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    Default Crawl20, a PF/3.5 conversion based loosely on Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup[Brainstorm]

    It's an idea I've had kicking around for a while, to put Crawl mechanics into a tabletop rpg. I realize the humor of the situation, that video game rpgs originally descended from tabletops, and now I'm bringing ideas from a video game rpg back to the tabletop.

    This is likely to be the first thread of several, as the most complete part I have is some of the basic mechanical changes and races, and things are about to get hectic for me in real life, so I probably won't come back with progress before the thread gets buried.

    I haven't decided whether to start with the Crawl spells or the PF/3.5 spells, hence the ambiguous wording in some of the racial spell bonuses.

    Similarly, I'm planning to use the PF/3.5 skill list, but nothing I've written down reflects that yet. Classes will have class skills, is what I'm saying.

    The feats will look something like the PF feats, but will likely be changed to accommodate the rules changes.

    Basically, it will be helpful to me, whether or not you've played DCSS, to look over what I have so far for unclear things or balance issues.

    Finally, this is really early stage stuff. There's a lot of shorthand and contradictions going around. What I'm looking for right now the most is ideas for class abilities, magic rules, and the religion system.

    Feats: Every character gets a feat at level 1, and then a feat as prescribed by their race – for example, ½ means that a character gets a feat at 1st level and at every even level afterward. 1/3 feats means they get a feat at 1st level, 3rd level, 6th level, etc.

    Stat growth: Characters would most likely use PF's point buy system at 10 or 15 points. All characters get +1 to any stat every 3 levels, their race confers a +1 to the described stats every indicated interval. For example, (Str/Dex)/4 indicates that at levels 4, 8, 12, etc, the character can choose to get +1 to either strength or dexterity.

    Classes and races modify basic stats of each other. Race provides HD and stat advancement, as well as other abilities, see below. Class provides BaB, skills, and provides spell slots. Race originally modified BaB as a way to model the XP differences in DCSS, but no longer does.

    Spells: Characters get spell slots equal to their intelligence modifier plus any racial bonii, class slots, and half their spellcraft ranks. All characters may learn universal spells, while only races with racial bonuses to certain spell schools and classes that allow them allow unrestricted learning of school spells. To learn an unrestricted spell, a character must be of the following minimum levels(spell level:required level): 1:1, 2:3, 3:5, 4:7, 5:9, 6:11, 7:13, 8:15, 9:17. To learn a restricted spell is as follows: 1:1, 2:6, 3:10, 4:14: 5:18. For purposes of learning spells and determining caster level, a character counts half their levels in a class for which a spell is restricted, and all of the levels of a class for which that spell is unrestricted. If a character has a racial bonus to the CL of a spell, that spell is always unrestricted for them. New spells are learned by reading spellbooks and committing a number of spell slots equal to the spell's level to that spell. Spells may be forgotten by paying for a ritual of amnesia(not yet priced) or with Sif Muna's granted power(not written up here yet, but in DCSS, Sif Muna grants the ability to forget spells at will)

    Spell limitations: As written, spells are usable basically at-will. In the game, these are limited by things like mana, hunger, magical contamination, and a bunch of other resources that, if ported directly, would be a pain in the ass to track manually. If you have nothing else to say, please suggest something for this.


    Human: 1d8 HD, ½ feats, +1 skills, any stat/3, 1 bonus feat at lvl 1

    High Elf: 1d8 HD, +2 Str/Dex, +2 Int/Cha ,1/5 feats, (Int/Dex)/4, +1 caster level for all spells. Low-light vision

    Deep Elf: 1d4 HD, -2 Str/Con, +4 Int/Cha ¼ feats, (Int/Cha)/4, +1 spell slot/2 levels, +lvl/5 CL to school selected at the beginning of the game. Darkvision 60

    Sludge Elf: 1d6 HD, +2 Dex, -2 Con/Cha, +2 Wis/Int 1/3 feats, (Dex/Int/Wis)/4, +1 caster level to transmutations and illusions per 5 levels, +lvl/5 size catergories to unarmed strike, free improved unarmed strike at lvl 1. Low-light vision.

