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    Default The Immortal Soul (Template) and Royal Blooded (Pre-Archvampire template)

    Immortal Souls are the last of my planned Acquired Templates before I move on to try to create Simple templates, then a few Inherent templates. Royal Blooded is for a progression into Archvampire, or an Archvampire replacement that isn't as powerful.

    The Immortal Soul

    Image is widely overused on the internet, cannot find any owner.

    Immortal Souls are beings who are dead but unbound by cosmic law and scorned from all Afterlife. They are to remain among life but forever barred the possibility of a peaceful afterlife and are tormented by waking dreams in which they are damned and burn for eternity.
    Theirs is a "living" hell in which they are free but entirely not.

    Creating an Immortal Soul
    Immortal Soul is an acquired template that can be added to any once-living creature now dead.
    To become an Immortal Soul, one must have exceedingly poor relations with all known Afterlives and have escaped from a Punishment afterlife (such as Hell, Hel, Hades, and so on) more then once, and are now denied entry and are deemed undesirable for containment, having broken out and they really just don't like you. For the Helscapes not liking you would normally be motive to keep you all the more. But upon your last escape, something broke inside you. It was your connection to the Mortal Coil snapping and painfully, you find yourself unable to enter an Afterlife or a deity's personal realm.

    Level Adjustment: +5
    Challenge Rating (Pathfinder): +3?

    Alignment: Same as it was in life

    Hit Dice: Hit dice all change to d12s. Though they are not undead, Souls replace con with Charisma for determining HP.

    Senses: Retains all senses it had in life.

    Immortal Souls have the See in Darkness ability, making them completely unaffected by natural or magical darkness.

    Immortal Souls have Blind Sight within 60ft, mental/Sixth Sense.

    Speed: Retains all speeds it has in life.

    Armor Class: Can never have an armor, natural armor, or shield bonus. Gains deflection bonus equal to charisma modifier.

    Special Defenses:

    Ethereal (Ex):
    Immortal Souls are ethereal.

    Not There (Ex):
    When one would be reduced to 0 HP, it can instantly teleport somewhere else within 30ft as an immediate action moments prior to taking the damage. This cannot be used again for 2 rounds after its last use.

    Immunities (ex):
    Immortal souls are immune to death effects that would slay them outright or deal damage enough to reduce them to 0 hp from full. They are immune to critical hits, sneak attacks, effects requiring a fortitude save, ability damage and ability drain. Immortal Souls cannot be petrified, paralyzed, or shape-changed against their will.

    Nonexistant ability scores (Ex):
    Immortal Souls are ethereal, and though they are not undead, they have no strength or constitution scores. They are immune to anything an undead creature is immune to and have all the appropriate traits of an ethereal creature.

    Special Attacks:

    Telekinetics (Su):
    Immortal Souls can perform Telekinetic Thrust, Telekinetic Maneuver, and Telekinetic Force at-will. The Immortal Soul can manipulate objects with its mind, to open doors and perform any action a material being could perform from the ethereal plane as a force effect.

    Influence Desire (Ex):
    An immortal soul can nudge the desires of the living by implanting light thoughts inception-like. No save, but they don't have to act on them. (Roleplay/fluff thing).

    Possession (Su):
    An Immortal Soul can invade the body of a living creature. Creatures with 3 or less intelligence get no save. Creatures with 1/4th the Immortal Soul's HD get no save. Creatures with 3/4ths or less the Immortal Soul's HP or with 10 or less intelligence get a save DC 10 + 1/2 the Soul's HD + the soul's intelligence modifier. Creatures of more then 3/4ths or more, or 11 or more intelligence are immune to this effect. Ability drain can reduce intelligence for this effect. Ability damage can temporarily make a creature vulnerable to this, but they can make a will save to kick the Soul out once it regains its intelligence.
    When possessing, the Immortal Soul cannot be seen with True Seeing and gains all extraordinary abilities of the possessed creature. The immortal Soul can know all the memories of the possessed creature so long as it remains possessing, but forgets them afterwards except for memories it made itself while possessing.
    Once possessing, the Immortal Soul can remain inside within antimagic fields, but cannot possess when inside one. To forcibly remove the Soul, a Remove Curse spell must be used and the Soul must succeed a will save DC the caster level of the spell's caster + its primary casting stat's modifier.

    Special Qualities:

    Superposition (Su):
    The Immortal Soul can exist in more locations at once. They can create a copy of themselves that is in all intents and purposes the Immortal Soul. Any damage taken to either copy effects both. Any information gained by one, effects both. Any effect effecting either effects both. However, both move and can act independently.
    At ten HD, the Immortal Soul can create a second copy. At 20th, a third copy.

    Teleportation (Su):
    An Immortal Soul can teleport as a one round action (Starting at the start of one round and completing on the start of the next) so long as it has been there within a months time) No error, and once per day.
    Alternatively they can teleport at half their highest speed as a move action a number of times per day equal to their charisma modifier.


