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    Default Re: More Funny D&D Stories

    Story time!

    The Contract Devil pt 2, or, what happens when you piss off a Sorcerer

    I know it's been a while, but I put off the game while I got some new players. I'm up to 9

    Our cast is thus:
    Elven Ranger (who looks like Yang Xiao Long)
    Dragonkin Knight/Crusader
    Human Rogue (with a mental disability and a curse because backstory)
    Tiefling Rogue
    Human Sorcerer (the main character of this part)
    Tabaxi Cleric (couldn't make the first session with the new players)
    Human Cleric of Elhonna
    Tiefling Paladin of Bahamut
    Fey'ri Warlock

    So, I got the new players in the campaign, and they loved their first session. They get into the room with the Contract Devil, and the Contract Devil immediately turns hostile upon seeing the "blood traitor" of the Paladin. He tempts the Paladin to join him and fight in the Blood War. The Paladin makes his Will save, however, the Rogue did not, and attacked him. Her rapier skated off of his platemail, but he filled his wisdom check and had no clue why she attacked him. Everyone rolls initiative, and the Contract Devil lashes out with his contracts (using them as a razor sharp whip) and drops the Paladin in one go (did half his HP, and he failed his Massive Damage save). This, evidently, didn't sit well with the Sorcerer. Everyone attacks and plinks some HP off of him, with a couple misses here and there. Then it's the Sorc's turn. He uses his skill speaking High Draconic, crits on his "Quickened, Empowered, Lesser Orb of Lightning" attack, and one shots the damned Devil.

    The moral of the story is: Do not piss off a Sorcerer who can bend the Arcane to his whim with a mere thought. The Paladin didn't die due to DM ruling. I'm not gonna kill a player session one, combat one, round one. So, I think the Sorc is gonna be the Paladin's protector lmfao
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    Default Re: More Funny D&D Stories

    This story is from Dungeon of the Mad Mage, with the players having just delved into the first level (don't worry, no major spoilers ahead):

    The party consisted of a fighter, monk and a bard. As the party hacked and slashed their way through monsters, the fighter and monk were very effective at slaughtering everything. The bard... not so much. Every time he cast a spell, from vicious mockery to Tasha's hideous laughter to hold person, the enemy would make their save. However, he finally got a chance to shine once they came across a group of goblins.
    "Great", I thought. "The bard knows Goblin, he'll be able to use persuasion and roleplay this".
    Instead, the bard cast major image to create a huge dragon and used intimidate, and forced the goblins into his service. I was surprised at the turn of events, but didn't expect it to be too much of a big deal. However, the bard kept the major up, and went to find some more goblins. The party then went on a room-by-room search, recasting the illusory dragon when the first ran out and enslaving everything they came into contact with. Eventually, they found the stairs leading deep into the dungeon, and I thought the madness would be on hold, but the the party ignored the stairs and KEPT GOING, not stopping until everything on the entire dungeon level was either dead or beholden to them. Only was they were in complete control of every living being in the level did they venture onwards.

    And so that's how, in one session, the bard managed to raise an entire army. And that's only after the first level. I have no idea what kind of legion he'll have amassed once we're further into the campaign.
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    Default Re: More Funny D&D Stories

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    Spoiler: Medals & Current Characters

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    More sources, more choices, more power. Welcome to D&D.
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    Default Re: More Funny D&D Stories

    Quote Originally Posted by jdizzlean View Post
    The Mod Life Crisis: This thread has reached 50 pages, kindly create a new one and link to it here :)
    I have kindly done these things because well i'm a monster and finally have been given the chance too name it mwhahahahahah
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