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    Default Homebrew Warlock Invocations Compendium(WIP)

    Plagiarizer's Note
    Greetings once again everyone who vies for the Lazy Manís World Champion Belt! Iím here once again with another Conglomeration for the chronically lazy and/or those who wish to clean up their Bookmark bar a tad. Once again, I take little to no credit for all that is within this post and am simply attempting to make navigation slightly easier for certain themes. This Conglomeration focuses on Warlock Invocations. If it has eldritch blasts, warlock class options, or new invocations, expect to see it here. If you PM me a link or post it right here and I'll get it up. Without further ado (or a ďactually there is more adoĒ joke) I present the Warlock Options Conglomeration.
    Additionally, please direct me to more material so I can add it to this Conglomeration.

    TY! ;D

    WIP:: This one is kinda rough due to the amount of copy/pasta needed and cleaning up of invocations that don't have much but a few lines to them. This will probably be a long ongoing project, but I wanted to get it up.

    229 Invocations
    The following are new invocations for warlocks. Invocations will have their source listed as superscript after their name with the superscript as a link to the owner's page.

    Least Blast Shape Invocations
    Bleeding BlastSPD- Targets take reoccurring damage in following rounds.
    Eldritch AfflictionVAE- Deal eldritch blast damage, target may save for half.
    Eldritch ArrowBC- Channel eldritch blast damage through a ranged weapon.
    Eldritch ChannelingKN0- Deal eldritch blast damage through a melee weapon.
    Eldritch FangRDN- Deal eldritch blast damage through a natural weapon.
    Eldritch GlareRDN- Deal eldritch blast damage with no somatic components.
    Eldritch InfusionRDN- Maximum eldritch blast damage if a full-round touch can be maintained.
    Eldritch Shadow (Eldritch Ghosts)RDN- Create a shadowy creature or object to deal your eldritch blast through.
    Eldritch SnipingTDO- Ignore miss chance with eldritch blast.
    Eldritch WiresRDN- Shape that enhances the effects of essences or makes them harder to resist.
    Gem BlastRDN- Deal increased eldritch blast damage by consuming valubale components.
    Magus Aegis, Weak KDL- Form your eldritch blast into a shield.

    Lesser Blast Shape Invocations
    Abyssal Geyser KDL- Blast takes the form of a short line effect within 60 feet that can knock effected targets prone.
    Brimstone Hail KDL- Targets within a designated area take damage, reduced with multiple targets. Repeat damage on following round.
    Chains of the Damned KDL- Form a spiked chain out of eldritch energies. Acts as spiked chain, and deals half eldritch blast damage on attacks.
    Eldritch DetonationKN0- Eldritch blast is treated as fireball.
    Eldritch GhoulVAE- Gain multiple natural attacks that all deal eldritch blast damage.
    Eldritch WallRDN- Eldritch blast is formed into a wall that deals 1d6 to targets that touch it.
    Hungry Spirit VAE- Form eldritch energy into a creature that can deal eldritch blast damage to a single target.
    Sinister Salvo KDL- Deal eldritch blast damage in divided damage dice to multiple targets.
    Vatic Spirit KDL- Form eldritch energy into a creature that can detonate dealing eldritch blast damage in an area.

    Greater Blast Shape Invocations
    Echoing BlastRDN- Eldritch blast deals sonic damage, and targets that fail a save take half the damage again on second round.
    Ectoplasmic BlastVAE- Suffer no miss chance against incorporeal creatures, and targets must save or have their speed reduced by half for 1 round.
    Eldritch BloatVAE- Eldritch blast has an area of effect; any corpses within the area detonate as well increasing the area of the eldritch blast.
    Eldritch BubbleRDN- ((Unclear))
    Eldritch NeedlesBC- Eldritch blast ignores Dexterity bonus to armor class.
    Eldritch RetributionVAE- Eldritch blast can be activated in response to damage taken.
    Eldritch SignMSL- Use eldritch blast as a glyph of warding.
    Magus Aegis, Greater KDL- Manifest eldritch blast into a tower shield and lose the ability to use invocations.

