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    Default Ideas for class wanted!

    I'm making a base class that wears a suit of magical armor, that has the ability to support all kinds of attachments, such as weapons and tools. One of the features is an upgrade list, which the character can buy upgrades from.
    However, my current list isn't big enough. I'd like suggestions from the playground on possible upgrades. They don't need to be statistical, just flavor that I can make statistical. Here's the current upgrade list:

    The main power of Autoplate is its ability to interface with equipment powered by phlegostin. Certain phlegostin based weapons and tools can be bonded to Autoplate using upgrade points. Upgrade points are gained when attaining levels. Different upgrades cost different amounts of UP. 1 UP can be bought for 1500 xp. Many upgrades have improved versions, which all cost 1 UP.

    Attach Phlegostin Weapon (1 UP for a small weapon, 2 UP for a large weapon)
    You attach a Phlegostin weapon to your autoplate. It interfaces with your commands directly. This upgrade can be taken multiple times. The weapons do add to your weight carried.
    Improved: Reload mechanism. Applied to one weapon, this upgrade decreases reload time by one step, full round becomes standard, standard becomes move, move becomes swift.

    Improve Defenses (2 UP)
    Improve AC bonus by 1, increase Armor HP by 3(On top of the bonus from improved AC), and hardness by 2. This Upgrade can be taken repeatedly.

    Improve Power (1 UP)
    Make the effective strength for your autoplate 16.

    Visor Upgrade(1 UP)
    You gain an HUD that can be activated using 1 fifthtank of Phlegostin. You gain lowlight vision, a +5 to spot and listen checks, and the effects of a detect magic spell for 3 rounds. If you aalready have lowlight vision, gain darkvision to 40'.

    Combat Algorithms (3 UP)
    You gain the ability to use your Intelligence modifier in melee combat rather than strength, and Int rather than Dex for ranged attacks by spending 2 fifthtanks per attack.

    Energy Efficiency (2 UP)
    You improve the fuel efficiency of your armor. Decrease the energy cost of all functions that require fluid phlegostin by 1 fifthtank. If the function costs 1 fifthtank, it becomes 1/2 a fifthtank.

    Environmental Upgrade (1 UP)
    You gain the benefits of a constant Endure Elements and Water Breathing Spell, as well as a + 2 to saves against poison and Disease.

    Jump Jets (1 UP)
    By spending 2 fifthtanks of phlegostin, you may gain a +20 to a single jump check.
    Improved: You gain a fly speed of half your land speed with average maneuvrability. You must expend 1 fifthtank for every round this is active.

    Electromagnetic Field (1 UP)
    You gain a + 2 deflection bonus to AC against metal or stone weapons.
    Improved: +4 deflection bonus, otherwise identical to standard.

    Mobility Upgrade (1 UP)

    You gain 10ft to your base land speed, a +1 to Reflex saves, and a +2 to initiative.

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    Default Re: Ideas for class wanted!

    Since I'm a huge fan of FMA, how about at a certain point they can bond their soul to their armor making them a construct for a period of time granting them a boost to str, damage reduction, immunity to crits as well as the other construct traits, and other good stuff.

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    Default Re: Ideas for class wanted!

    ErrantX has made this, which does almost exactly what you're talking about, is a very well rounded class with lots of options, and most of all, is just plain awesome.

    Also, my Bastion (check sig) is a PrC which runs to the mystic vibe, and runs off the idea of mingling your soul within the armour and allows you to make anything from mecha to combat suits.

    If you still wanna make this class of yours then I'm happy to help with ideas, mechanics and plain old fluff, but you may be better served by checking out these two and using them instead, it's certainly a lot less work!
    All I ask is a tall ship, and a star to steer her by.

    My homebrews Moloques! Sagacious Defender of the Forge, The Open Palm, Sacred Scourge, The Bastion
    Co-Developer of the Mutant Powers Project:
    World Warper
    Telekineticist and ACFs, Feats, Shadow Hand PrC

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    Dwarf in the Playground

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    Default Re: Ideas for class wanted!

    Thanks both of you.
    I considered the soul bonding, but decided that at 11th level the suit would become sentient, so that'd be difficult, if not impossible, not to mention possible moral implications.

    I will check out those 2 classes. Thanks for reccommending them. I'll also take you up on your offer for help, and send you the class in a PM. please PEACH. Thanks for that too.

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