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    Default The Yeomi (Race)

    The Yeomi


    No links as the site this is hosted on (A free sharing site sort of place so it should be perfectly fine) has a lot of... "Mature" content.

    Yeomi are a race of womanly beings created by nature itself, by the earth, in reply to the many other sentient beings that walk its surface and dwell within her rocky form. Mother Nature, Gia, Whatever name she is named among the many races, created her own being to walk among the others. A Race to call her own. So was born the Yeomi. A race without males designed by Earth to be among the fairest of the creatures that dwell with her to bless mankind with beauty and a loving hand to care for them as she herself would care for them if she weren't restricted by all this cosmic law nonsense established by these uppity newbloods who call themselves gods.

    Personality: Yeomi are a quiet and elusive race. They are always thinking and staring off into space just as likely to be day dreaming as they are to be pondering something. They are always graceful in their movements, never jaunting or making too sudden a movement. Yeomi are romantic creatures with ideals of romance. They enjoy doing things that benefit either living or nonliving things. While she wont particularly care about a rock to such an extent, a whole area of stone or unique formations garner her attention.
    They feel an almost physical pain when they see people in states of great sorrow or injury. They cannot bear it, and a Yeomi who lives in such a state for too long starts to turn gray in color and lose her personality, becoming dull and lifeless. Eventually, they will blacken and die. The same can happen if a Yeomi herself suffers great sorrow that she cannot recover from.
    As such, Yeomi's avoid areas of great strife that they cannot hope to overcome and in eras of great depressions the Yeomi can die out entirely.
    Yeomi can be immensely passionate about things, things they think are important and indeed often are. They never half-ass their emotions, they act on them whenever possible and feel a hole in their being when they cannot follow through with something. They regret it when they do not act on emotion, so they often do even if it would get themselves in trouble. Begrudgingly, they will withhold it if she knows it would get others into trouble unless it is just something that must be done.

    Physical Descriptions: Yeomi are a female only race, there are only females and never males. Unlike the Elna, who can mate with any race and even each other by magical means, the Yeomi can only mate with other fey and produce half breeds that are part Yeo and part the race of the father.
    However, the chance of conception is incredibly small and near nonexistant. Such children are often referred to as Earth's Blessings, a gift from the Earth who blessed the couple with child.
    The Yeomi's true method of reproduction is an exchange of certain fluids between two Yeomi which are used to create a new Yeo using traits collected from the other. This fluid is secreted from the Seed of a Yeo, which is the storage of all the building blocks of the Yeo. This Seed bares another use... When a Yeo dies, this seed detaches from the body to set into place inside the womb, where it starts to steal remaining nutrients from the body and surrounding terrain if possible in order to regrow the dead Yeo, who after three to twelve months depending on the conditions, comes back to life looking like they did when they were twenty, or when they died if they were younger.
    There is, in addition, a rare chance that a Yeo will be born as a first generation- Born directly from the will of the earth. This can happen especially during times of great prosperity and peace or when the earth chooses to give up a champion of its own to cleanse itself of evil, bringing forth its champion just as the deities would select a chosen one or divine or push for the birth of a hero.

    Technicalities aside! The Yeo are a beautiful race who look like ideal females who aren't quite human, having vibrant colors and with a wider spectrum of hair and eye colors including blue or green hair or red or yellow eyes, for example. Whatever the color, it is never a ruddy color, it is always vibrant and of a pleasant shade. Their bodies are always shapely and full of stature by the time they are twenty. They are often placed at the same level as Nymphs when it comes to looks, but they do not have supernatural beauty to them that blinds or stuns.
    They always grow to 6'2" in height by age 30, and they never otherwise appear to age until they hit 60, when they rapidly degenerate and shrink, and wither. Their hair shortens, but they otherwise do not fade in color. They always die at age 80, on the exact time of 2,524,554,080 seconds lived. Their seed then feeds, grows, and reproduces the Yeo at the ripe age of 20.
    Though they are plant-based, They were made to mimic the human form. They do not have blood, and do not truly need most of what they replicate, but they do have plant mirrors of human fleshy counterparts. They do not have blood, yet they have a heart which circulates water like liquid about their body through thin veins rather then blood. They do not have all the organs of a human however. But they do have a plant based brain that functions the same as a living. The difference being that each "organ" works properly even when damaged, or is simply shut down while it repairs itself and the body functions without it. The cells themselves function as miniature brains as a "Back up generator" or sorts for heavy damage to the head.
    It may be hard to wrap your head around. But the Yeomi appear just like humans. They just don't make red messes whenever they get a limb taken off and pay as much heed to a stab through the heart as a human would care about a stab to the foot or hand.

    Relations: Yeomi share good relations with Nymphs and Dryads in particular. Most fey creatures get along with the Yeomi, and Earth Elementals are never naturally an enemy of a Yeo without outside intervention or manipulation.
    They are often found desirable to have around, and most good races do not complain about them. Evil races, or evil cities or kingdoms however do not like Yeomi due to their caring nature and desire to help those in need which can include finding ways to be rid of tyrants and oppressors.
    Drow have the worst of relations with the Yeomi, due to their ruthless nature as well as similarities- Both being female dominate (Though the Yeo have no choice in that regard), and both being connected to the earth in some manner.

    Alignment: Yeomi are always Neutral Good, or True Neutral. Rarely, a Yeo could potentially be corrupted into being evil.

    Land: Yeomi do not call any land their own, but they are at peace with any location so long as they can feel the earth, even overdeveloped cities. Especially overdeveloped cities where they can help out the lonely or ill taken care of.