    Dark Blast Shape Invocations
    Eldritch EncoreRDN- Use two eldritch blasts on a single target. -5 to second blast.
    Eldritch WrathVAE- Manifest eldritch blast as nine 60 foot towers of energy one square in radius.
    Gorgon BlastRDN- Reduce speed and Dexterity of effected creatures.


    Least Essence Invocations
    Acorn BlastRDN
    Black Cat Blast (Unlucky Blast)RDN
    Crypt BlastVAE
    Disarming BlastRDN
    Disorienting Blast (Spinning Blast)RDN
    Eldritch ChaserRDN
    Eldritch FireworksRDN
    Eldritch GraspRDN
    Eldritch Missile KDL
    Force BlastRDN
    Lashing BlastTDO- Target that fails a Reflex save falls prone.
    Merciful Blast (Sparring Blast)RDN
    Mindburning BlastTDO- Spellcasters that fail a Will save lose one of their highest spell slots.
    Pollen BlastRDN
    Radiant BlastVAE
    Rebuking BlastTDO- Undead that fail a Will save are either rebuked or controlled.
    Restraining BlastRDN
    Riverflow BlastVAE
    Searing BlastVAE
    Shell BlastRDN
    Soulweary BlastTDO- Causes a target struck to make a save or become fatigued for multiple rounds.
    Sure Strike BlastRDN
    Targeting BlastTDO- Gain a bonus to hit against a target marked with this essence.
    Vivacious BlastVAE
    Ward BlastRDN

    Lesser Essence Invocations
    Amaranthine Pyre KDL
    Anchoring BlastSPD- Prevent target from teleporting.
    Azure Vein KDL
    Bloody BlastRDN
    Bondage BlastBC
    Bleakrot BlastTDO
    Burnout BlastRDN
    Castigating BlastVAE
    Delayed Blast KDL
    Ebon Lightning KDL
    Eldritch AuraRDN
    Eldritch WeaponRDN
    Elemental BlastKN0
    Ensnaring BlastRDN- On a failed save, targets are ensnared for 3 rounds.
    Forceful BlastKN0
    Lightning Blast (Storm Blast)RDN
    Sandstorm BlastVAE
    Strong-Arm BlastRDN
    Vampiric BlastVAE

    Greater Essence Invocations
    Bonerip BlastVAE
    Concussive BlastRDN- Targets that fail a Will save are effected by the feeblemind spell.
    Eldritch ArrowRDN
    Eldritch OrbRDN
    Eldritch TowerRDN
    Elemental BlastKN0
    Freezing BlastTDO
    Green Steel BlastBC
    Paralysing BlastKN0
    Rosethorn BlastELD
    Solar BlastRDN
    Stoneshape BlastTDO
    Unerring BlastKN0
    Vampiric BlastRDN
    Wearying BlastVAE

    Dark Essence Invocations
    Annihilating BlastTDO
    Eldritch GuillotineRDN
    Greater Repelling BlastRDN- Knock a creature of any size up to forty feet away.
    Shadow BlastBC
    Siphoning BlastBC


    Least Invocations
    Antlion's TrapRDN
    Augment FamiliarRDN
    Bar-Lgura's GraceSPD
    Black Omen AegisVAE
    Bladestorm BlastTDO
    Bone Spear KDL
    The Chains that BindRDN
    Dark MirrorTDO
    Dark ScribeRDN
    Dark SirenSPD
    Death MaskVAE
    Eyes of the DeadTDO
    Far SightRDN
    Fealty EvermoreSPD
    Great HideRDN
    Guardian of the GatesRDN
    Hezrou's EnduranceSPD
    Idle HandsRDN
    Incubus' SplendorSPD
    Jaw of the WildRDN
    Keen InstinctsRDN
    Lone WoodsmanRDN
    Marilith's CunningSPD
    Nalfeshnee's WisdomSPD
    Oscillating BladeRDN
    Predatory PerceptionVAE
    Primeval Barrier KDL
    Razor ClawsRDN
    Slick SkinRDN
    Spit WebRDN
    Staring into the AbyssRDN
    Storm MantleVAE
    Summon Item KDL
    Swarm of DeliriumTDO
    Targetting BlastTDO
    Through Another's EyesRDN
    Troglodyte's PerfumeRDN
    Unholy Speed KDL
    Valiant MartyrVAE
    Vital TheftSPD
    Voice of DoomTDO
    Vrock's StrengthSPD
    Ward TorchVAE