    Mountain Dwarf: 1d10 HD, +4 Con, 1/3 feats, Con/5, Automatically proficient with light, medium, and heavy armor. Slow and steady as PF/3.5, 20ft movement speed. Darkvision 60

    Deep Dwarf: 1d8 HD, +2 Con, +2 Wis, 1/5 feats, (Con/Wis)/5, +1 Caster level to earth magic/necromancy per 5 levels. DR lvl/-. Darkvision 60. Tremorsense 10/20/40/60/120 ft at lvls 1/5/10/15/20. +lvl to saves v negative energy effects. 20ft movement speed, slow and steady. Does not heal naturally over time, must be healed magically.

    Hill Orc: 1d8 HD, +4 Str, -2 Int/Cha ½ feats, Str/5, Can worship Beogh, immune to sickening, immune to nausea at lvl 6. Automatically proficient with greataxes. Low-light vision.

    Merfolk: 1d6 HD, +2 Dex, +2 Int/Wis, ¼ feats, (Int/Dex)/4, Swim speed of 50 ft, +lvl/5 CL to transmutations and ice. Automatically proficient with tridents and nets. Darkvision 60 when underwater.

    Halfling: 1d6 HD, -2 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Con, 1/3 feats, Dex/5, +lvl to saves v transmutations, small size, 20ft move, automatically proficient with slings.

    Kobold: 1d4 HD, +4 Dex, ½ feats, Dex/5, Immune to sickening/nausea. Darkvision 60, small, 30ft movement speed. +Lvl/4 to sneak checks.

    Spriggan: 1d4 HD, +6 Dex, -2 Str, -4 Con, +4 Int/Cha, ¼ feats, (Dex/Int)/5, Vegetarian. Tiny. 60ft movement speed. +lvl/4 CL on enchantments. +lvlx2 to damage on sneak attacks/flanks. Cannot wear armor with check penalty of -2 or worse.

    Naga: 1d10 HD, 1/3 feats, (any)/4, 20 ft movement speed, ignores difficult terrain. Armor confers ½ AC bonus, +1/2 level to stealth checks, poison spit ranged touch attack at 30 ft, DC 10 + ½ lvl + con bonus, 1d6 damage/6 rounds, cure 1 save. Damage increases to 2d6 damage/12 rounds at lvl 10. Natural armor = ¼ level.

    Centaur: 1d10 HD, +2 Str/Dex/Con, -2 Int/Wis/Cha, 1/3 feats, +(Str/Dex/Con)/4 40ft movement speed, counts as mounted, automatic proficiency with bows of all sorts. Armor confers ½ armor bonus.

    Ogre: 1d12 HD, +4 Str, +2 Con, -4 Int/Wis/Cha, ½ feats, +Str/3, Large sized. Natural armor +1.

    Troll: 1d12 HD, +6 Str, +4 Con, -4 Int, -4 Wis, -4 Cha, 1/6 feats, +Str/3, Large, two 1d8 claw attacks. NA +3. +lvl racial bonus to damage on claw attacks. Fast healing (1/2 lvl). Immunity to nausea and sickness.

    Minotaur: 1d10 HD, +4 Str, +4 Con, -2 Int, -2 Wis, -2 Cha, ¼ feats, +(Str/Dex/Con)/4, Horns primary natural attack, 1d8. Automatic proficiency with any one weapon their starting class isn’t already proficient with.

    Tengu: 1d6 HD, +2 Str/Dex, +2 Int/Cha, 1/3 Feats, +(Str/Dex/Int/Cha)/4, Primary beak doing 1d6, two talons(secondary) doing 1d4. Automatic proficiency with any one weapon class doesn’t provide. Fly 30(Good)(Su) for mins/day = lvl starting at lvl 5, fly 60(Perfect)(Su) all day at lvl 15.

