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    Default The Camazotz (Race)

    The Camazotz

    The Camazotz
    Humanoid (Shapechanger)

    *+4 Str, +2 Dex
    *Special. Camazotz are Medium when humanoid and hybrid, but Large when fully transformed.
    *Transformation: Hybrid: At-Will, a Camazotz can transform from a perfectly normal looking humanoid into a Hybrid. A winged being covered in coarse and bristly fur, a batlike head that retains humanoid characteristics. It is still humanoid, ish, but it has ____ legs and has claws and a short tail. Big ears and a developed noes grant it an increase in senses.
    When transformed, the Camazotz strength bonus increases to +6 and dex to +4.
    It gains a natural claw primary attack, 1d6 damage x2 critical.
    It gains a bite secondary attack, 1d4 damage, x3 critical.
    It also gains the Scent ability, and automatically succeeds on Listen checks within 30ft. It can hear the beating of a heart within 10ft, and is completely unaffected by invisibility within 10ft. Within 30ft, the Camazotz can hear well enough to make an attack at the proper 5ft area where an invisible creature has moved to on its last turn.
    The Camazotz has a fly speed equal to its land speed with poor maneuverability.
    A Camazotz can change into Hybrid form as a move action, and change back as a swift action.

    *Transformation: Full:
    A full transformation. The Camazotz becomes a Large creature and all the benefits and penalties that apply to such. It becomes quadrupedal though it can stand on two legs, but can't walk on them.
    It gains a primary bite attack with serrated and slightly hooked fangs dealing 1d6 damage, x3 critical. Whenever it deals damage with a bite attack it deals 1 constitution damage and the victim bleeds profusely, taking 10% the damage again until the damage is healed. This only effects targets who are not immune to critical hits.
    They have a longer claws, dealing 1d8 damage x2 critical. And it can make a grapple check as a free action whenever it hits with its claw. This does not provoke an attack of opportunity. Every round it maintains a pin, drain its blood. Dealing 1d4 constitution damage and restoring 1d4 damage per two hit dice the victim possesses. If the target is bleeding from the Camazotz's bite attack, it heals an extra 1 damage per die.
    The Fully transformed Camazotz has Blindsense out to 30ft and Blindsight within 10ft.
    It retains the Scent ability, but can use it to determine sex and type unless it is impeded by some means, such as strong perfumes or scent altering items or magic.
    It gains Darkvision 60ft.
    It gains a flight speed equal to twice its land speed with average maneuverability.
    A Camazotz has a Fearsome Presence. Creatures not immune to fear must make a will save DC 10 + Camazotz charisma mod + 1/2 Camazotz's HD. If they fail, they are shaken. If they are already shaken, they progress up the Fear scale to the next appropriate level. A creature can only be effected by this once in a 24 hour period.
    A Camazotz in full transformation is susceptible to abilities such as Animal Affinity. And has a -4 to will saves to resist spells of the enchantment school.
    A Camazotz can maintain a full transformation for only a total number of rounds per day equal to their Constitution modifier. They can transform back as a movement equivalent action. It takes a full round action to change from Humanoid to Full. But only a movement action to shift from Hybrid to Full.
    *Blood Dependency: A Camazotz must drink blood from any living source once per week or it gains a cumulative -2 to all ability scores until it dies or it drinks blood once more. It can be from any living creature so long as its fresh (Harvested within the past 6 hours).
    *Sunlight Weakness: A Camazotz who is exposed to direct sunlight takes 1/4th its HP in damage upon contact that is not negated by any resistances and does not heal naturally, and cannot be magically healed for 24 hours. This means the Camazotz counts for spells that would deal extra damage to creatures such as vampires.
    *Light Sensitivity: A Camazotz is instantly blinded if it suddenly goes from Dim lighting to Bright lighting, such as if in the area of a sudden Daylight spell or similar effect, or if abruptly exposed to sunlight. If it gradually adjusts to the bright light, it only takes a -2 to concentration checks. A Camazotz who is frequently exposed to bright light eventually overcomes this weakness unless kept in the dark for one week, or in Dim Lighting for a month.
    *Vampire Affinity: Camazotz count as vampires for spells and effects pertaining to vampires so long as they have an ability in question. They could not take a feat that improves a vampire's turn resistance or Mist Form, for example.
    Automatic Languages: Common, Abyssal.
    Favored Class: Barbarians, Blackguard
    Level Adjustment: +2 ?

    My Homebrew

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    Default Re: The Camazotz (Race)

    Yo, cipher.

    lets see here, bleeding (if I recall properly) generally deals one damage/round until a DC (was it 15?) heal check is made, or any cure spell is applied, adding up until one of these is done. a 10% extra/round until all is healed seems a bit much. Also for +6 and the fun abilities like healing off an attack and fee grappling as well as a +6 and +4 I'd LA this closer to 4... your call in the end though.
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