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    Default [3.5] low cr trap tweaks

    Change: you can now make traps with a CR lower than 1. Calculate the CR according to the modifiers then adjust as follows:

    Base CR becomes adjusted CR
    0 1/2
    -1 1/3
    -2 1/4
    -3 1/6
    -4 1/8
    -5 1/12
    -6 1/16

    then calculated trap cost using the adjusted CR

    also add the following modifiers:
    Search DC 0 or lower -2 modifier
    Disable DC 0 or lower -2 modifier
    traps with such search and disable DCs are not generally used alone. Most commonly they are used in conjucntion with ranged forces.

    The purpose of this change is to make craft:trapmaking better; and allow the creation of some simple traps for a very affordable cost.
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    A neat custom class for 3.5 system

    A good set of benchmarks for PF/3.5

    An alternate craft point system I made for 3.5

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