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    Default [3.5] Offloading magic item XP costs to the wielder

    So, a thought I had:

    - Crafting a magic item does not inherently cost experience. However, you must expend one spell slot of the appropriate level for each 'charge' you want the item to hold, which might increase the time it takes to craft the item significantly. Magic items which do not use charges require you expend the item's creation spell when you begin working on the item, and not regain that spell slot until the item's creation is complete.

    - A magic user may always recharge a magic item by expending a spell slot of the same level as the spell held in the item. They may do this even if they do not themselves know how to cast that spell.

    - When anyone first picks up a magic item, they can use it as normal. However, whenever they would gain experience, their experience gained is reduced by 5% of the item's cost; this experience is invested into the item. Once a total amount of experience equal to the item's XP creation cost is paid, the item is "theirs" and does not require further experience.

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    Default Re: [3.5] Offloading magic item XP costs to the wielder

    A fun idea, but I feel as if this hurts classes like Sorcerors who get a limited spell list, while it helps classes like Wizards who get near infinite selection of spells, but require preparation to cast them.

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