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    Default Choosers of the Slain (Templates)

    The Valkyrie

    The Valkyrie are the Norse Choosers of the Slain from the frozen north. They are frosty warrior women who always seem to have blonde hair and claim the fallen, giving them passage to Valhalla, Hel, or other Norse afterlives.

    Creating a Valkyrie:
    Valkyrie is an acquired template that can be fulfilled by any humanoid female that meets requirements the DM sets, usually a quest for Asgard or its equivalent in your setting to win favor and be issued into the ranks of the Valkyrie.
    Alternatively, you may be allowed to be one from the start of play.

    Level Adjustment: ?
    Challenge Rating (Pathfinder): ?

    Alignment: Always Good or True/Lawful Neutral.

    Hit Dice: Hit dice change to d10's unless theirs was already higher.
    Valkyrie's hit dice are always maximized.

    Senses: Valkyrie retain all senses they had before, and gain the following:

    Deathsight (Ex): Valkyrie always know how long a target has left to live, but can never say it out loud or communicate it in any way except to other Valkyrie. If anyone else is listening in, they find that they are unable to speak. The death is their natural death in the universal contingencies and can be potentially avoided with outside aid. In such cases, a new death date shows itself.
    Deathsight always tells the Valkyrie how close a target is to death, and what ever conditions plague it.

    Speed: Valkyrie increase all speeds they possess by 20ft and gain a 140ft fly speed due to developing large white wings.

    Armor Class: Valkyrie gain a deflection bonus to AC equal to their charisma and any armor they wear has its armor bonus increased by the same (Cha mod).

    Special Defenses:

    Death Immunity (Ex):
    Valkyrie are immune to any effect that would kill them instantly from full HP to 0 in one blow, or that outright kills them such as Slay Living does.
    Valkyrie do not age any further and age backwards until they look to be 20 years of age by human terms. A Valkyrie is never considered dying and remains conscious and unhindered until they are slain at -10HP.

    Cold Immunity (Ex):
    Valkyrie are immune to Cold damage and environmental effects.

    Enduring Stamina (Ex):
    Valkyrie take four times as long to suffer from suffocation, dehydration, starvation, and can run indefinitely with no ill effects.

    Special Attacks: Valkyrie retain special attacks they had in the past and gain the following:

    Slay (Sp):
    The Valkyrie can mark a person to die. A great chill fills their heart and their blood freezes over, nerves are slowed to the point of nonexistence and and all body function ceases. They die. No save. Spell Resistance DOES apply to this. Doesn't effect the undead or constructs.

    Smite Enemy (Su):
    The Valkyrie can empower her strikes with vengeance and fury. She needs to declare she's using this attack before the attack roll is made. It can only be used once in a round.
    The attack is made with a bonus to hit and damage equal to the Valkyrie's hit dice and any deflection, sacred, profane, and luck bonuses are negated point for point by her Charisma modifier.
    A creature hit with this that takes 50 or more damage must make a fortitude save else the attack's damage is amplified greatly, a sword creates a great slashing burst that shreds through the rest of the creature, an arrow or lance causes a great explosive hole to be created, a hammer seems to detonate a great shockwave throughout their body. If they fail the fortitude save which is equal to the attack roll made, they are destroyed.

    Special Qualities:

    Afterlife Passage:
    A Valkyrie can easily get too and from all the Norse realms as if they had the Plane Shift spell at-will the Norse realms are never barred from them. They can travel themselves, with others, or can transport a creature or spirit at a touch. No save if they are a ghost or otherwise a spirit destined for an afterlife. If they are still living, they cannot be transported against their will.
    Through this ability, Valkyrie can always see the spirits of the dead.

    Abilities: Valkyrie get the following ability bonuses: +2 Str, +4 Dex, +8 Con, +2 Cha

    Skills: +4 Knowledge (Planes and Religion), +5 Perception (Spot and Listen).

    Organization: Solitary or Troop (12 Valkyrie) unless you barge in where they call home where there could be many more.

