' reach, but a Medium sized titan mauler with a Colossal greatsword would have 25' reach (these are the totals, taking into account the Medium creatures' original reach, not the total extra reach granted).

This replaces the Damage Reduction class feature.