    Draconian: 1d8 HD, ¼ feats, +any/4 NA = 1/3 level, cannot wear armor. At level 7, select scale color:
    • Red: +1/4 lvl to CL on fire spells, Fire resist = lvl, Fire breath(ranged touch attack doing sneak attack scaling fire damage at 30 ft, ref save v Con based supernatural ability or catch fire)
    • White: +1/4 lvl to CL on ice spells, cold resist = lvl, Ice breath(as fire breath, but save vs entanglement)
    • Green +1/4 lvl CL on poison spells, +lvl to saves v poison, poison breath, see naga breath, except scales at lvl 14 instead of 10
    • Yellow +1/4 lvl CL on acid and earth spells, Acid resistance = lvl, Acid breath see fire breath, but save or take half damage next round
    • Grey +1/4 lvl CL on water spells, No longer needs to breathe, gains swim speed 30, NA becomes = ½ level.
    • Black: +1/4 lvl CL on air and electricity spells, Elec resistance = lvl, Lightning breath, see fire breath except it’s a 30 ft line instead of a touch attack and offers a reflex save for half.
    • Purple +1/5 lvl CL on all spells, gains SR = 7 + lvl, dispelling breath, see fire breath, but dispels as targeted dispel at CL = lvl.
    • Mottled: +1/5 lvl CL on fire spells, fire resistance = ½ lvl, sticky flame: ranged touch attack with range five feet, target takes damage as fire breath, and then makes ref save or continues to take that much damage each round as long as they fail the save.
    • Pale: +1/4 lvl CL on fire and air spells, fire resistance = lvl, steam breath: see fire breath, but creates fog that blocks LOS in a 30 ft line.

    Demigod: 1d12 HD, +2 all stats, 1/6 feats, +any/2. +1 spell slot per lvl. Can never worship a god.

    Demonspawn: 1d8 HD, ¼ feats, +any/4. 1st level, select five mutations, one body-slot, one scales, two tier 2, and one tier 3. Each odd level, twice at levels 3, 7, 11, 15, and 19, advance one of your mutations.
    • Claws: Damage: 1d4 at lvl 1, 1d6 at lvl 2, 1d8 at lvl 3. All levels occupy arm slot.
    • Horns: 1d8 – 2d6 – 3d6. All levels remove the head slot.
    • Antennae – Tremorsense 20 – Blindsense 40 – Blindsight 60. Does not remove head slot, but loses benefits if occupied.
    • Hooves – 1d6 – 1d8 – 2d6. Occupies foot slot.
    • Talons – 1d6 – 1d8 – 2d6. Occupies foot slot.
    • Scales:
    • Molten: +1 NA - +2 NA - +3 NA and fire resist = lvl
    • Icy Blue: +1 NA -+2 NA - +3 NA and cold resist = lvl
    • Slimy Green: +1 NA - +2 NA - +3 NA and +lvl to saves vs poison
    • Thin Metallic: +1 NA - +2 NA - +3 NA and elec resist = lvl
    • Yellow: +mutlvl NA and Acid res = Charlvl at lvl 3
    • Rough Black: +4 Na, -1 armor check - +7 NA, -2 armor check - +10 NA -3 armor check
    • Rugged Brown: +2 NA all levels, +2, +4, and +6 Con at mutlvls
    • Iridescent: +mutlvl deflection bonus to AC.
    • Bone Plates: +mutlvl NA and shield bonus to AC.
    • Repulsion Field: +1 Deflection bonus at all levels, at lvl 2 ½ lvl rounds/day concealment, at lvl 3 ½ lvl round/day total concealment.
    • Thin Skeleton: +2xmutlvl to Dex, -2 Str at all mutlvls, +2xmutlvl racial bonus to stealth.

