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    Default The Malbred (Race)

    The Malbred

    The Malbred are a race of evil sentient creatures that haunt the land. They are the stuff of nightmares and legends, the reason Curfews are made and the reason parents caution their children to stay in the yard and to never stay out too late.

    Personality: The Malbred are very patient creatures with burning wicked hearts. They are always hungry and have a strong desire for the flesh of the living. But not any living can satisfy one, they seek the flesh of sentient life. Humans in particular are especially savory to them.
    The Malbred are intelligent, and will patiently wait for perfect opportunities to strike. Hiding in plane sight masked in illusion and transformation to appear like normal, unassuming objects right out in the open on street corners or in alleyways. They strike when a potential victim is alone and unguarded, when they are vulnerable... They never remain in the same place for more then a week before moving on to a new location or when they make a kill.

    Physical Description: The Malbred look almost eggshaped with large bottoms up to a smaller top of their head in oval like bodies. A gaping maw takes up most of the front of their bodies and two large red eyes in which can be read the wickedness that resides in their dead hearts through the beady points of crimson light. Atop there head are a pair of ears, larger somewhat rabbit or catlike ears that are fine tuned and hear all around them.
    At there sides, they have arms almost as long as they are with long fingers excellent for wrapping around a potential victim. They remain against their sides until ready for use, blending in against their bulbous body while they stand still with their great mouth open and waiting.
    They do not have legs, but the bottom of their torso has a sluglike effect that they use to slowly crawl and inch silently closer to their target, arms at the side waiting to snatch them up in a flash of movement.
    Young Malbred are the size of a shortish full grown human, while adults are big enough to swallow eat ogres.
    Malbred weigh only five pounds, as the majority of their weight is anchored to their extra-dimensional stomach.

    Alignment: Always chaotic evil.

    Land: Malbred come from a twisted dimension of flesh and blood.

    Religion: Malbred don't care about religion, but they believe in the All Evil, the high king of all Malbred said to be large enough to swallow cities in a single bite and to have the corpses of deities of good in its extradimensional stomach large enough to house a planes worth of objects.

    Language: Malbred speak Abyssal and Infernal, many can speak Common as well.

    Adventures: Malbred generally lay in wait for prey to fall into their trap. But not all. Malbred can produce adventurers who quest to serve the All Evil and aspire to rise to similar greatness and one day feast on the flesh of gods, carving a bloody path on their greedy quest for ascension.

    Monstrous Humanoid [Extraplanar]
    +6 Str, +4 Con
    Medium to Large: A Malbred of 1-5HD is Medium sized, a Malbred of 6-10HD is Large size, and a Malbred of 11-15 HD is Huge. The rare Malbred that gets to 16 HD grows to Gargantuan size, 21 they become Colossal. Every 15 levels there after they gain a new size (Colossal+ and so on).
    Speed: Malbred have a land speed of 5ft and cannot take 5ft steps, but they can teleport in a range of 40ft.
    Alter Form: A Malbred can appear to look like a normal mundane object up to four size categories smaller then itself. True Seeing reveals the Malbred's true form, as normal, and Detect Evil can be used to detect evil emanating from the object, and detect thoughts can detect the silent, slow, anxious thoughts of the Malbred. This disguise is a physical Polymorph effect. A Malbred of 15 HD can appear as a humanoid creature of Small size up to the Malbred's own size.
    Natural Weapons (Ex): A Malbred has a bite attack that deals damage as normal for a creature of its size, but adds one extra die to its damage. It also has a claw attack as normal for its size.
    Improved Grapple (Ex): Malbred gain Improved Grapple as a racial bonus feat.
    Improved Grab (Ex): Malbred have the Improved Grab ability, whenever they hit with a successful claw or bite attack they can make a grapple attempt as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity.
    Swallow Whole/Paralysis (Ex): A Malbred can try to swallow a grabbed opponent by making a successful grapple check. Once inside the Malbred's mass, the opponent must succeed on a DC 20 Fortitude save or be paralyzed for 3d6 rounds by the Malbredís digestive juices, taking 2d6 points of acid damage per round. A new save is required each round inside the Malbred. The save DC is Constitution-based. A swallowed creature that avoids paralysis can climb out of the mass with a successful grapple check. This returns it to the Malbredís maw, where another successful grapple check is needed to get free. A swallowed creature can also cut its way out by using a light slashing or piercing weapon to deal 25 points of damage to the Malbredís interior (Use the Malbred's Flat Footed AC). Once the creature exits, the Malbredís regenerative capacity closes the hole; another swallowed opponent must cut its own way out. The number of creatures a Malbred can have within it does not have a limit, as its stomach is extradimensional in nature.
    Regeneration (Ex): Malbred's flesh is very tough, and hard, it can endure great heat and it repairs itself quickly... however, it is brittle, conductive, and necrotic, so bludgeoning weapons, electricity, positive energy, force, and acid deal normal damage to a Malbred. A Malbred that loses part of its body mass can regrow it in 1d6 minutes. Holding the severed portion against the mass enables it to reattach instantly. This regeneration stops their aging and makes them grow quickly. They look fully formed, just Medium size, only a week after they are born and never change in appearance, only size, thereafter.
    Blindsight: Since a typical Malbred does not move much, they developed excellent ears to see what their limited stationary cone of vision does not. They gain Blindsight within 30ft.
    See in Dark: Malbred gain the See in Dark ability, unaffected by darkness of any sort and still distinguish color.
    Skill Bonuses: +6 intimidate, +14 Disguise, +4 knowledge (Religion)
    Automatic Languages: Abyssal, Infernal, a Malbred with 11 or more intelligence also knows Common automatically.
    Bonus Languages: Any
    Favored Class: Cleric
    Level Adjustment: ?
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