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    Default Once upon a time there was an Orc...

    Dear Forum,

    So me and my brother started a game of d&d, where he is an Orc fighter, and I have a Goblin sorceror follow him around. Now it was totaly improv and I made it up as i went. they are both lvl4, and the story goes something like this. He is part of a tribe of red eyed orcs, but for some reason his eyes are yellow, so the orc elders think that he is not a true orc, so they have banished him from their tribe untill he can prove he is an orc.

    so he and his goblin servent set off to find something horrible to fight to prove that he is a true orc, first he come across a dire ape which they slay comfotably, they they see a brown which he cuts in half with one blow. He wonders through a human/elf town scarring most the people, and stopping the guards from killing him by giving them ale (nat 20 for persauvtion) which he hears about a horrible creature killing people in the mountains from drunkereds in a local inn.

    So after making his goblin servant get more infomation for him, they set off to find this creature, the see hints and sounds of it. But spend about a week trying to find it. After finally setting camp one the days in a cave, the goblin falls sleep quickly wearing from "tracking" only then does the creature attack, a Megarapter. Quickly the orc (ignoreing the fact that his buddy is asleep) lunches for the monster, hacking and slashing back and forth, each dealing damage to the other. All the while the little guys sleeps through the battle. Finally with the very little strength he has left the Orc stabs his sword through the rapter killing the foul monster.

    After waking the goblin up, and eating parts of the creature. They head back deciding it was true orc worthy enough, to see the elders. As they get near thier tribe they see fires and smoke, thinking they were throwing a party.

    It wasn't a party, the whole tribe was descimated, every orc (and goblin) was killed, mutilated and well... horrible nasty things were done to them...

    So yeah that the farthest we got, now I need to plan the next part! Any ideas?

    p.s. the orc has a cursed sword that restores 1hp everytime he draws blood form an enemy, but if it leaves his possision his strength ability is cut in half.

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    Default Re: Once upon a time there was an Orc...

    Quote Originally Posted by meldebious View Post
    So yeah that the farthest we got, now I need to plan the next part! Any ideas?
    It was a band of adventurers that did in the orc tribe.

    The orc then hires a necromancer to raise the megaraptor's skeleton, mounts it, and starts to ride after the adventurers, vowing to avenge the tribe.

    Your welcome.
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    Default Re: Once upon a time there was an Orc...

    There exists a city on the other side of the mountains. A city of civilized orcs, most of whom have yellow eyes. They were aware of the yellow-eyed child of the red-eyed orcs, and believed that his existence there showed that the barbarians across the mountains were capable of becoming more than they were. However, recently, they scryed the tribe again, and found the yellow-eyed orc gone. Assuming the red-eyed barbarians had rejected civilization forever by killing the yellow-eyed one, the yellow-eyed orcs sent an army to annihilate them.

    How you introduce this revelation, and what your yellow-eyed orc player does with it, can determine what this means for your game. Does he declare war on this genocidal orc nation? Does he try to become part of it, to fit in? Does he try to rebuild his shattered tribe? He might do many things.

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    Default Re: Once upon a time there was an Orc...

    Quote Originally Posted by NecroRebel View Post
    (insert excellent example of storytelling here)
    This. This a thousand times.

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