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    Default New Status Condition: Overcharged [3.5]

    The character is charged with enough energy to become hyperactive in a negative way. He takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls, Will saving throws, and any skill checks that require fine motor skills or mental activity. He is treated as flat-footed against all attacks. Finally, the character cannot rest or sleep until 8 hours have passed while being overcharged unless cured of the condition (this effectively provides immunity to sleep effects). After 8 hours, the character is automatically cured of overcharged and becomes fatigued.

    Causes of Overcharged
    Overcharged is usually caused by some sort of mind-affecting spell or effect or a massive buildup of energy in some other manner, such as an electrical burst centered on the character. DMs should take care when applying the overcharged effect to existing spells, however. Instead, making spells based on the overcharged effect, editing existing spells to include the effect while raising their level or lowering their other utilities, or creating special abilities and situations that cause the condition are encouraged. Allowing players to research homebrewed spells and abilities that cause the effect is also fine, assuming some level of balance is being maintained.
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