    Tier 2
    • Ignite blood:
    • Lvl 1: Resist fire 5, stacks with scales if applicable.
    • Lvl 2: Resist fire 10, stacks with scales if applicable.
    • Lvl 3: Whenever you take any amount of slashing or piercing damage, the attacker takes 3d6 fire damage, reflex to avoid.
    • Icemail:
    • Lvl 1: Res cold 5, stacks with scales
    • Lvl 2: Res cold 10, stacks with scales
    • Lvl 3: Each day, gets DR 10/- that lasts until it has prevented lvlx10 damage. Fire damage taken is considered “prevented” for the purposes of running out, even though it isn’t actually prevented by DR.
    • Powered by death:
    • Whenever an enemy dies within mutlvlx10 feet of you, you gain fast healing (mutlvl) for a number of rounds equal to its HD. This fast healing stacks with itself.
    • Demonic Guardian:
    • Lvl 1: If lvl 7, once per day, Lesser Planar Ally as a supernatural ability, calling only demons or devils, selected when choosing this mutation.
    • Lvl 2: If lvl 11, once per day, Planar Ally as a supernatural ability, same restrictions, replacing the lvl 1 ability. Must be lvl
    • Lvl 3: If lvl 15, once per day, Greater Planar Ally as a supernatural ability, same restrictions, replaces lvl 2 ability.
    • Nightstalker:
    • Lvl 1: +lvl to stealth in anything but direct sunlight.
    • Lvl 2: Hide in plain sight in anything but direct sunlight.
    • Lvl 3: Total concealment in anything but direct sunlight.
    • Spiny:
    • Lvl 1: Enemies that grapple or strike with natural weapon take 1d4 damage
    • Lvl 2: 1d6 damage + ½ str mod
    • Lvl 3: 1d8 damage + str mod
    • Powered by Pain:
    • + 2xmutlvl to CL to all spells while at ½ health or below.
    • Foul Stench:
    • Lvl 1: Creatures within 10 ft must make fort saves or be sickened. Save means 24 hour immunity. Creatures with scent take -4
    • Lvl 2: Personal immunity to sickening, creatures within 10 ft must make fort saves or be nauseated. Save means 24 hour immunity. Creatures with scent take -4
    • Lvl 3: Personal immunity to nausea, stench range becomes 20 ft.

    Tier 3
    • Hellfire:
    • Lvl 1: Res fire 5, stacks with other mutations
    • Lvl 2: Res 10 fire, stacks with other mutations
    • Lvl 3: Ranged touch, sneak attack scaling fire attack, immunity is cut to ½ damage, resistance is ignored.
    • Passive Freeze:
    • Lvl 1: Res cold 10, stacks with other mutations
    • Lvl 2: Res cold 20, stacks with other mutations
    • Lvl 3: Enemies that attack you in melee are dealt 4d6 cold damage and must fort save or be slowed for (lvl) rounds as the spell.
    • Robust:
    • Gain +mutlvl hp per charlevel
    • Negative Energy Resistance:
    • Lvl 1: + ½ lvl on saves v negative energy/necro effects
    • Lvl 2: +lvl on saves v negative enery/necro effects
    • Lvl 3: Immunity to negative energy/necro effects
    • Augmentation:
    • +2xmutlvl to all stats when below half hp

    Mummy: 1d8 HD, - con, 1/5 feats, no stat gain, +1/5 lvl on CL for necro, undead traits

    Ghoul: 1d8 HD, -2 dex, - con, -2 int, -2 cha, ¼ feats, +str/5, 1d6 claws, undead traits, may eat a chunk of meat(full-round action) to heal 1d8 hp, or a chunk of rotten meat to heal 1d8 + ½ lvl hp. A chunk goes rotten after 12 hours, rots completely away after 2 days. A medium or small creature has 1 chunk, a large creature has 2, a huge creature has 4, gargantuan 8, colossal 16.

    Gods: DCSS has a religion system that confers powerful advantages, for those I've designed thus far, I've tried to keep that. Some of the abilities had to be changed because of the change in medium. Also, the god like/dislike system isn't fully implemented.