    Immortal Souls that enter consecrated or unconsecrated, Hallowed or unhallowed ground are considered incorporeal instead of ethereal. It cannot enter religious establishments of any deity good or evil. And it cannot enter within 5ft of a holy Symbol.
    Holy symbols or grounds that are dedicated to a religion who's deity is friendly towards the immortal soul or neutral to their kind don't effect it.
    An Immortal Soul cannot cross or manifest effects across a line of salt, and if the salt is in a circle, square, or any completed shape it cant get in at all and the area within is completely obscured from the soul's vision.
    Thrown salt damages an immortal soul as if they just took 1d4 damage and they vanish, and must spend a move action to reappear in order to perform any effect.

    Abilities: Immortal souls get the following ability score adjustments:
    Strength is nonexistant, constitution is nonexistant. +4 Dex, +4 Int, +4 Wis, and +4 Cha.

    Organization: Solitary

    Royal Blooded

    Sometimes, the ritual to become an Archvampire is interrupted, or the Symbol was corrupted, in these cases there is a very small window of time before the connections between the Archvampire inside and the base creature are spent for all time. Before this happens, the Awakener can quickly perform a binding in the ancient language to seal the would-be Archvampire as-is. This freezes the pathways and prevents the connection between the creature and its Archvampire powers, preventing the Archvampire powers from being disconnected for all eternity, but barring access to their full potential until they increase in power enough to break the frozen seal themselves to reach out and grab that power upon their own volition.

    In other words, DM Fiat allowing you to become the less powerful Royal Blooded, then access the Archvampire when you grow to a higher level more suitable for it. Or if you just hate my Archvampire but want something less pact with Muchness. Or, perhaps your just in a lower-level game and not intending to go to those higher levels.

    Needs to already be a basic vampire or vampire lord/dread vampire. Bonuses from here stack over unless it is repeated here, in which case the entry here overrides the previous. Ability increases stack.
    Aswang Royals don't get abilities or changes marked with a {*1-9}, and instead gain abilities marked with a {+1-9} listed at the bottom of the page.

    Level Adjustment: +4
    Challenge Rating (Pathfinder): +2

    Alignment: Same as it was in life, if it was forced to be evil via template, it is now free to change its alignment as it is no longer compelled by instinct or supernatural influence to be evil. Though by all means it can remain evil if that is its wish.

    Hit Dice: Hit dice all change to d12s, uses Charisma in place of Constitution. Adds +1 HP per die.

    Senses: Retains all senses of the base vampire or creature, its Scent ability gains double the range and it can determin the type of vampire someone is, if at all, thus she could tell whether a vampire was a basic vampire, vampire spawn, vampire lord, dread vampire, Archvampire, and so on. It can use this to distinguish people apart, foiling any disguises if they have been smelled before. It can distinguish sex, race, and age of a character. If it does not have Scent, it gains it as described above. If the base creature doesn't have Scent, it still gains this ability.

    Their darkvision's range doubles. If it does not have darkvision, it gains it at 120ft.

    Their blindsight's range is doubled. If you do not have Blindsight, you gain blindsight out to 60ft that is based on sound, like a bat's but requires no sound to be made by the vampire like a bat does.

    Speed: Retains all Speed forms of the base vampire or creature. All speeds increase by 20ft. If it has a fly speed, its maneuverability becomes perfect. If it does not have a fly speed, it gains one at perfect maneuverability and at a speed equal to its new land speed.
    Royal Blooded can move 10ft instead of 5ft when taking a 5ft step.

    Armor Class: Royal Blooded gain a deflection, bonus to AC equal to the Royal's charisma modifier. They gain or increase their existing Natural Armor bonus by 8 These bonuses are doubled against other vampires.

    Special Defenses:

    Blood Healing (Ex):
    Royal Blooded have fast healing equal to their HD if it is greater than the base creature's existing fast healing. This fast healing is turns to Regeneration when Feeding, aka; using your Grappling Pin version of Blood Drain attack, but not the instantaneous blood drain derived simply from biting someone.
    The Royal Blooded cannot benefit from fast healing when it is staked in any part of its body with a golden stake, and while this is regeneration; silver weapons deal normal damage.
    {*1}A Royal Blooded Vampire who has been "permanently destroyed" can be brought back to life by bleeding into its mouth, or neck-hole, if it is done within six hundred and sixty six seconds from its death (aka just barely over eleven minutes, or 111 rounds of combat). After 666 seconds, the Royal Blooded is permanently destroyed.

    To permanently destroy the Royal Blooded, you must cut off its head with a silver weapon, and place a silver spike in its neck-hole.
    The head is then burned or completely submerged in holy water (if evil vampire) or unholy water (if good vampire)and the jobs done.{/*1}

    Damage Reduction (Ex):
    Royal Blooded vampires have damage reduction equal to 10 + their HD/ silver weapons.