    Lesser Invocations
    Aspect of the CornugonKN0
    Baleful DismissalTDO
    Battle LustRDN
    Call of the EarthRDN
    Chain Devil's BoonMSL
    Channeled LuckTDO
    Cheetah's SpiritRDN
    Circle of PeaceVAE
    Cloak of the DeceiverMSL
    Daemonís WhisperTDO
    Dark Ones Own LuckKN0
    Dangerous BeautySPD
    Devil's Gamble (Lady Luck's Blessing)RDN
    Diminishing UtteranceRDN
    Discerning SightVAE
    Enhance FamiliarRDN
    Enslave the PlanesSPD
    Familiar ModulationRDN
    Familiar ShadowsRDN
    Fortify FamiliarRDN
    Fortify FleshKN0
    Gaze of the Old OnesSTY
    Guiding SpiritsVAE
    Hellfire SteedBC
    Howler QuillsRDN
    Mighty TailRDN
    Mirrored MenaceRDN
    Occult GlamerTDO
    One with EarthVAE
    Sapping Roots KDL
    Savage HornsRDN
    Serpentine BodyRDN
    Servant of the DamnedSPD
    Transcendent LanguageVAE
    Unearthly TenacityRDN
    Unseen HandTDO
    Wind ForceVAE
    Work the WatersVAE

    Greater Invocations
    Devil's Cheat (Lady Luck's Embrace)RDN
    Fountain of YouthBC
    Grasping TentaclesRDN
    Grave AnticipationSPD
    Hands of the HealerVAE
    Hasty RetreatRDN
    Imbue Familiar with InvocationRDN
    Nature's WarriorRDN
    Occult PuppeteerRDN
    Pull the StringsSPD
    Putrefaction KDL
    Nighttime RevelryELD
    Shield of the DepthsVAE
    Steed of the DamnedSPD
    Veil of InsignificanceELD
    Virulent BarbRDN
    Wraith ShroudVAE

    Dark Invocations
    Black Cat ParadeRDN
    Bound Beyond DeathTDO
    Dire Hex of Ill FatesTDO
    Dread SpikeKN0
    Eldritch SightBC
    Ethereal AbductionTDO
    Glorious ObsessionTDO
    Impenetrable CageBC
    Infernal ProjectionBC
    Master of Earth and StoneVAE
    Phantasmal StalkerTDO
    Sing the WindsVAE
    Spell SingularityRDNs/showpost.php?p=12688921&postcount=1]VAE[/url][/sup]
    The Bell Tolls For TheeSPD
    Vile HomesteadBC
    Visage of the DamnedMSL
    Whirlwind ReaperELD
    Wraith's EscapeRDN
    Writing on the WallKN0
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    Default Reserved

    Reserved to hold the below material which I will need to stat out.

    Blast Shape Invocations
    1. Eldritch Spear (increase range to 250 feet)
    2. Eldritch Glaive (attack as reach weapon)
    3. Eldritch Shield (as immediate action, gain shield bonus to AC = EB dice for 1 round)
    4. Eldritch Ward (cause eldritch blast damage to opponents that hit you in melee)
    5. Hideous Blow (add eldritch blast damage to melee attack)

    1. Eldritch Barrier (create 10 foot square barrier, hardness = level, hit points = EB)
    2. Eldritch Bolt (add to ranged attack, can affect multiple pieces of ammunition)
    3. Eldritch Chain (1 additional target per 5 levels)
    4. Eldritch Path (creatures entering squares you passed through take blast damage)
    5. Eldritch Shroud (targets all adjacent opponents)

    1. Eldritch Volley (can make a number of eldritch blasts equal to iterative attacks, but at full Base Attack Bonus)
    2. Eldritch Cone (30 foot cone)
    3. Eldritch Line (60 foot line)
    4. Eldritch Pyre (creatures adjacent to target must make Reflex or take damage)
    5. Eldritch Wall (creates wall with duration equal to half level in rounds)