    Treasure: None but what they wear, which is usually enchanted medium armor, a shield, and a spear, sword, or hammer.

    The Morrigan

    The Morrigan are the Celtic Choosers of the Slain known for their black hair and red eyes. They are darker demi-goddesses who always know where battle is taking place. They can tweak the fates of those on the battle field, and when all is done the Morrigan eat the bodies of the fallen, usually in the form of a deep black crow.
    They take the dead to Celtic realms of the dead, such as Tir na nOg or Mag Mell,

    Creating a Morrigan:
    Morrigan is an acquired template that can be fulfilled by any humanoid female that meets requirements set by the DM, usually some quest that results in the character gaining great favor with existing Morrigan to gain a seat among them.
    Alternatively, you may be allowed to be one from the start of play.

    Level Adjustment: ?
    Challenge Rating (Pathfinder): ?

    Alignment: Any so long as they remain Lawful and Loyal to the other Morrigan.

    Hit Dice: Hit Dice all change to maximized d12s.

    Senses: Morrigan retain past senses and gain the following:

    Battlesense (Ex):
    Morrigan always know where a battle involving 100 or more people is occurring anywhere on the same plane, and on their home plane.
    They always know when someone falls in these battles, and the estimate skill of all participants.

    Deathsense (Ex):
    Morrigan always knows if someone's potential death is close at hand and an estimate at how long until it occurs. They can warn them as they wish that the danger is on the horizon.

    Speed: Morrigan increase all possessed speeds by 50ft, and they can sprout black ravenlike wings and fly at a speed of 100ft unless they'd have more already. If they already have a fly speed, it is replaced by this one and its fly speed is halved then added to this one. This fly speed is always perfect.

    Armor Class: Morrigan have a deflection bonus to AC equal to their charisma modifier, and can selectively gain a +10 insight bonus to AC against one attack per round that stacks with other insight bonuses.

    Special Defenses:

    Scorn Death (Ex):
    Morrigan ignore all effects that would kill them from 1/2 HP to 0HP in one blow.
    Morrigan are immune to effects requiring a fortitude save, Massive damage, ability damage and drain. They are not killed until -10 HP and can always remain conscious until then.
    Morrigan are ageless and do not age, receiving no penalty from their long lives. They are immune to poisons and disease of all sorts except those she deems beneficial.

    Energy Resistances (Ex):
    Morrigan are resistant to all energy attacks at a value of 5.

    Dominance (Ex):
    Morrigan are immune to mind-effecting, fear, compulsion, and any effect that would make them serve another being.

    Damage Reduction (Su):
    Morrigan have damage reduction equal to their Hit Dice/-.
    This damage reduction is due to a Morrigan's control over battle, lessening the damage intake. Since it effects themselves and not others, it isn't effected by immunity to magic or anything like that and only goes away when in an antimagic field, but cannot be dispelled by anyone but herself.

    Fast Healing (Ex):
    Morrigan are semi immortal beings. Their flesh knits and muscles mend rapidly. They have fast healing equal to their hit dice + con mod.
    They can regenerate severed limbs and mutilated organs like nothing and can survive without a head.
    They are immune to critical hits and sneak attacks, and severed limbs or similar damage regenerates normally- fully recovered when the fast healing causes the damage from the attack that severed it to be healed.

    Special Attacks:

    Marked for Death (Ex/Su):
    Using this ability is a supernatural action while its effect is considered Extraordinary. Thus it effects someone or something who is immune to magic, but at the same time a Morrigan cannot use it within an Antimagic field.
    The Morrigan can mark a target for death. It can effect anyone she can see.
    They have a -10 luck penalty to saves and AC. They take a bleeding effect whenever they take damage and are considered vulnerable (x1.5) to all forms of weapon damage. There is no save against this effect, but it cannot effect a creature that has a supernatural at-will ability that can outright kill a creature.