    Gods have a piety level from 1 to 5
    • Ashenzari: Likes: your piety is equal to the lower of worn cursed items and your level/4. Dislikes: Uncursing items, see text.
    • Lvl 1: Meditate with an item for 1 hour, if its CL is pietyx4 or lower, Ash IDs it. Ash will automatically warn you that you are about to pick up a cursed item. Gains the ability to curse items you wear, making them impossible to remove without removing the curse with the spell. Your CL for this ability, for the purpose of removing the curse, is equal to your level. Ash understands, but dislikes it when you uncurse items you wear, and blocks all granted abilities except for item cursing for 1 day, which stacks as you uncurse more items.
    • Lvl 2: You may use any spell beginning with detect at will as supernatural abilities as long as your level would be high enough to cast them normally.
    • Lvl 3: While wielding cursed weapons, you gain a +piety profane bonus to attacks made with them. Cursed armor you wear gains a +piety profane bonus to AC. While wearing cursed jewelery, you gain a +piety profane bonus to CL to all spells.
    • Lvl 4: 1/week, Ash lets you reselect skills and feats.
    • Lvl 5: You gain permanent (Su)mind blank and (Su)true seeing.
  2. Beogh: Likes: Slaying enemies, especially elves and dwarves. Dislikes: respecting elves/dwarves, disrespecting allied orcs.
  3. Lvl 1: To reach piety 1, you must worship Beogh. You can smite enemies for pietyd6 damage. at a range of 60 ft. This is divine fire damage. There is no save or attack roll, and ignored cover or concealment other than total concealment.
  4. Lvl 2: Requirements: Convert at least 1 other orc to the cause of Beogh. You gain a +pietyx2 bonus when interacting with other orcs.
  5. Lvl 3: Requirements: Convert at least 10 other orcs. As a full-round action, at will, you may teleport one of your followers to a square adjacent to you.
  6. Lvl 4: Convert at least 50 other orcs. This level of piety confers no benefits.
  7. Lvl 5: Requirements: Perform a blood sacrifice of 10 or more elves or dwarves, requiring a DC 25 knowledge religion check. You may walk on water as though it were solid ground, and 1/day you may summon a herald of Beogh and its entourage.
  • Cheibriados: Likes: taking it slow. Piety up at lvls 3, 6, 9, 12, 15. Dislikes: haste
  • Lvl 1: You gain 2xpiety to every stat. Your speed is reduced by 10 ft. Chei removes all granted powers except for the movement slowing if you ever run, charge, or use magic that speeds you, including but not limited to haste and expeditious retreat. magic that grants a move speed is permitted as long as you do not use that move speed to go faster than you could travel on the ground.
  • Lvl 2: Bend time: piety/day, you may teleport up to (piety) enemies within 60 ft of you into squares adjacent. They are entitled to a will save to resist.
  • Lvl 3: Slouch: Every enemy within 60 ft of you is dealt nd6 damage, where n is how much faster that enemy’s fastest mode of movement is than yours, by increments of 5 feet. Your base land speed is further slowed by 10 ft. This is usable piety/day.
  • Lvl 4: Thicken Time: Every enemy adjacent to you must will save or be slowed, as the spell. This is usable piety/day.
  • Lvl 5: Step from time: You travel any amount of time up to 24 hours into the future. You reappear in the same state you left in. Any /day abilities must wait at least 24 hours to recharge – for example, if you appear four hours before they would normally be replenished, you must wait until the next day. This ability is usable 1/day, from your perspective.
  • Elyvilon: Likes: dealing with enemies nonviolently. Dislikes: Casting necro spells or spells with the pain descriptor. Dealing violently with neutral parties, including pacified creatures.
  • Lvl 1: Healing: piety/day, you may cast cure light wounds as a spell-like ability, targeting yourself or your allies. At will, you may cast cure light wounds on creatures attacking you. If any damage is healed, that creature makes a will save at a penalty equal to the number of hit points cured. If they fail, they are affected as by calm emotions. Disintegrate weapon: as a full-round action, a follower of Elyvilon may destroy any weapon they hold in their hands, other than artifacts.
