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    Default Noob question: Peach?

    What does PEACH mean when it's all capitals and whatnot in a tabletop context? I don't think it's the fuzzy chinese nectar-fruit.

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    Why would someone want to kill catgirls?
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    Because they're mean butts jealous of how purrrrfect we are.
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    Default Re: Noob question: Peach?

    Nope! It stands for Please Evaluate And Critique Honestly, and apparently originated on Wizards' old forum, if memory serves. Pretty much only applies to homebrew.
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    That's RAW for you; 100% Rules-Legal, 110% silly.
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    "Common sense" and "RAW" are not exactly on speaking terms
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    Default Re: Noob question: Peach?

    In common usage it means "Hey! You! Look at my stuff? D'you like it? Cool!"

    Or something to that effect.
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