    Immunity to Cold Fire (Ex):
    Royal Blooded vampires are immune to cold and electric damage.

    Energy Resistance (Ex):
    Royal Blooded vampires are resistant to Acid, and Sonic damage by 5 + its charisma modifier.

    Turn Immunity (Ex):
    Royal Blooded aren't subject to turning or rebuking. They are not considered vampires against effects that have extra effects to them, such as searing light, because they are not weak against many conventional vampire weaknesses.

    Attacks: Royal Blooded's natural attacks are always considered ghost-touching with an effective enhancement bonus equal to 1/4th their HD. Royal-Blooded ignore the damage resistance of other vampires, including other Royal-Blooded.

    Special Attacks:

    Blood Drain (Ex):
    Royal Blooded vampires can deal 1d4 constitution damage whenever it makes a bite attack, it regains its Fast Healing bonus whenever it deals this con damage. Effectively, it benefits from fast healing a second time whenever it makes a Bite attack.
    When pinning a target, the Royal Blooded can drain its blood dealing 1d8 con damage. While draining blood in this manner, its fast healing changes into regeneration until it is no longer draining blood through a pin.
    Any creature killed with Blood Drain, either the Pin or Bite versions, rises as a Vampire in 1d3 rounds. If the creature dies of other reasons when it has been bitten by a vampire within 1d6 days, it rises as a vampire in 1d3 rounds. If the vampire-to-be is staked with a silver dagger or sword, or even an arrow, the transformation is barred and it dies normally unless it is removed before the actual death.

    Special Qualities:

    {*2}Coffinless (Ex):
    Royal Blooded vampires can designate any one specific location, such as "My room at the inn I rented for 24 hours" or "The grove of trees near the waterfall I saw last night". It can do this once per day, and it must currently be in the location to mark it. Whenever the vampire would be destroyed and assumes its gaseous form to return to its coffin, it can instead choose to go to the location it marked. The actual coffin still counts as well, if you still have it.{/*2}

    {*3}Gaseous Form (Ex):
    Royal Blooded vampires reduced to 0 HP by something that is not a silver weapon that cut off its head, assumes a Gaseous form. A misty red form that moves at its fly speed and is considered incorporeal, as per the gaseous form spell. If it can make it back to its Coffin or designated location within two hours, it will revert to its normal form and falls unconscious for an hour, after which time it converts to 1hp and then fast heals as normal. If it is reduced to 0 HP again in this hour, it is permanently destroyed and does not need to be beheaded with a silver weapon. However, if a silver coin or needled, or spike is stuck into its body, it prevents regeneration in the case someone finds it and tries to bring it back during the eleven minute window unless they can find the silver item and remove it, then proceed. {/*3}

    Royal's Grace (Su): A Royal is completely uneffected by gravity in regards to any surface. It never requires a climb check and can walk on ceilings, slopes, walls, and even over slick surfaces such as ice or a grease effect without any penalties. It can walk on any surface no matter how thin or thick, such as a narrow rope or even the head of a caltrop. A Royal blooded vampire always succeeds on balance checks, and can walk on water.


    Silver Weakness:
    Royal Blooded vampires can never apply any damage reduction against Silver weapons. Royal Blooded vampires have their natural armor and deflection bonuses halved against silver weapons.
    Royal Blooded vampires cannot fast heal if they have a silver coated stake inside them.

    {*4}Sunlight Vulnerability:
    Royal Blooded vampires do not have fast healing or a deflection bonus to AC when exposed to sunlight. They don't take extra damage to effects targeting normal vampires due to sunlight weakness, as the sun does not damage a Royal Blooded.{/*4}

    Let Me In (Ex):
    Royal Blooded vampires succumb to cosmic law as they increase to higher levels of power both demonic and necrotic nature.
    Royal Blooded vampires must be invited into any private building owned by a family or individual that is not generally open to the public. An Inn would be free game, but someones home cannot be entered without invitation.
    Two words. Thats all that hold you back. Come In (or any variation).
    The Royal Vampire who is pushed into a home without invitation is severely burned, lacerations form upon her body and she starts to lose 1/10th her HP per round until she leaves the building. She physically cannot willingly enter. If the owner of the building or someone part of the owner's group or family is the one to push or drag you in, you suffer no effects as though its an invitation.

    Abilities: Royal Blooded increase their ability scores as follows:
    +8 Str, +8 Dex, as an undead the Royal Blooded has no con score, +8 Charisma.

    Organization: Solitary, Pair (rare).

    Treasure: Triple Standard.

    {+1}An Aswang Royal instead comes back to life when their crystal heart is submerged in blood, if it is done within six hundred and sixty six seconds from its death (aka just barely over eleven minutes, or 111 rounds of combat).
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