    Religion: Yeomi do not believe in any god or goddess in particular, but believe in the earth as a child believes in her mother. A knowing and trust in a parent figure of sorts rather then a belief in faith in a deity. They would be fine believing in deities of good domains such as protection, healing, good, or of nature, and especially plants.

    Adventures: Yeomi can very very adventurous. When they set their mind on a task, their determination can see them through to the bitter end. Which for the Yeo in question, can result in several bitter ends until an enemy decides to burn her corpse or kill her with a Disintegration, or perhaps trap her for eternity with an Imprisonment.
    They often adventure for the typical reasons a good character would adventure for, to over come some evil or retrieve some item of great good, to help out a good deity, or perhaps just to generally help people instead of staying in one place helping with the little things.

    Plant [Augmented]
    +2 Str, +4 Con, +2 Wis, +6 Cha
    Size: Medium. A Yeo does not suffer penalties or benefit from bonuses due to size.
    Seed: When a Yeo is killed she has a seed within her that will start to grow over the course of three months to a year depending on the growing conditions. This seed feeds of nutrients from the Yeo's previous body to grow, eating away at its past self to reform into a new fully formed Yeo of the age of maturation, which is a visual age comparable to a human of 20.
    The Seed cannot develop if it is damaged or destroyed, such as if the cause of death was a Disintegration spell or if the body was cremated before the Seed was removed intentionally or otherwise. This seed regrows even if the cause of death was natural or due to old age. The new Yeo retains all memories and experience of the previous Yeo, there is no loss of any sort- it is the same Yeo. They simply grow bodies similarly like a human would grow hair.
    A Yeo's body does not decay on its own, remaining full until the Seed eats away at it.
    A Yeo who becomes undead has its Seed detach and grow as normal, though at a slightly slower rate. Both Yeo will be living and share a conjoined soul, unless the undead would be souless, neither can harm the other and they are pained when they get close. Yet both Yeo will feel a tug at their consciousness and have one negative level until the souls are reunited.
    Yeomi Anatomy: A Yeo's sustenance comes from the Sun. A Yeo without access to at least 30 minutes of sunlight a week starts to die. It takes 1 constitution damage the first week. Then 1d4 the next. 1d8 after that. 1d12 the next, then the dice doubles there after until it dies or gets 30 minutes of sunlight. The constitution damage reverses for every 4 hours of sunlight the Yeomi receives. A Yeo that dies of sun deprivation takes five months longer to regrow. A Yeo that dies twice in a row of sun deprivation lacks the nutrients to regrow from her Seed, which remains stagnate until it can be moved to a source of proper nutrients.
    As a 1 round action, the Yeomi can gather light to absorb it quicker to restore 1d12/level + Cha HP. She regains the HP at the start of her next turn, if she is damaged during that time she gains only half the HP she would have.
    A Yeo does not need to eat normal food, but she does need to drink water or suffer dehydration. A Yeo's lacks a true stomach, and it cannot support solid foods or obscure man-made liquids. A Yeo who eats solid foods, or drinks obscure liquids, is nauseated for 2 rounds and sickened for 2 hours with a very upset stomach and abdominal pains. Whats more, they expel the food back up the way it came relatively shortly after consuming the food. Their body knows it cannot digest it, so it expels it. Hold it in as long as they can, but its coming out eventually...
    A Yeo still needs to sleep, A Yeo's true life essence is connected to the earth. As they sleep, they do not expend what energy they get and instead gather more and build up. They dream when they sleep, their minds connect to an ancient primordial consciousness that shows them old stories and events, their dreams can sometimes show them past beings who overcame challenges the Yeo must face to help them through rough times (DM plot tool).
    As a Plant creature, a Yeo has the following traits:
    • Low-light vision.
    • Immunity to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects).
    • Immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, polymorph, and stunning.
    • Not subject to critical hits.

    Yeomi are soft creatures. They can never develop a Natural Armor bonus, even through class features. Instead, they gain a dodge bonus to AC equal to their charisma modifier, moving with supernatural grace. This stacks with normal dexterity or dodge bonuses to AC and if a class feature would give Natural Armor, it instead gives a dodge bonus.
    A Yeomi takes extra damage from slashing weapons and fire effects, which deal x1.5 damage to the Yemoi. Cold spells reduce the Yeo's speed by 5ft per 5 damage taken in a 1 hour period, after 1 hour from the last taken Cold damage the speed reduction is lifted.
    However, a Yeo in contact with water gains fast healing equal to their HD or overall level. A Yeo can only benefit from this for a number of rounds equal to her Constitution modifier before she becomes waterlogged which makes her sickened for twelve rounds or until she takes 25% her HP in fire damage.
    Healing Affinity: By spending a full round action in order to use a healing spell, the Yeomi can add half the healing she could perform on herself through her Yeomi Anatomy to her healing spell.
    Skill Bonuses: +2 Handle Animal, +2 Heal, +5 Knowledge (Nature), +5 Survival.
    Automatic Languages: Common, Sylvan, Terran
    Bonus Languages: There are few languages that haven't been spoken without the earth hearing it. The Yeomi can select any language as a bonus language within normal rules.
    Favored Class: Yeomi can choose to take the Druid Class, but do so using Charisma using spells known and per day as a sorcerer, replacing Wisdom references with Charisma. Or they can take the class normally. In either case, Druid is the favored class of a Yeo.
    Level Adjustment: 2
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