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    Default Sobek's Tears [3.5 Race]

    Kebekra are very patient whether for food or not. This is caused by their long lifespans and tendency to fast. The Kebekra are very traditional, having to do as elders say even if they disagree. Despite their intelligence the culture of the Kebekra is barbaric and increasing the size families are their highest priority.

    Physical Description
    Kebekra are humanoids who stand 5 to 6 feet tall. They have crocodilian heads, with cold reptilian eyes. Within their maws lie razor sharp teeth which can rend flesh with no problem. They bodies are thick and muscular, and covered in hard ridged scales.

    They have a small stubby tails, which store fat which stop them from starving in the desert.

    Other species see the Kebekra as barbarians. They prefer to stay away from other people, and often kill outsiders who tresspass in their territorry. This has given them a reputation.

    Kebekra tend towards lawful because of their traditional culture and lack of outside interference.

    The Kebekra dwell in the swampy marsh which surrounds the rivers of the desert. The build small villages in the drier sections in the middle of the reeds so that other creatures don't find them.

    The Kebekra worship Atlan, Mistress of the Oasis. She is the bringer of water and the supposed creator of the Kebekra. Every village has at least one altar of reeds, so that they can pay tithe to her.

    The Kebekra only gained the gift of speach in very beginings of the Third Era and their language is rather private. As such it lacks many words they haven't encountered, such as volcano, forest, and snow.

    Racial Traits
    • +2 Strength, -2 Dexterity
    • Humanoid (Reptilian)
    • Medium: As Medium creatures, Kebekra have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
    • Kebekra base land speed is 20 feet.
    • A Kebekra has a swim speed of 30 feet. It can move through water at it's swim speed without making Swim checks. It has a +10 racial bonus on any Swim check to perform some action or avoid a hazard. It can always choose to take 10 on a Swim check, even if distracted or endangered. It can use the run action while swimming, provided it swims in a straight line.
    • +2 Natural Armor.
    • Hold breath: A Kebekra can hold its breath for a number of rounds equal to 4 x its Constitution score before it risks drowning
    • Low-Light Vision: Kebekra can see two times as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of low illumination.
    • Natural Weapons: Krebekra have a primary bite attack that deals 1d4 points of piercing damage plus Strength bonus.
    • Tears of Life (Su): A Kebekra with a Wisdom score of at least 10 also has the following spell-like abilities: 1/dayŚBless Water, Create Water, Curse Water. Caster level 1st.
    • Automatic Languages: Common and Aquan. Bonus Languages: Draconic, Elven, Gnoll, Gnome, Goblin, Orc, and Sylvan.
    • Favored Class: Ranger.
    • Level Adjustment: +1.

    Vital Statistics

    {table="Head"]Kebekra Random Height and Weight| | |
    Gender|Base Height|Height Modifier|Base Weight|Weight Modifier
    Male|5'7"|+2d6|120 lb.|x (1d6) lb.
    Female|5'5"|+2d6|100 lb.|x (1d6) lb.[/table]

    Evolved Kebekra
    Evolved Kebekra have the same statistics as normal Kebekra except as follows:
    • +2 Strength, +2 Constitution. This replaces the racial abilities.
    • +4 Natural Armor. This replaces a Kebekra's normal natural armor.
    • Natural Weapons: Krebekra have a primary bite attack that deals 1d6 points of piercing damage plus Strength bonus. This replaces their normal natural weapons.
      Powerful Build: The physical stature of Evolved Kebekra lets them function in many ways as if they were one size category larger. Whenever an Kebekra is subject to a size modifier or special size modifier for an opposed check (such as Hide), the Kebekra is treated as one size large if doing so is advantageous to the character. An Kebekra is also considered to be one size larger when "squeezing" through a restrictive space. An Kebekra can use weapons designed for a creature one size larger without penalty. However, the space and reach of an Kebekra remain those of a creature of their actual size. The benefits of this racial trait stack with the effects of powers, abilities, and spells that change the subject's size category.
    • Tears of Life (Su): A Kebekra with a Wisdom score of at least 10 also has the following spell-like abilities: 3/dayŚBless Water, Create Water, Curse Water. 1/dayŚControl Water Caster level 5th.
    • Level Adjustment: +3.
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    Default Re: Sobek's Tears [3.5 Race]

    the race looks a little strong for 0 la. what with nat armor of 2 and spell like abilities.
    although i personally don't think it's worth an la of 1

    its kinda in an in-between area

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