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Thread: Player Registry

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    Default Player Registry

    Player Registry

    The Player Registry is for players seeking campaigns, or to list their past characters, past and current games, and so on. It is also to allow other players and Game Masters to get an idea of what you like to play, your posting rate, as well as your narrative and descriptive style. A player resume, if you will. This will hopefully allow better fits between GM's and players.

    Name: Your Name
    Ways to Contact: Email? IM?
    Posting Frequency: Daily/Semi/Weekly/Hourly/etc.
    Type of Campaign: d20, D&D (3.5e, 4e, Pathfinder), d20 Modern, etc.
    Types of Characters: Wizards/Rogues/Monster Races, etc.
    Old Characters: Character Sheets from Previous Games
    Old Campaigns: Links to Previous Games
    Other Information: Anything Else Relevant?

    *Paraphrased, stolen updated, and reposted from the previous thread.

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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Reserved for Future.

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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: Phil Meyer
    Ways to Contact: PM works well, I check every day.
    Posting Frequency: A few times a day during the week, once or twice a day on weekends.
    Type of Campaign: Pathfinder, 4E, willing to try others.
    Types of Characters: I tend to go with martial or gish characters. I like weapons. Favorite races: Human, Elf, Genasi, Half-Orc.
    Old Characters: I've built lots of characters here, but all my campaigns are currently inactive.
    Old Campaigns: I'm DMing a game on a different forum, can send a link if curious.
    Other Information: I'm a pretty active and enthusiastic player, though sometimes it takes me a bit in a campaign to find my character's "voice".

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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: George, BShammie
    Ways to Contact: Either PM me or hit me up at [email protected]
    Posting Frequency: Daily
    Type of Campaign: I have a lot of systems and I'm willing to play any of them in a PbP game. Depending on the system I may not be as familiar as I am with D&D 3.5, so I might need to ask a few questions about it.

    New World of Darkness
    Vampire: The Requiem
    Werewolf: The Forsaken
    Mage: The Awakening
    Changeling: The Lost
    Hunter: The Vigil
    Geist: The Sin-Eaters
    Promethean: The Created

    D&D 3.5
    Harry Potter: The Roleplaying Game (Someone's homebrew I found a year or so ago.)
    Mutants and Masterminds
    All Flesh Must Be Eaten
    Big Eyes Small Mouth
    Bliss Stage
    Mekton Zeta
    Maid RPG
    Dragon Age
    Pokemon Tabletop Adventures
    Spycraft 2.0

    Types of Characters: I prefer skill monkeys and battlefield control kinds of characters.
    Old Characters: Had a link to one, but I deleted the sheet after the game died.
    Old Campaigns: I'll try to find the thread.
    My keyboard isn't the best, so I'm sorry if any of the words I type are missing letters.
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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Aaand...posting this again, I guess.

    Name: Strawberries, Strawbs, 'berries...go wild, I don't mind people mauling my nick.

    Currently seeking a campaign: Let's say no at the moment...but if I see something really awesome, I know I won't be abe to resist.

    Way to Contact: PM here

    How often you can post (average)
    : Daily or even more than once a day, but mainly in the evenings (GMT). I try to give warning when I'm away for more than a day. One important thing I feel I have to point out: I don't ever abandon campaigns without warning. I'd very much like if potential GMs/fellow players would use me the same courtesy.

    Type of campaign: D&D 3.5/Pathfinder and Call of Cthulhu are the only games for which I can confidently say I'm familiar with the rules, but I'm willing to learn other systems. I've recently started to learn Vampire:The Masquerade and Dark Heresy. Above all, I prefer roleplay-heavy campaigns.

    Types of characters: I'm open. I don't think I have the skill to roleplay evil characters, though (but I've been willing to give it a try for sometime).

    Sample character sheets: Kitra, my anarchist rogue, and my unusual paladin, Audric. Others in the table below.

    Old Characters: A couple,but I'll refluff them for any gaming I may submit them for, so it doesn't really matter.

    Campaigns participated in: All my favourite ones are still in progress. If you want me to dig up old ones, I can. Just PM me.

