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Thread: Homebrew Feats

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    Default Homebrew Feats

    Hey All, this is just a thread for my sig containing any feats or abilities that I come up with. Feel free to comment if you like though

    Mettle / Improved Mettle: Acts like Evasion / Improved evasion as it always has, but only effects Fortitude saves now. Any class that has Mettle / Improved Mettle can choose to either keep mettle or gain Resolve / Improved Resolve in its place.
    Resolve / Improved Resolve: The other half of Mettle / Improved Mettle, this ability functions identically to Evasion / Improved Evasion but only works for Will saves.

    For Warlock & similar classes:
    Improved Blast:
    Prerequisites: Eldritch Blast 1d6, Charisma 13+
    Benefit: You add your Charisma bonus to your Blast damage.

    Selective Blast:
    Prerequisites: Improved Blast, Precise Shot
    Benefit: When using a blast shape that has an area of effect, you can opt to make any number of 'safe' squares up to half the number of your blast damage dice.

    Overcharge Blast: (Metamagic)
    Prerequisites: Eldritch Blast 2d6, Constitution 13+, Access to Lesser Rank Invocations
    Benefit: You can call upon a more powerful blast than usual, increasing the damage dealt by 2d6. This has a cost of a 2 round cool down and cannot be used in conjunction with your highest rank Eldritch Blast Shapes or Essences available.
    Special: Any ability functionally similar to the Warlocks' Eldritch Blast ability, such as the Servitor's Fervid Blast, qualifies as Eldritch Blast does and is affected as Eldritch Blast is.
    (If an invoker with the Eldritch Blast or similar ability gains bonus feats from a list, then this feat is may be included on this list)

    Improved Overcharge Blast (Metamagic):
    Prerequisites: Eldritch Blast 4d6, Constitution 14+, Access to Greater (Average for Servitor) Rank Invocations
    Benefit: As Overcharge Blast, but damage dice is increased by 4d6. In addition any DCs from Shapes and Essences gain a +2 bonus. The cooldown increases to 3 rounds and you still cannot apply your highest rank of Shapes/Essences to the blast.

    For example:

    Morthos, a 6th level Warlock, uses the Overcharge Blast feat to deal 5d6 damage with his Eldritch blast instead of his usual 3d6. He cannot use his Lesser Blast Shape or Essence invocations such as Eldritch Chain on this Blast, but he may use Eldritch Spear and Frightful Blast, both of which he knows, as normal.
    Upon attaining 11th level Morthos has the Improved Overcharge Blast feat, allowing him to deal an extra +4d6 with his Overcharge (9d6) with a 1d6 round cool down and inability to use his newly gained Repelling Blast, a greater Blast Shape. He can however now use Eldritch chain with his overcharged blast.

    Practiced Overcharge Blast (Metamagic):
    Prerequisites: Eldritch Blast 8d6, Constitution 16+, Overcharge Blast, Access to Dark (Greater for Servitor) Rank Invocations
    Benefit: You can reduce the cooldown time period of your blasts derived from your Overcharge or improved overcharge feats by 1 round (To a minimum of 1 round) and can apply one of your highest level shapes or essences to an overcharged blast, but not both. The cooldown reduction does not stack with any other kind.

    Reactionary Blasting:
    Prerequisite: Dex 14+, Combat Reflexes, Eldritch Blast 1d6
    Benefit: When making attacks of opportunity you can apply your blast damage. This feat does not allow you to make ranged blasts as attacks of opportunity.

    Critical Blasting
    Prerequisite: Improved Critical (Blast), Power Critical (Blast)
    Benefit: All critical threats with Blasts are automatically confirmed.

    Hexpact Magic
    Prerequisite: Hexblade Curse class ability, Eldritch Blast class ability
    Benefit: You add your Hexblade level to your Warlock level for determining the damage dice of your Eldritch Blast and invocations known (but not highest rank of invocations accessible). You also add your Warlock level to your Hexblade level for determining if you gain the Greater Hexblade Curse or Dire Hexblade Curse abilities.

    Improved Hexpact Magic
    Prerequisite: Hexpact Magic, Access to Lesser Invocations, Hexblade level 4
    You can sacrifice your hexblade spellcasting to add your Hexblade level to your Warlock level for determining highest invocation grade accessible or alternatively add your warlock level to your Hexblade level for determining spells per day. Once made the decision cannot be changed.

    Note on Warlocks and Metamagic:

    Metamagic Feats
    Prerequisites: As Normal
    Benefit:The Metamagic Feat in question also affects your blast (if applicable). Instead of an increase in spell slot cost you must wait a cooldown time before you can use your blast again, with or without Metamagic. This cooldown is equal to the spell slot increase.
    Unlike with Metamagic feats when applied to spells, there is no way to decrease the wait beyond 1 round less than specified as spell slot increase. There is also no way to apply more than one metamagic feat to a blast, or more than one kind of metamagic feat per round.

    On Wizards and spell schools

    There are three 'tiers' of mastery in schools of magic. Basic, advanced and master.
    A basic casting is what a generalist wizard gets, as well as what a specialist wizard has in schools of magic not unavaliable or specialised in. He can cast any spell of this school up to 3rd level, some from 4th to 6th level and very few from 7th to 9th.
    An advanced caster is a specialist in that school of magic or a wizard with spell focus (that school). They have access to all spells of up to 6th level and some of 7th to 9th.
    A master of the spell school has full access to all spells he would normally be able to obtain of that spell school, but must either be a specialist with the spell focus feat (that school) or a generalist with the greater spell focus feat (that school).

    For example, a generalist would not be able to cast gate (9th level conjuration) unless he has spell focus and greater spell focus in conjuration, but a specialist in conjuration need only spell focus (conjuration). Both would still be able to cast melf's acid arrow with no restriction.

    More to come when i get some more free time.
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    Default Re: Homebrew Feats

    I think the Templar PrC from Defenders of Faith has a similar ability.

    But what is this about? Substitution levels? Feats? Monster abilities? May you describe one or two notable characters with these abilities?

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    Default Re: Homebrew Feats

    This is just about things I'm brewing up or have brewed that don't fit in with the other threads I've made for them. Some substitution levels might find their way in but this will be mostly feats and abilities.

    As for Mettle, your average Hexblade would probably get either Mettle or Resolve. Much like rogues get Evasion, Fighters or Barbarians would likely get Mettle and some casters might get Resolve.

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