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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread, Mark I

    I have a lot of fun running my D&D games, especially higher-level games where there's a lot going on and a lot of attacks being thrown around. I typically have larger party of five to six players. I noticed that it would usually take time for people to pick out and roll the appropriate dice to attack, then cross-reference to their character sheet, then roll again for damage and cross-reference again to see what to add.

    Even for someone who rolls all of their dice at once, separating out three or four different types of results, like attack versus regular damage, versus damage from being a holy weapon, versus the weapon also being on fire takes time. I tried to figure out how to make things more efficient, so we could spend more time playing and less time waiting on dice-rolling and math, and this was the result. It's a simple concept, but I couldn't find anything like it on the market.

    As a result... The Battle Box:


    There's a slot along the top that allows you to write whatever labels you want on a 1/2" wide strip of paper and slip it in. Pre-make labels for different games and swap them out, change them out easily when you find new loot or level up, etc... no special/fancy paper needed.
    Final dims are 11.65" L x 2.81" D x 3.16"H. This size easily accomodates 4 standard-size D&D dice of any type (I measured, they're surprisingly close in largest dimensions) within each compartment.

    I will be launching the Kickstarter in early June, and I'm currently trying to get some interest/visibility drummed up. The pre-launch link is on the Battlebox website at the top.

    Polypropylene molds are expensive, and so's shipping. Bulky items ship based on dimensional weight, so I'm looking at 4 boxes (at a few ounces each) being treated as weighing 9 lbs. The price point for an order of 4 ends up around $16 per box ($64 total) shipped in the US; an order of 12 ends up at about $14 each shipped, and 30 at about $13 each shipped. An order of 12 would equip an entire party/table, and the bigger orders I'm assuming would be group buys or game stores. I do have a plan to put some sticker labels on the front to help prep them for retail sale if there's interest for that.

    I'm totally open for feedback, interviews, articles, etc.

    Edit 6/14/2021: This is now live!
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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread, Mark I

    I'd like to pitch a Kickstarter for a new gritty, Iron Age inspired superhero setting. It's called Nocturne and is part of the new Blood & Justice series for the Prowlers & Paragons superhero RPG system. The Kickstarter was fully funded in the first day and is looking for that last push here in its last 48 hours or so to hit some of its desired stretch goals. The writer and creator - Bill Keyes - is a good friend of mine and has a singular talent for worldbuidling and campaign design. This is a setting that he's been building up for a long time and he's really excited for it to see the light of day so others can share in it. Please take a look and consider supporting this Kickstarter. Given some of the other things that Bill has produced (and the games I've played in with him), you're not going to be disappointed.

    I'm too new to post link as yet, but if you do a Kickstarter search for "Blood & Justice: Welcome to Nocturne," you'll find it. Thanks!

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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread, Mark I

    Hi, my name is Stavros and I am an Indi Author and huge D&D fan.

    I have created a website where I have free D&D battle resources including Battle Maps and a free VTT token generator for your online D&D/TTRPG games.

    To download maps or use the free Token Generator for your personal games please visits www.thefatefulforce.com

    Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram for updates on new battle resources and the release of my upcoming novel.

    Below Map was commissioned for me by the fantastic artist Papergriffin

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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread, Mark I

    Hello Giants,
    I want to share the Kickstarter for my game: Spirits of Cruach.
    It's like a card game in a book. The theme is DnDish.
    I created it to have a quick adventure game to play on road trips and the like.

    Here's a link to my site, which has a link to Youtube and Kickstarter.


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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread, Mark I

    I'm planning on launching a Kickstarter in about a month to compile and expand on the seven hexes in the Basilisk Hills cluster from the Populated Hexes series. There will be three options to back: the compiled existing seven hexes (about 150 pages), almost one hundred new, broadly filled out hexes (another 150 pages), or the existing compiled along with the new, to create a hexcrawl location about the size of Puerto Rico.

    Pre-launch page is here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...excrawl-region


    The Basilisk Hills Hexcrawl Region is now live on Kickstarter. It has three pledge options:

    1. The original seven 6-mile hexes in the Basilisk Hills cluster, each with 24-30 pages of content including lairs, features, new classes, rules for founding clerical temples, researching spells, ritual magic, and much more. About 150 pages of material.

    2. An additional 98 hexes filled out in broad strokes and less detail than the original cluster, but featuring multiple dungeons, lairs, and more. About 150 pages of material.

    3. A compilation of the compiled and supplemental hexcrawl material into a single, roughly 300 page hexcrawl region.


    The original cluster of individual hexes can be found on Drivethrurpg, and for the duration of the Kickstarter Hex 15.21 is 75% off its normal price: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product...-Rivers-Source
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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread, Mark I

    This is a kickstarter that two of my friends are working on, and one I would be very excited to see succeed. It's called the Scarlet Oak Tavern.

    Basically, this is a tavern by gamers, for gamers. It's going to have a gaming library patrons can draw from, and provide a game friendly environment--along with food and alcohol. I've known these two for a while, and they've put a lot of thought and research into this. If any of you are in the Raleigh area, or just want to see projects like this succeed, they could really use your support.

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    Default Re: General Crowdfunding Thread, Mark I

    My friend and I have been hard at work making some third party content for the TTRPG Masks: A New Generation. We launch on the 20th and you can find the per-launch page here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...fan-supplement

    I can only show a little art here, but we think it and our layout is a real selling point.

    A sample page

    Our cover

    The book is nine chapters of content, our own setting and playbooks along with tons of content for existing material made by the original creators. Masks: A New Generation is published under a Creative Commons Attribution license and we have enthusiastic consent from Magpie Games on what we're doing.
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