    1. Eldritch Cage (as force cage, does EB damage if pass through, half damage if 20 foot)
    2. Eldritch Doom (20 foot radius, centered on warlock)
    3. Eldritch Fist (as clenched fist, does blast damage)
    4. Eldritch Pit (fall in extra-dimensional pit, take EB damage w/ no save or attack roll)
    5. Eldritch Storm (number of vertical bolts within 120 feet equal to half level)

    Essence Invocations
    1. Disarming Blast (Reflex or target is disarmed)
    2. Entangling Blast (Reflex Save or become entangled for 1 round)
    3. Frightful Blast (Will Save or shaken)
    4. Hammering Blast (does full damage to objects)
    5. Illuminating Blast (Reflex save or dazzled and faerie fire for 1 minute)
    6. Merciful (eldritch blast causes non-lethal damage)
    7. Sickening Blast (Fort Save or sickened)
    8. Thundering Blast (Fort Save or deafened 1 minute, does sonic damage)
    9. Tripping Blast (Reflex or target is prone)
    10. Unbalancing Blast (suffer -2 to Reflex saves and CMD for 1 round)

    1. Baneful Blast (+2d6 against creature type)
    2. Beshadowed Blast (Fort Save or Blinded 1 round)
    3. Bloody Blast (bleed damage equal to number of EB dice)
    4. Brimstone Blast (Reflex or catch on fire)
    5. Deteriorating Blast (Fort Save or -5 DR for 1 minute)
    6. Ectoplasmic Blast (eldritch blast fully affects ethereal and incorporeal targets)
    7. Hellrime Blast (Fort Save or -2 Dex and cold damage)
    8. Obscuring Blast (Will Save or suffer 20% miss chance for 1 minute)
    9. Quenching Blast (double damage vs. fire creatures, dispels fire magic)
    10. Silencing Blast (Fort Save or silenced for 1 round)

    1. Aligned Blast (+2d6 against selected alignment, negates alignment-based DR)
    2. Bewitching Blast (Will or Confused)
    3. Dispelling Blast (target is subjected to Dispel Magic)
    4. Exhausting Blast (Fort Save or become exhausted, otherwise fatigued)
    5. Hindering Blast (Will Save of Slowed)
    6. Noxious Blast (Fort Save or nauseated 1 round)
    7. Penetrating Blast (+4 on CL checks, -5 to SR for 1 minute)
    8. Repelling Blast (Reflex Save or moved back 1d6 squares)
    9. Vampiric Blast (+1 damage per level, gain as temporary hit points)
    10. Vitriolic Blast (acid damage and no SR, does 2d6 damage for 1 rd/5 levels)

    1. Anchoring Blast (target subjected to dimensional anchor effect for 1 minute)
    2. Banishing Blast (banishes extraplanar target, randomly teleports planar natives)
    3. Binding Blast (Will or stunned 1 round)
    4. Grasping Blast (target grappled if CL + Cha check beats CMD)
    5. Impure Blast (target suffers penalty equal to half your level on its next saving throw)
    6. Necrotic Blast (animate as zombie if killed, cannot naturally heal, CL check to cure)
    7. Panicking Blast (Will or panicked 1 minute)
    8. Petrifying Blast (target takes 1d6 Dexterity damage, petrified when Dexterity is 0)
    9. Utterdark Blast (Fort Save or 2 negative levels)
    10. Vulnerability Blast (Fort Save or gain specified energy vulnerability for 1 minute)

