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    Default House rule - shorter death time

    So we found death to be very demoralizing and make the game not as much fun to play.

    Our stairs downward found their way to be on the furthest edges from each other. So when someone died, they had to take the longest route possible in this game.

    In addition, we had a dark room in our way, causing progress back to the entrance to stop along the way.

    This cause a 7 or 8 turn delay for the player(s) to return from being dead, along with a good chunk of his treasure.

    I though of a house rule which I'd like to try and see what people think.

    When you die, you drop 2 items from your loot stash plus an number of items equal to the floor you are on. Therefore, you drop 3 items on the first floor, 4 items on the second floor, etc.

    You then immediately go dungeon entrance and skip two turns. The first turn can be considred you running back to the entrance and the second turn "resting" to recoved your skills and hit points.


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    Default Re: House rule - shorter death time

    That's a pretty good rule as it accomplishes almost everything the running away was supposed to. And you still have to make your way back to the bottom levels so it's still quite a hassel. I'm gonna have to write that into my rule book.


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