"Unra drnii tyehugoraimymy yw drnii ziyhuchty tyezira, drniian myezi drnii chunknidr eraty nionrakihuity. Emy drniian myezi drnii tyehugoraimymy, drniian nionrakihuity. Edr khuiedr chirakdrnimy, drniian ifiira myezi drniiunhu yzira nionrakihu, eraty tyifiyonhuity ifiira drniedr.

Ziehui drnii Tyifiyonhuihumy, wyhu rayrai ehui myewi whuyli drniiunhu viezimy.*." The Words of the Great Dragon Elder Ziyhuchtymybaiegoihu

[*In the darkness of the world dawn, they saw the light and hungered. As they saw the darkness, they hungered. At great lengths, they even saw their own hunger, and devoured even that.

Ware the Devourers, for none are safe from their jaws.]

Spoken of only is wisphers of the oldest and mightest of the dragons, Deep Trolls and Demons are the Bahuunliech Nionrakihumy, the Primal Hungers. Before time began, they slept, their hunger yet unawakened. But as the first god established the beginings of the wheel, these primal monsters where unleashed. They devoured all in their path, God, angel, mortal, Elder evil alike, even the base fabric of the universe was mere food for them!

It took a colition of Demon Lords, Archangels, Elder Evils and Gods to imprision them once more. But even then, the prision is something they could eat.... and slowly, they've been eating their way out of it, occasionly finding a shell to help abate their endless hunger...

K, this is going to be a melee bruiser that has a two important mechanics. One, he eats ya (go figure), the second is simple. The more he weighs.... the stronger his abillities get Ya, you read me right, all of it's DC's will be based off Weight, skinny people, do not apply to be a unending hunger monster