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    Lightbulb The Shift [pathfinder druid spell](I HOPE YOU LIKE TEXT!)

    The Shift
    LV druid 3
    duration: instantaneous
    Saving throw: none
    Spell resistance: yes

    as beast shape 2, except as noted here. any feats that allow you to do things while wildshaped allow you to do things in this form.with this spell, you change yourself into any nonmagical animal of any size large through diminutive. This change is your new true form. your type permanently changes to animal, and you ARE venerable to handle animal, but the check is made at a -(5 + your int mod + 3/4 hit dice). your revive 1 unrecoverable point of INT drain. your perception gains a boost equal to the base form's WIS modifier(if you ever cast this spell again,
    this changes to the new base form's Wis bonus.) you cannot speak unless your animal form would allow it, OR you have wild speech. you cannot spell cast unless you have Natural Spell.

    until you spend 24 hours in this form, you take a -5 on all weapon attack rolls, -10 to base land speed, and -3 to all dex checks as you get used to
    the form, as there is no magic helping anymore. you can't wield weapons unless your form could do so normally.

    You can take feats that allow you to do things in wildshape even if you don't actually have wildshape.

    this form is not considered polymorphed, so polymorph effects still work on you. you do NOT know how to speak with animals of your spices unless
    you spend 2 skill ranks on learning it. (animal is a lot of body language, and is really hard for a ex-humanoid to learn.) in addition to the things
    you normally get with beast shape 2, you also can get poison if your new form would have it.

    to cast this spell, you must have a corpse of the animal you want to become. you draw a circle on the ground with special chalk worth 1000 GP,
    and place the corpse on one side. you then take a part of you,(or the creature who wishes to change) then and place it on the opposite side of the circle. then when you(or the creature who wishes to change) sit in the center, you (or the creature who wishes to change) begin to change into the animal. during this process, the part of the person changing burns over the course of an hour, into nothingness. you(or the creature who wishes to change) must remain in the center of the circle, and not move yourself any more then absolutely nessiary. (blinking, breathing, heart beating,moving eyes, and any movement brought by the slow change are all acceptable.) this change is not pleasant, but not incredibly painful. you must make a dc 15 will AND fortitude save to avoid moving.(you can spend 20 minutes preparing yourself mentally for this, giving a +3 on both saves.

    if you move,all the effects snap back, and you must make a dc 10 fortitude save or be sickened for a week. if you successfully become the creature you must make a dc 25 will save or become more feral, gaining a +2 on all checks to change the attitude of animals, but a -4 on all checks to influence all other creatures. (there may be exceptions for other rather feral creatures.) the penalty and bonus stack every time you cast this spell. if the penalty to human interaction ever goes beyond 12, you must make a will save (DC 20+ # of times you have used this spell) or become mindless (as failing the will save on baleful polymorph). this is only cured by awaken animal, witch returns your sentience.

    furthermore, before this spell will work, you have to have the approval of nature on your side. if not a druid, pray to a deity of nature for approval.
    this usually does not violate your current deity's standing with you, as long as you are asking for approval, and NOTHING else, and the deity is not hostile to yours. druids must seek approval of nature itself. you must get 10 ordinary animals of the type you desire to turn into (usually through the speak with animals spell) to agree that you would make a good member of their spices. they do not have to know you could actually become one, simply state that you are rather like them, or their species in general. (the answer doesn't have to be sophisticated or complex in any way.) you could also get approval from a neutral deity of nature.

    if you know anthropomorphic animal, you can apply it permanently to the form you are about to enter for 10000 gp, even if you don't have/can't learn permanence, or your caster level is too low.

    if you cooperate with a caster who knows beast shape 1, and you or he know anthropomorphic animal, you can spend 30000 more gp, and you can make it so you pick a form to be your main form (anthropomorphic or normal) and the other to be assumable for 1*your HD minutes a day. you may split this time
    up as you wish, but it always uses at least one minaute of your daily use.

    Any comments or suggestions?
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