  • Lvl 2: Requirements: Pacify at least 10 creatures. Life Saving: 1/day, you may pray to Elyvilon as a standard action. For lvl rounds, you are immune to death by damage or death effects. This effect ends immediately if you attack or cast a spell that does damage to any creature.
  • Lvl 3: Requirements: Destroy any unholy, vicious, bane, or wounding weapon of enchantment level +2 or better. Greater healing: cure spells you cast cap at your level instead of the spell’s cap. In addition, piety/day, you may cast cure serious wounds as a spell-like ability, or at will with the same rules as lvl 1’s Healing.
  • Lvl 4: Requirements: Pacify an enemy of CR twice your level or better. Divine Vigor: piety/day, as a standard action, you gain + pietyxlvl hp for lvl rounds.
  • Lvl 5: Requirements: Destroy an unholy, wounding, vicious, or bane weapon of enhancement +5 or better. Greater weapon destruction: you may destroy weapons as a standard action at close range. Their wielders are entitled to a will save.
  • Fedhas Madash
  • Jiyva
  • Kikubaaqudgha
  • Lugonu
  • Makhleb
  • Nemelex Xobeh
  • Okawaru
  • Sif Muna
  • The Shining One
  • Trog: Likes: Slaying enemies. Dislikes use of magic, reading.
  • Lvl 1: Berserk: Trog sends forth unto you the berserker rage. Entering a rage is a free action that may be used at will. At the end of each round you rage except the first, you make a fortitude save, DC 15 + 2 for each full round you have raged thus far, to avoid falling out of the rage. Trog gives you a +piety bonus on this save, and reduces the DC by 2 every time you knock unconscious or slay an enemy. While raging, a character gets +4 to strength, gains temporary hit points equal to twice their level, and may make a normal weapon attack once per round as a swift action. They may not take any actions that require finesse or concentration. When the rage ends, you are fatigued for a number of rounds equal to twice the number of rounds you spent raging. If you ever willingly read magical script or cast a spell, you are excommunicated and are subject to Trog’s wrath.
  • Lvl 2: Trog’s Hand: As a swift action, 2+piety/day, you may activate trog’s hand. While active, you have fast healing (piety) and gain a 2+piety morale bonus on saves against spells, spell-like abilities, and supernatural effects. This effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to your constitution modifier + your piety with Trog.
  • Lvl 3: Blessing of Trog: Trog grants you the Wrath of Trog, a +3 Antimagic Adamantine weapon of the type of your choice. Antimagic: Whenever you strike a spellcaster with this weapon, until the beginning of your next turn, whenever they cast, they must make a concentration check as though they had taken as much damage as you did to them while casting that spell or lose the spell. This enchantment counts as +2.
  • Lvl 4: Brothers in Arms: As a full-round action, you may invoke Brothers in Arms piety/day. This summons a raging herald of Trog who persists as long as its rage lasts.
  • Lvl 5: Greater Blessing of Trog: the Wrath of Trog’s enchantment is increased by 2.
  • Vehumet
  • Xom
  • Yredelemnul
  • Zin

  • Classes: I haven't written any of these up yet, but the general design will be that classes also contribute to stats(Fighter might give +2 Str, +2 Con, -2 Int), increase or decrease "Hit Die Category"(going from 1, 1d2, 1d2+1, 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d12, 1d12+2, 1d12+4) provide weapon/armor proficiencies, and skills. DCSS classes do not modify much more than base stats and equipment, but I would like to work on giving classes more "character" as it were. As it is, the most I've come up with is having the zealot classes gain abilities that improve their god's granted powers. Every character can now concievably cast spells, but I'd also like to have each class do something cool. DCSS has the same problem 3.5/PF has of making magic just plain better than mundane, but it also allows pretty much any character to eventually hope to learn magic, which I would see as an improvement over 3.5/PF.

    General: Because of all of the stat bonuses going around just from race and class, I'd hope to see magic items made rarer.
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