    Info about you: I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to pbp and roleplaying in general (I only started playing in February 2010), so it's likely I won't know the ins and outs of everything, rule-wise. I prefer campaign with an heavy emphasis on roleplay and character interactions.
    My semi-newbie status (and personal inclinations) makes me terrible at optimizing characters, so it's doubtful that the characters I make will be very powerful. I don't mind taking advices, though (within reason, I dislike optimizing just for the sake of it).
    Also, I'm very open to suggestions and criticism on pretty much anything, from my build to my roleplaying style. Just PM me and we'll talk about it.


    Character Game System
    Audric, human (ex-)paladin The wrong guys; Second IC; Third IC; OOC; Second OOC D&D 3.5
    Marcus Lumen (and DH2.0 version), sanctioned Psyker Ratcatchers; IC 1.1; OOC; Second OOC; Third OOC (DH2.0) Dark Heresy/DH2.0
    Gwern Cadeyrn, human cleric of Wee Jas Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil; OOC D&D 3.5
    Tajah Ignotus, Sanctioned Psyker (technically) Seeds of liberation, OOC Dark Heresy(-ish)
    Erich Schneider, Tzimisce doctor In Blood and Mist, OOC Vampire The Masquerade V20 edition
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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Taking a little time off, for now. Thanks for your interest!

    Zack, though you can call me anything the mods don't mind.

    Ways to Contact:
    Feel free to contact me by email or through the private messaging system.

    Posting Frequency:
    I'm going to say a minimum of once per day, but often more (depending on the speed of the game).

    Game Systems:
    Excellent knowledge of D&D 3.5E (not a big PF fan), great knowledge of Starwars Saga Edition, good knowledge of D&D 4E, working knowledge of D20 Past/Modern/Future, and I downloaded all of the D&D Next playtests, but haven't been able to actually play it yet.

    I'm willing to work with all kinds of crazy homebrews, or even learn a new system, provided its not too complex and seems interesting.

    Types of Characters:
    Anything. I've played'em all, and would be happy to play whatever role the party needs (I actually enjoy supporting roles). I could feasibly play anything.

    Old Characters:
    Some of my better works (selected both for completeness of story and legibility);

    Sheet Link
    Character Description

    Barako Bakang | Epic minotaur gish with a helper monkey.

    Dr. Fell | Human scholar with a passion for anthropophagy.

    Garth | Eugenically perfected undead gladiator.

    Juanth Thrurirl | Half-dragon centaur monk.

    Stellan Vargsen | Halfling hunter and master of the ice floes.

    Tierden the Wrathful | Half-elf barbarian with identity issues.[/table]

    Old Campaigns:
    Sorry, but I think most have been deleted by this point.

    Other Information:
    I like RP-heavy social games as much as I like RP-light hack'n'slash games, and I'm usually up for sandboxes and puzzles, as well.

    I'm a fairly strong optimizer (particularly in D&D 3.5), but I can tell what is or is not appropriate. I'm always willing to scale my power level up or down to fit the game, as well as help other players do the same (though only if asked, unless the discrepancy is especially egregious).

    If you're looking for a player, or some help, feel free to hit me up.
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    I'm hardly an expert, but feel free to PM me if you ever need anything; build advice, homebrew advice,
    elaboration of a post I made, elaboration of my homebrew, my Social Security number, or just a friendly ear.

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    Default Re: Player Registry


    Ways to Contact:
    PM, please.

    Posting Frequency:

    Game Systems:
    I'm currently rather new to this whole scene. I have a basic familiarity with D&D 3.5 and New World of Darkness, especially Hunter: the Vigil. Currently trying to figure out Pathfinder and Serenity (Similar to Cortex, if you know what that is). I love learning new systems, though

    Types of Characters:
    Currently, I'm inexperienced enough to not know what I'm best with, so I'm playing anything and everything. However, I love playing odd or exotic races, just for the thrill of something different.