    Slay (Sp):
    The Morrigan can instantly slay a creature with less then 6HD or with 20% or less HP, or with 5 or less constitution. A creature marked for death can be up to 10 HD, 50% HP, or 10 or less constitution.

    Marked for Vengeance (Ex/Su)
    Using this ability is a supernatural action while its effect is considered Extraordinary. Thus it effects someone or something who is immune to magic, but at the same time a Morrigan cannot use it within an Antimagic field.
    The Morrigan can mark a creature as having earned her vengeance. It can effect anyone she can see.
    The select creature takes a -5 to any action taken by or against the Morrigan. The Morrigan always knows where the marked target is, and can teleport to it as a free action at-will even if it or she is in an area of a Dimensional Anchor or similar effect.

    Vengeful Strike (Su):
    The Morrigan can strike a target with a bonus to attack and damage equal to her charisma modifier. If the target takes 75 or more damage from this attack, it also takes 1d12 constitution damage.
    Against a creature marked for vengeance, this changes to 50 or mroe damage and 2d12 con damage, 1d12 of that damage being Drain rather then damage, and the attack gains a bonus to hit and damage equal to her charisma score.

    Special Qualities:

    Afterlife Passage (Ex):
    The Morrigan can grant passage to a slain creatures soul to the afterlife by touching its deceased body or the spirit itself which the Morrigan can see as plainly as a living creature.

    Planeswalker (Ex):
    The Morrigan have the ability to travel to any plane even to and from those without magic. This functions like Plane Shift and is at-will.

    The Morrigan can cast spells as both a cleric and a sorcerer of half its HD. Its cleric spells are all spontaneous using the Sorcerer's spells known.

    Abilities: The Morrigan gain the following ability score adjustments:
    -2 Str, +2 Dex, +6 Con, +2 Int, +4 Wis, +10 Cha

    Skills: Morrigan have a bonus to skills as follows:
    +4 Heal, +6 Intimidate, +10 Knowledge (Planes and Religion), +4 Sense motive.

    Organization: Solitary, or Group (6 Morrigan) unless you barge in where they call home where there could be many more.

    The Reapers

    Reapers are dark cloaked skeletal figures who are scene wielding a large scythe. They are the most common of the Choosers. They take people to the christian Hell, or leave them at the gates to heaven.

    Creating a Reaper:
    Reaper is an acquired template that can be fulfilled by any sentient humanoid. To become a Reaper, the character must be visited by one. When they do, you can make a deal and instead of being taken to Heaven or Hell you can choose to join their ranks. They don't give this option (Or any options for that matter, they judge you and send you to heaven or hell. Its not a thing you can choose, you see.), and you must know to ask for it.
    However, there are many different forces of death. Its not like anyone who dies is met with a Reaper. So hope your on their radar, you can perhaps go on a little adventure to gain their awareness.
    Alternatively, you may be allowed to be one from the start of play.

    Level Adjustment: ?
    Challenge Rating (Pathfinder): ?

    Alignment: Always True Neutral

    Hit Dice: Change all hit dice to maximized d12's using the Reaper's charisma modifier.


    Speed: Reaper's can be anywhere they wish at any time. They can exist in multiple locations at once for a number of duplicates equal to its hit dice. All duplicates use the same HP pool, same spell pool, all of that. They simply act and exist in different places at once and though their actions are independent of another, they still share the same body.

    Armor Class: Reaper's have a deflection bonus to AC equal to their charisma modifier, and a natural armor bonus equal to their HD.

    All Reaper's have a Scythe. The Scythe is a legendary weapon that cannot be damaged. It deals 4d8 damage and is two handed. On a critical hit, it deals x6 damage. Any creature that takes 50 or more damage in one attack from the weapon are instantly slain and their bodies are converted into soulstuff absorbed into the Reaper while their spirit is harvested and sent to either Hell or Heaven. A killing blow with the Scythe is always painless unless they go to Hell, in which case it hurts *waits for it* a hell of a lot.
    The Scythe deals an extra die in damage for every size bigger then Medium it is.

