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    Default The Jakabytes (Race)

    The Jakabytes

    Note: I've only ever seen one episode of Adventure Time.

    Personality: Jakabytes are generally laid-back and tend not to worry about things. They rely heavily on their powers (or companions) to get them out of any dangerous predicament they get themselves into, which is often. They often cracks jokes at serious times, but if a companion is feeling disheartened Jakabytes always have a lecture or a song to cheer them up. Acting as world-wise mentors, they are always willing to give input and advice about a situation, but their suggestions are usually inconsistent; they range from encouraging and helpful to ridiculous nonsense. They can be somewhat irresponsible at times, frequently leaving companions to fight most of a battle on their own, but they always pull through when they are needed most. Jakabytes may be dyslexic, as evidenced by the fact that they usually write backwards.
    Jakabytes love to eat. They like junk food, especially pies both fruity and nutty. They aren't afraid to try new foods and many Jakabytes like to invent their own foods.
    Jakabytes are known to have a very short attention span. They can literally forget about a conversation in a moment, and start doing something completely unrelated.

    Physical Description: Jakabytes are dog like. Their appearance varies, as does the dog they appear as. Jakabytes can walk on two legs or four, depends on their mood or goal. They can change their general shape as they wish, but they are always clearly identifiable. However, for utility their altered shape can function just as well.
    They usually have very thin arms and thick torsos with rounder heads. Their features are similar to the dog they are related too, such as a bulldog or an irish wolfhound.

    Jakabytes have no lands of their own and mingle with other races normally as travelers and adventurers.

    Humanoid (Shapechanger)
    No racial ability bonuses.
    Small Size

    20ft speed (Bipedal) 40ft speed (Quadrupedal)
    Stretchy Powers (Ex):
    A Jakabyte can freely alter its size up to a 6 stage difference from its Small size. This altered size can be growth or shrinkage. They can take the form of any mundane object and gain its stats, but uses its own HP and does not gain Hardness of the object. It does however alter its strength and dexterity stats, A Jakabyte who turns into a cart for example gains benefits to help him carry the weight a loaded cart could carry. Jakabytes don't gain moving parts, but can replace moving parts with limbs, such as using its legs/paws instead of wheels. A Jakabyte retains its general anatomy, and can't grow new heads or new limbs or anything like that.
    It can selectively alter its shape in order to grow an arm or legs out to larger sizes but can choose to forget about actually making it bigger, but simply stretch its arm out to grab something farther away, or stretch its legs to get someplace high.
    Racial Skill Bonuses: Jakabytes have a +4 to Disguise, +2 to Bluff, and +2 to diplomacy.
    Automatic Languages: Common
    Bonus Languages: Any
    Favored Class: Rogue
    Level Adjustment: ?
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