    Old Characters and Old Campaigns:
    I usually keep these in my signature.
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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: Celtic (Or Matt if ya like)
    Ways to Contact: PM works well, I get emailed when I get PM'd
    Posting Frequency: At the very least daily. But work allows me to pretty much be able to post all day long.
    Type of Campaign: I honestly really just do 4e, I have a DDI account and it is just wonderfully easy for me to look stuff up at work that way.
    Types of Characters: Anything and everything I am willing to try at least once. I love RPing and love to try different combinations of things that you might not usually think to put together.
    Old Characters & Old Campaigns: In my signature is an updated list of all my current Characters, and anything I am currently DMing.
    Other Information: I love playing D&D and while games don't tend to last super long on the forums, I love playing them anyway!! If you would like to play a game with me, I'd love to play a game with you too!
    My Extended Signature, Check it out!


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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: The Second
    Ways to Contact: IM
    Posting Frequency: Daily, Hourly between 5 and 7 PM CST
    Type of Campaign: D&D (3.5e)
    Types of Characters: Sorcerer, Beatstick, Healer
    Old Characters: None from this forum
    Old Campaigns: None from this forum.
    Other Information: I enjoy games with a good mix of RP, combat, and puzzle solving; I tend to prefer playing characters that are unoptimized by most standards, but fun by my own standards.
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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: Vesth
    Ways to Contact: PMs...or just ask for me in one of the OOC threads.
    Posting Frequency: Everyday, can be active from as little as an hour a day to the whole day.
    Type of Campaign: D&D 4e (Preferred), D&D 3.5...and I love trying out new systems, so I have tasted Call of Cthulhu, PDQ, One Piece d20, and so forth.
    Types of Characters: I love spellcasters. Wizards are awesome.
    First Steps
    Merchants and the King of Linlam (I can't find the link)
    Weird One-shot Adventures
    Abjure and Strife
    Battling the Shadows
    The Lost Pantheon
    The Settlement
    Dragon Warriors
    Connection and Contention
    One Piece D20
    A Casual Game
    Burning Wheel Gold
    Order of the Stick! Shenanigans in Dorukan's Dungeon!
    Isles of the Small Folk
    Dark Dungeons
    Things as Strange as Well Might Be
    Team Dragon
    CoC Haunting
    Heroes of the Fall

    Other Information: If you look carefully, you'll notice that I'm in a lot of games at once. If you look even more carefully though, I post in the active onces as an active member. So there's nothing to worry about, and I probably take a few more if I want to.

    I love roleplaying, puzzle solving and hack and slash, as do many other people. Feel free to contact me if you need a player or a DM
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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: Solinvitus
    Ways to Contact: PM
    Posting Frequency: Daily~ more than once.
    Type of Campaign: D&D 4E, Pathfinder, d20 Modern, Exalted, Wulin, Wuxing Ninja Crusade
    Types of Characters: Barbarian, Fighter, Ranger(Scout), All Exalted

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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: Ian
    Ways to Contact: Gmail, or message me on the forums.
    Posting Frequency: Not frequent on other than PbP.
    Type of Campaign: D&D 3.5e (Any setting)
    Types of characters: I prefer martial characters (My last was a non-spellcasting Complete Warrior ranger) but I can also do arcanists. I don't like divine spellcasters due to not being satisfied with my roleplaying of them.
    Play/Played: Mainly generic setting D&D. Interested in Roegotten Realms and Rokugan (no Eberron though, blech).
    Other: I'm new to the forums, looking to try PbP mainly. I can post pretty often. I'm not a min-maxer or an optimize or die type. I prefer playing for the sake of the story.

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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: Mike
    Ways to Contact: PM works
    Posting Frequency: Daily or Weekly
    Type of Campaign: Pathfinder
    Types of Characters: Any and All

    I am new to play by post by have been gaming for over 20 years. I look forward getting into some games here.

    In offline games, some of my favorite characters include:

    Jordan, a rogue that only sought adventure. However, after many near death experiences became a cleric of Selune.

    Kaslak, my first ever third edition character, a halfling ranger rogue with a real selfish streak. Character was retired.

    Drake Lorizan, a Ranger who found faith and became a paladin, that was a very fun character.

    Thomas Crawford, a Paladin/favored soul, interesting character concept.

