Death Knight
Cavalier Archetype

More than a mere servant of the powers of death, more than a warrior in service to a necromancer; the death knight is a force of necromantic prowess rarely seen. Though he does not hold the magic of a necromancer and cannot fashion undead of his own, he commands the dead and leads his undying legion like a commander leads his army. Though he does not become undead himself, he is one of the horde in a way few can be. The death knight is the general of the walking dead.

Undead Mount (Ex): The mount which serves a death knight is a skeletal shadow of a cavalierís mount. Whatever mount the death knight selects automatically gains the skeleton template. It is otherwise treated exactly the same as a cavalierís mount.
This modifies the cavalierís mount ability.

Tactician (Ex): When the death knight uses his tactician ability, he may grant teamwork feats to only allied undead. This change applies to greater tactician and master tactician as well.
The modified the cavalierís tactician, greater tactician, and master tactician abilities.

Power over Undead (Su): A death knight receives the Command Undead feat and may channel negative energy a number of times per day equal to 3 + his charisma modifier. He may also take feats which add to this ability, such as Extra Channel or Improved Channel, but not feats which modify this ability, such as Elemental Channeling or Aligned Channeling. The DC to resist this effect is 10 + Ĺ death knight level + charisma modifier.
This replaces the cavalierís expert trainer ability.

Ensign of the Dead (Ex): As long as the death knightís banner is visible, all allied undead in 60ft. gain a +2 channel resistance and +1 to damage against living foes. This bonus increases by +1 damage at 10th level and every 5 levels thereafter.
This replaces the cavalierís banner ability.

Standard of the Revenant (Ex): As long as the death knightís banner is visible, all allied undead in 60ft. gain a +4 channel resistance. As a standard action, the death knight can wave his banner in the air inspiring his undead allies into a murderous frenzy. All allied undead in 60ft. gain frightful presence for 3 + charisma modifier rounds. No undead can benefit from this ability more than once per day.

Just a little archetype that I had made for one of my npc enemies in my upcoming game and I thought I'd toss it out there for the playground to use. Simple, sweet, and useful to pair with a solid necromancer or even better with a Reanimator Alchemist.