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    Default Monk of the Four Winds

    Looking for a modification to Monk of the Four winds aspect master ability. Trying to have something that ties more into the four elements of the world (earth, wind, water, fire) rather than taking on the aspect of an animal. Obviously without being just absurdly too powerful. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Monk of the Four Winds

    The simple option would be to look at elementals and provide an ability based on each creature, kinda like this:

    Air would grant you the Whirlwind ability probably 1 or 2/day.
    Earth would grant you Earth Glide 1/10 minutes.
    Fire would grant you Burn permanently.
    Water would grant Vortex 1 or 2/day.

    Consider also granting a token elemental resistance, probably 5 or so, based on the element chosen.

    If you want something more flavourful then I might be able to cook something up for you with a bit of time...?
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