    I have no interest in 4th edition, only in Pathfinder games. I do not have anything from 3.5 anymore.
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    Default Re: Player Registry


    Ways to Contact:
    Email/IM ([email protected]) are the most reliable ways. I'm likely to see PMs within a few days.

    Posting Frequency:
    Daily. I have a lot of free time, and while that may change in the not-so-distant future, I will definitely be available for at least a few hours every day.

    Type of Campaign:
    I'm most experienced with DND 3.5, but I have played campaigns in Call of Cthulhu, 4e, and Star Wars Saga. I have at least read through the rulebooks for the Wheel of Time RPG, Exalted, Runequest and a few other systems I can't remember off the top of my head; I'm up for pretty much any setting, provided I can have a few days to familiarize myself with the system.

    That said, I do tend to enjoy sword and sorcery settings more than plasma and lasgun settings.

    Types of Characters:
    In general, I almost always wind up playing either healer/support type characters or tanky martial characters. I have tried to branch out [I played an Investigator (admittedly very poorly) in CoC], and I have a couple different characters I really really want to play someday (RAGEMAGE IS BEST MAGE), but those are the two niches I seem to wind up in most frequently.

    Old Characters:
    Sadly, I can't find any of my old Mythweavers character sheets.

    Old Campaigns:
    I've never done a PBP campaign before, so I don't really have anything to share here.

    Other Information:
    As I said, I've never done a PBP campaign before, so I don't really know what to expect. In the campaigns I have played in the past, I've always been an active participant (especially in the crafting of Plans) and enjoy finding creative solutions to problems. That said, I would describe many of my plans as being somewhat impractical; others, I believe, have called them "the stupidest thing I've ever heard"; in all fairness, I still believe that there are relatively few problems a tactically-placed asteroid wouldn't solve.
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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: Shinovar

    Posting Frequency: Daily. Usually many times a day. Occasionally go a day with no posts.

    Types of Campaigns: 3.5 and Pathfinder or any mix of the two.

    Types of Characters: Casters and Melee. I know that's not specific but I like both. If I play melee though I usually like more choices (tome of battle, PF paladin, etc.)

    Old Characters: I have never done PBP, so no old characters to share.

    Old Campaigns: Again, no PBP experience, so nothing to share.

    Other Info: Nothing I can think of that's important. I am somewhat obsessed with the system and have done a ton of reading (everything on these forums in the last half year to year or so) but have limited play experience because my friends don't play much. I have built many low to mid level characters for practice though.

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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: Newcomer
    Ways to Contact: PM
    Available for New Game?: Potentially, yes.
    Posting Frequency: Up to several times daily
    Type of Campaign: D&D 3.5 only
    Types of Characters: I like skillful and nature-y characters.. high DEX and high INT. But most of all, I want to play a character, and hopefully a unique one.
    Current Characters:
    See signature
    Current Campaigns:
    See signature
    Old Characters (dead campaigns):
    Magnolia Sands, desert half-orc barbarian 1/druid 2
    Angelica Filpit, human cleric 4
    Elestil, goblin bardic sage 7
    Aleidra Moonsea, human cleric 1
    Other Information: D&D is still rather new and exciting to me, even the parts of it that are old and cliché to the old schoolers. I've only been playing for a couple years. My preference is for low/medium-op games that start in the low/mid levels. Mostly I want characters that really come to life.
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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: Morithias (Mori)
    Ways to Contact: This forum. If push comes to shove I will make a special email for play by post D&D.
    Posting Frequency: Daily, almost hourly, it really depends on what comes up in the real world. I do try to come on here quite often.
    Type of Campaign: Only have experience with D&D 3.5/Pathfinder
    Types of Characters: Loonie combined with Powergamer. My favorite thing to do is to take inherently weak classes like the Master, Healer, and so on, and try to make it so they can contribute to a tier 3 party. I often play rogues and other "Face" type characters when I don't do this. I tend to avoid spellcasters outside of the healer and the cleric.
    Old Characters: None Currently.
    Old Campaigns: None Currently.
    Other Information: I do not have much experience with official settings outside of scanning the books for prestige classes and feats. Giving me a name, or information on your settings and an outline of the plot so I can write out a good backstory is much appreciated. Also I have a tendency to cross-play (I am male in real life). So if that bothersome to you out please warn me.