    Special Defenses:

    Immortal Servant of Death (Ex):
    Reaper's cannot be destroyed. When they would be destroyed they are merely rendered helpless and only mildly aware of what goes on around them. This state lasts until another Reaper retrieves it and they go on their merry way back to their headquarters situated in Hell where it is healed, and restricted from ever entering within 30ft of the being that nearly destroyed it. This is considered an Extraordinary effect and the Reaper physically cannot get within 30ft nor can any of its attacks. The best it can do is hire someone else or perhaps another Reaper wishes retribution for its comrade, usually that only happens of the Reaper didn't have it coming for a stupid action of some sort or started the fight itself.

    Fast Healing (Ex):
    Reaper's gain fast healing equal to their hit dice.

    Immunity to Fire and Ice (Ex):
    Reaper's are immune to fire and cold damage.

    Corrosion and Lightning resistance (Ex):
    Reaper's are resistant to Acid and Electric damage by a value equal to their Hit Dice.

    Special Attacks:

    Aura of Terror (Su):
    Those within an aura of 30ft must make a Will save DC = 10 + 1/2 HD + Cha mod. The Reaper can selectively decide to note effect certain creatures or to turn the aura off entirely.

    Touch of Death (Ex):
    If a Reaper manages to touch a creature, it is instantly slain unless it has equal or more hit dice then the Reaper or is immune to these kind of effects.
    Touch of Death effects Undead normally, but Constructs are out of its domain. Though any construct can still be damaged by a good hit with a scythe.

    Undeath to Death (Su):
    A Reaper can remove the Undead type from any creature it touches. No save against the mindless. Intelligent undead get a will save as shown in Aura of Terror.

    Touch of Life (Ex):
    A Reaper can decide that it isn't time, or that a dead creature is still needed alive. With a touch, it can resurrect any creature with any remains to touch to instantly bring them back to life fully healed and cured of all conditions without level loss.
    If there are no remains or it has been dead for over ten years, or if the spirit does not want to return, the Reaper can go retrieve the stubborn arse itself and drag it out of heaven or hell, If the creature's soul is somewhere else it must ask politely for them to hand it over, or go in Scythe-a the ready and drag it out whether its allowed by their afterlife or not. This is generally a very bad idea as it pisses a lot of people off when you invade their territory, but if it must be done it must be done. In these cases the Reaper will generally have to fight its way through unless they submit and let the Reaper do its job.

    Special Qualities:

    Death's Herald (Ex):
    Reapers can always effect any creature no matter what state it is in. It ignores things such as blink, etherealness, or incorporeality.

    Planeswalker (Ex):
    Reapers can enter any plane as a move action including shifting to the ethereal to become ethereal as it pleases. While Ethereal, it can still effect those on the material normally as it would from the material to the ethereal.

    Reapers cast spells as a cleric of their HD. They never need material components and their Scythe serves as a focus for any spell needing one. All their spells are Silent and do not require complex somatic components more then maybe a flourish of the scythe.


    Servant of Death (Ex):
    Reapers are supernaturally bound to the will of their superiors. They physically cannot go against orders they are given from a Reaper of a higher station, or from Death itself. Reapers are also honor-bound to help Valkyrie and Morrigan when they ask for aid.

    Sonic Vulnerability (Ex):
    Reapers are vulnerable to Sonic damage.

    Abilities: Reapers have the following ability score adjustments:
    +4 Str, As an undead Reaper's have no constitution score, +2 Dex, +4 Int, +4 Wis, and +6 Cha.

    Skills: +10 to all knowledge skills.

    Organization: Solitary or rarely Duo. Reapers are connected to an orgonization full of millions of reapers per plane that are always busy doing their job. Sometimes, there are lonestar Reapers who are given more freedom to do as they wish though they are still bound to the rules other Reapers are bound to.

    Treasure: Reapers give no treasure when defeated, but when a Reaper is defeated the one who defeated it is said to be immortal for the next seven days.
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