    1. All-Seeing Eyes: As comprehend languages on written material, +6 bonus on Perception checks.
    2. Baleful Utterance: Speak word of the Dark Speech and shatter objects as the shatter spell.
    3. Breath of the Night: Create a fog cloud of darkness that fatigues all who enter it.
    4. Call of the Beast: Speak with animals and influence their behavior by using warlock level as druid level when making wild empathy check, +6 on Handle Animal skill checks.
    5. Commanding Presence: Gain +6 on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks, use command if you successfully change your targetís attitude.
    6. Dark Oneís Own Luck: Gain a luck bonus equal to your Charisma modifier on one type of saving throw.
    7. Devilís Sight Unseen: See normally in darkness and magical darkness, see invisibility.
    8. Dread Chameleon: +6 to Disguise and Stealth checks, creatures that spot you must make a Will save or be shaken for 1 round.
    9. Endure Exposure: Use endure elements as the spell; target gains immunity to your eldritch blast and area effect invocations.
    10. Entropic Warding: Deflect incoming ranged attacks, leave no trail, and prevent being tracked by scent.
    11. Foul Dreams: 1 creature must make a Will save or sleep for 1 minute per level, you can affect a total number of hit dice equal to your warlock level plus your Charisma modifier at a time, with creatures that have been asleep the longest waking up first if additional hit dice are affected; creatures are fatigued when they awake.
    12. Otherworldly Whispers: Gain +6 bonus on Knowledge arcana, Knowledge planes, Knowledge religion, and Spellcraft checks.
    13. Scalding Gust: Use gust of wind as the spell; any creature in area takes fire damage equal to your level.
    14. Serpentís Tongue: Gain the scent ability, +6 bonus on Bluff skill checks and on saves against poison, communicate two different messages at the same time.
    15. Skeletal Claw: (CMB = CL + Cha, 1d6 if pinned, arm has AC: 10 + level, Hardness 6, 4 hit points per level. Move half speed for 1 round after escaping grapple.)
    16. Soulreaving Aura: As reaving aura*, plus gain temporary hit points if nearby creature dies.
    17. Spiderwalk: Gain spider climb as the spell and you are immune to webs.
    18. Summon Swarm: Use summon swarm as the spell.
    19. Swift Tumbler: Gain +6 bonus on Acrobatics and Fly checks, do not need a running start to long jump, +10 feet increase to land and flight speeds (does not give you a flight speed if you do not have one already).
    20. Swimming the Styx: Gain swim speed equal to your base land speed and the ability to breathe water.

    1. Charm: Cause a single creature within 60 feet to regard you as a friend if they fail a Will save, as if under the influence of a charm monster spell, for 1 day per level, but only affecting a single creature at a time.
    2. Crawling Eye: Your eye leaves your head and grows spidery legs, enabling it to scout for you.
    3. Curse of Despair: Curse one creature as the bestow curse spell, or hinder their attacks.
    4. The Dead Walk: Create undead as the animate dead spell.
    5. Disembodied Hand: Detach one of your hands and send it forth to manipulate objects or attack.
    6. Dread Seizure: move half speed, -5 to attacks against non-adjacent targets
    7. Enthralling Voice: Make nearby creatures fascinated if they fail a Will save, and their attitude towards you improves by one step.
    8. Fell Flight: Gain a fly speed equal to your base land speed with good maneuverability.
    9. Flee the Scene: Use short-range dimension door as the spell, and leave behind a major image.
    10. Frightful Presence: As a swift action taken whenever you attack or use your eldritch blast, make nearby creatures shaken for 10 minutes if they fail a Will save.
    11. Hungry Darkness: Create shadows filled with a swarm of bats.
    12. Ignore the Pyre: Gain energy resistance equal to twice your level.
    13. Mask of Flesh: Touch attack may impose 1d6 Charisma penalty and transforms you to look like target.
    14. Relentless Dispelling: targeted dispel magic, with additional targeted dispel magic the next turn.
    15. Size Alteration: You can use enlarge person or reduce person on yourself
    16. Voidsense: Gain blindsense 30 feet and benefit from the Blind Fight feat.
    17. Voracious Dispelling: Use dispel magic as the spell, causing damage to creatures whose effects are dispelled.
    18. Walk Unseen: Use invisibility (self only) as the spell.
    19. Wall of Gloom: Use wall of gloom as the spell.
    20. Witch Walker: Walk on water, become immune to being entangled, and ignore the speed reductions caused by difficult terrain.