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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: THUMP / Max
    Ways to Contact: Through PMs
    Posting Frequency: Daily/Hourly if possible.
    Type of Campaign: d20, D&D (3.5e, Pathfinder), d20 Modern, though I am a bit unfamiliar with Modern, I have been reading up on it.
    Types of Characters: Martial characters, gishes on occasion, Monster Races!!!
    CHARACTERS: Ithlikar the Stormbringer (Avatar, blue dragon Warblade/Warshaper), Ukem Tailreaver (Water orc barbarian), Tolthen Lockheed(Hobgoblin ranger, don't have sheet anymore), Bob the Xixecal (xixecal!)
    CAMPAIGNS: Bringers of Chaos, The Dragon Knights Unleashed, others
    Other Information: I tend to post very erratically, so I might post four or five times one day, or once the next day. I enjoy roleplaying much more than crunch, but crunch is a lot of fun for me also, so don't be surprised if you see quadruple-digit numbers from time to time.
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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: Lunar2
    Ways to Contact: [email protected]
    Posting Frequency: at least monday/wednesday/friday, usually one or more other days.
    Type of Campaign: 3.5
    Types of Characters: I'm most experienced with clerics, but often have ideas for different concepts.
    Other Information: I'm a rookie to PbP, and I love homebrew.
    78% of DM's started their first campaign in a tavern. If you're one of the 22% that didn't, copy and paste this into your signature.

    Where did you start yours?

    The PCs were already a special forces type unit in a kingdom's military, so the campaign started in the general's office.

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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: YsgramorsBeard (Beardy or Kaal for short.)
    Ways to Contact: By pm or email ([email protected])
    Posting Frequency: I usually get around to posting multiple times a day. My schedule is pretty flexible.
    Type of Campaign: Pathfinder, 3.5, 4E
    Types of Characters: I mostly play spellcasters and core races.
    Old Characters: N/A
    Old Campaigns: N/A
    Other Information: I've been playing D&D for about six years and I'm looking for a campaign that has a nice balance of roleplay and combat. I also prefer smaller parties (3-4 PCs). Buyer beware: I'll roll a diplomacy check on anything at least once.
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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: SgtCarnage92
    Ways to Contact: PM
    Posting Frequency:A couple times a week, but i can up the rate to daily for a game
    Type of Campaign: Most familiar with 3.5 and PF, but i prefer PF.
    Types of Characters: I have a tendency to play demi-human arcanists of some kind but that's just because i'm the only one willing to do so in my RL group. I'll run pretty much anything just to give it a shot.
    Old Characters: Never done a PbP, past IRL character sheets are burned as a ceremonial funeral on character perma-death .
    Old Campaigns: Never done a PbP
    Other Information: I've done mostly hack/slash games up until this point because that's all I had available to me. I would be really interested in doing a more social heavy game.

    edit: clarification
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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: Mephit James, MJ, Mephit
    Ways to Contact: PM or [email protected]
    Posting Frequency: Daily to Weekly
    Type of Campaign: D&D (3.xe or 4e), Eclipse Phase, World of Darkness (cWoD,nWoD), d20 Modern, Degenesis, Shadowrun (4e), Scion
    Types of Characters: Quirky characters and interesting personalities (neat backgrounds over neat mechanics)
    Sample Characters: Naivara, Nikos d'Orien, Rathan d'Ghallanda, Ulric

    I'm active here and at the Real Adventure Forums at Wizards of the Coast.
    Mephit James' Games: Home to my game creations and resources.

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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: Lord Dusk (Dusk for short)

    Ways to Contact: Email ([email protected])

    Posting Frequency: Whatever is relevant to the game, although with school Daily and Hourly is more likely.

    Type of Campaign: D&D (3.5e preferred, have 4e rulebooks), Exalted, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Dark Heresy

    Types of Characters: Healers, Scourges, Mystic Adepts, Psykers
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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: Kaworu
    Ways to Contact: Rather PM, I don't check my e-mail to often
    Posting Frequency: One post per day or two, sometimes often
    Type of Campaign: Eclipse Phase, Exalted, oWoD, anything but DnD
    Types of Characters: Intellectuals (majority), though I really want to play Full Moon Martial Artist
    Other notes: Not a native, but very eager!