    1. Aura of the Storm: Aura deals electricity damage to creatures that strike you in melee with natural weapons, unarmed strikes, and non-reach melee weapons..
    2. Baleful Geas: A single creature becomes your servant, but slowly sickens and dies.
    3. Caustic Mire: Acidic sludge slows progress, deals damage.
    4. Chilling Fog: Create solid fog that deals cold damage.
    5. Chilling Tentacles: Use black tentacles as the spell, and deal extra cold damage to creatures in the area.
    6. Devour Magic: Use targeted greater dispel magic with a touch and gain temporary hit points based on the level of spells successfully dispelled.
    7. Enervating Shadow: Gain total concealment in dark areas and impose a Strength penalty on adjacent living creatures.
    8. Fearless: You are immune to fear.
    9. Freedom of Motion: Freedom of movement and make CL check to bypass teleport blocks
    10. Ghastly Toughness: Gain temporary hit points equal to your level multiplied by your Charisma modifier.
    11: Hellspawned Grace: Transform into a hellcat for 1 round/2 warlock levels.
    12: Necrotic Vitality: Negative energy heals you, and positive energy harms you, as if you were undead.
    13: Nightmares Made Real: Create illusory terrain that damages foes and allows you to hide.
    14: Painful Sleep of the Ages: Creature falls asleep, takes damage when awakened.
    15. Sudden Shift: As an immediate action, teleport 5 feet per 2 warlock levels; if this is done in response to an attack, there is a 50% the attack misses.
    16. Tenacious Plague: Use insect plague as the spell, but the summoned locust swarm deals damage as a magic weapon.
    17. Terrifying Roar: Use fear as the spell; creatures shaken by effect canít attack you.
    18. Unwilling Shield: Subject shares wounds you suffer.
    19. Wall of Perilous Flame: Create a wall of fire as the spell, but half the damage from the wall results from supernatural power.
    20. Warlockís Call: Use sending as the spell, but risk damage from recipient.

    1. Army of One: Create one or more duplicates of yourself, gaining one negative level for each body you have and splitting your hit point total between the copies made.
    2. Astral Blockade: Creatures or objects cannot be summoned or teleport within 10 feet per level of you.
    3. Casterís Lament: Your touch can break enchantment, and you can counterspell.
    4. Dark Discorporation: Become a swarm of bat-like shadows, gaining many benefits of the swarm subtype.
    5. Dark Foresight: Use foresight as the spell, and communicate telepathically with a close target of the effect.
    6. Ghost Step: As a swift action, become incorporeal for 1 round.
    7. Impenetrable Barrier: Opaque wall of force
    8. Instill Vulnerability: Make target creature vulnerable to chosen energy type.
    9. Mind Blank: Use mind blank on yourself.
    10. Path of Shadow: Use shadow walk as the spell and speed up natural healing.
    11. Perilous Veil: Use veil as the spell; anyone succeeding on Will save to negate the illusion takes damage.
    12. Pythian Oracle: You gain blindsight with a range of 60 feet and can use greater scrying.
    13. Rampart: You can use rampart at will, only one at a time.
    14. Repulsive Ward: Creatures must make a Will save to approach within 10 feet of you.
    15. Retributive Invisibility: Use greater invisibility as the spell (self only) that deals damage in a burst if dispelled.
    16. Steal Summoning: Take control of another caster's summoned monster.
    17. Swift Haste: You can haste yourself for as a swift action for 1d4 rounds.
    18. Telekinesis: You can use telekinesis at will.
    19. Unveil the Truth: It takes 1 minute to cast this invocation. You gain the benefits of discern lies and true seeing, and others within 20 feet of you act as if within a zone of truth. You can dismiss this invocation as an immediate action and gain the benefits of a true strike spell
    20. Word of Changing: Use baleful polymorph as the spell, but the effect could become permanent.
    21. Youthful Vigor: You are immune to magical and mundane aging. You do not suffer the penalties for growing old, and negate any penalties that may have already been applied. You still gain ability increases for growing older.
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    Default Reserved

    Reserved for Style feats, Baptisms, and Invocation Paths.

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    Default Archetypes, Favored Class Bonuses

    Reserved for more archetypes, racial favored class bonuses, and whatever else will be generated.