    Actual characters

    Character Session System
    Dr. Benjamin Denkart Red White and Dead All Over Call of Cthulhu

    Past characters

    Character Session System
    Solon Galatas The Vanguard of the Fourth Age Modern Exalted 2.5
    Dr. Albert Carlsson The Steep and Thorny Path Eclipse Phase
    Ryu Hikari Devil Tigers Adventures Exalted 2.5
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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: Eternis
    Ways to Contact: PM is preferred.
    Posting Frequency: Daily if not more frequently generally, sometimes 1/week, and 1/month during exams.
    Type of Campaign: Any, really, but I don't really know any other than 3.5e D&D (And now pathfinder) [And burning wheel, but that's REALLY hard to find games for]
    Types of Characters: Always intellectual, even as a fighter.
    Actual Characters: So far, only sheets for two pathfinder chars:

    Dwarven Fate/Undeath Cleric of (I think a homebrew god?), hates the gods and the idea of fate [Currently Campaigning]:
    Gnomish Alchemist, BOOM.

    New one coming soon, aqua sorcerer that worships cthulhu.
    Other Notes: ... If you describe something really well, but without realising what that means about the rock, I will use that to my advantage. If you fail to describe it in proper detail, I will ask you about it, and then use that to my advantage. I will use what you have given me as advantage, but I don't munchkin. ( Apart from that )
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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: Tim (Timballisto)
    Ways to Contact: PM, I check daily
    Posting Frequency: At least once a day, if not more.
    Type of Campaign: Star Wars Saga Edition
    Types of Characters: I prefer skill-based characters
    Old Characters: Prijat Ganko, from an irl campaign.
    Old Campaigns: Was fun, but ended too soon.
    Other Information: I've been GMing a SWSE game off and on for almost two years; I'd like to be a player for a change.

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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: TriumphantHero
    Ways to Contact: Email or PM, I check pretty regularly when not working or in class.
    Posting Frequency: At least once a day, more likely every hour or so.
    Types of Campaign: 3.5
    Types of Characters: Good all-rounders, mostly. I tend to pick up a theme and try to find decent class combinations that fit it.
    Old Characters: None Here
    Old Campaigns: Again, None Here
    Other Information: I've been playing in-person for about 10 years, fairly new to online games.
    The Triumphant Hero Returns Victorious...

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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: ThreeDSix
    Ways to Contact: Email or PM
    Posting Frequency: About once a day, I try check in every second day at least. (GMT +02:00)
    Types of Campaign: 3.5, played PF once.
    Types of Characters: Tend to lean towards melee combat, though I don't like one - trick ponies. Spellcasters are a mystery to me.
    Old Characters: None Here
    Old Campaigns: Again, None Here
    Other Information: I've been playing in-person for about 9 years, completely new to online games.
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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: Thattaman
    Ways to Contact: PM
    Posting Frequency: Twice a day-ish
    Type of Campaign: Pathfinder only
    Types of Characters: I love Arcane caster and Charisma based classes and Gunslinger
    Other Information: I'd really love to play in a high-level game.

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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: da prophet- call me paranoid but i do not like to give my real name on the internett.
    Ways to Contact: pm me on this forum.
    Posting Frequency: i may use my phone almost always(not when im sleeping.) But i only make characters at home or other places i have my computer.
    Type of Campaign: everything from ugh! Me go bang smelly thing to shadowrun (mostly interested in intrigue fantasy, but any fantasy works.)
    Types of Characters:. Mostly faces when they are possible to play when not i use about everything.
    Old Characters: mad scientist(played him for over two years ) is my coolest character even though i have. Made about everything.
    Old Campaigns: many favorite was a questsolving saving the world world of darkness homebrew
    Other Information: i may be hard to understand when i write from my phone beacause of ****ed writing mechanicks( never buy huawei.)but the biggest proplem is fullstops which comes almost at random, but ill edit most of the posts fast
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