    Favored Class Options
    Fetchling- The fetchling warlock's eldritch blast gains +1/2 points of damage (maximum 2x Charisma modifier) when both he and his target/targets are in a dimly lit or darker area.

    Shadowbound (Fetchling)
    Invocations: When the shadowbound warlock gains access to a new grade of invocations, they must select an invocation that is related to darkness thematically as their first. The invocations that meet these prerequisites are listed below. This replaces the warlock's invocation class feature.

    Light Aversion: The shadowbound warlock may never use an item, cast a spell, or activate an ability with the light descriptor.

    Beshadowed Resilience (Su): At 3rd level, once per day as an immediate action, the shadowbound warlock can enter a trance that grants him fast healing 2 for 20 rounds (2 minutes). At 7th level, and every 4 levels thereafter, the rate of this fast healing increases by 2. This ability can only be activated while in an area that is dimly lit or darker. If, while activated, the shadowbound warlock enters an area that is brighter than dimly lit the fast healing granted by this class feature is suspened until he enters an area that is dimly lit or darker. While the fast healing is suspended, the duration is still counting down, but no healing occurs. This replaces the Fiendish Resilience ability.

    Fetchling Resistance (Su): At 5th level, the shadowbound warlock increased reistance to cold and electricity. He increase his energy resistance by 5 against the energy types. This energy resistance increases by 5 at levels 9, 13, and 17. At 20th level, the warlock becomes immune to the selected energy types. Whenever his cold or electricity resistance would reduce damage taken by those energy types to zero, he instantly heals hit points equal to the spell level of the effect that he resisted. If the effect has no effective spell level, he heals 5 hit points. This replaces the energy resistance class feature.

    Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: The bladelock is proficient with simple and martial weapons. He is also proficient with light and medium armor and light shields.
    The somatic components a bladelock uses for his invocations are very simple, this allows him to suffer no Arcane Spell Failure when wearing medium or lighter armor.

    Fell Fighting: The bladelock can take feats that require a certain number of levels in the fighter class as if he were a fighter equal to his warlock level. Additionally, his Base Attack Bonus is considered to be equal to his warlock level for the purpose of meeting the prerequisites for feats that have a Base Attack Bonus requirement.

    Shadow Blow Eldritch Blast (Sp): The bladelock gains the knowledge of the shadow blow blast shape invocation at 1st level. He may never learn any other blast shape invocation. His eldritch blast cannot be used as a ranged touch attack.
    In addition, when using the shadow blow invocation, if his regular melee attack deals damage, he gains a bonus on his eldritch blast damage equal to his Charisma modifier.

    Invocations: At levels 5, 10, and 15, the bladelock does not gain an invocation. He instead gains a bonus fighter feat.
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    Default Re: Homebrew Warlock Invocations Compendium(WIP)

    Here is some stuff from my extended signature:

    Split Blast: Trade power for multi-targeting with this blast shape invocation... most useful in combination with eldritch essence invocations that produce an effect in addition to the initial damage. Also includes a rather interesting NPC who uses this blast shape to aid him in his work as a rat-catcher.

    Enhance Familiar and Imbue Familiar with Invocation Equivalents to Familiar buffs (and one utility that is very much like a defensive buff) for members of Invocation using classes who have familiars. Made to synergize with my Coward's-Strike Warlock.*

    And for clarify, the PrC
    Coward's-Strike Warlock: Warlock specific version of my Artillery Mage. Same deal: Invisible familiar sees them, you shoot them without coming out from behind cover.

    *Note that the Enhance Familiar thing rolls three spells into one, which is fair to me, since you have to spend a feat to get a familiar as a warlock anyway, and warlocks get very few invocations compared to how many spells even a sorcerer gets.
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    Default Re: Homebrew Warlock Invocations Compendium(WIP)

    Feel free to take anything that i have, most of them are under The Servitor, 'Brewed Invocations and the 3.U Warlock
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    Default Re: Homebrew Warlock Invocations Compendium(WIP)

    As a recent companion of mine (a bug from a place called the Void name Cho'Gath) would say, "OMNOMNOMNOM!" I'll get on adding these soon and recommit some time to finishing this collection. Thanks for the reminder :)

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