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    Default Zman's Minor Magic Fix(3.5)

    Here is a basic fix list for spells and learning new spells. This fix is meant to work wih my class fixes, see Homebrew signature for details. As always I'm looking for any other suggestions or broken spells I missed or if you feel I've nerfed something without reason.

    Changes to Magic

    Spell cost: *the spell cost for learning new spells and adding them into a Spellbook is now equal to 50gp x spell level x spell level. *This cost must be paid when learning spells from other caster and can be bartered if equal. *Spell books found as loot have a value equal to the cost of each spell contained within. *Spellbooks can be sold for the value of the spells unknown to the buyer, or 1/2 value to a noncaster..

    Spellcasting:. Spellcasting is Strenuous and deals 1 point per spell level of Non Lethal damage to the caster. If using Wound/Vitality points Spellcasting costs one vitality point per spell level. If the character has no Vitality Points Remaining he must make a Fortitude Save of DC 10+ Spell Level or Become Fatigued. If Fatigued he must make a Fortitude Save of DC 10+ Spell Level or become Exhausted. If Exhausted he must make a Fortitude Save DC 10+ Spell Level or fall unconscious.

    Using an SLA also deals Non Lethal or Vitality damage as a spell of its level.

    Illusion Spells: If a subject of an illusion has sufficient reason to disbelieve something, it is entitled to a saving through without interaction or careful study.

    Charm Spells: Note definition of "Friendly" is not the same as helpful, nor drone. No change, simply a reiteration and rules clarification.

    Dominate Spells: Note guidelines for additional saves. Attacking Allies would be consistent with "against one's nature".

    Changes to Spells

    Ability Damage and Drain: Spells 3rd level and under provide Ability Penalties instead of Ability Drain and Ability Damage. *For Shivering Touch and the like.

    Alter Self and Polymorph: Spells now are part of the Polymorph Subschool and must follow all restrictions unless those stated in the spell are more restrictive. Any Spellcasting in a Polymorphed form is subject to Arcane Spell Failure equal to 20% for verbal components and 20% for Somatic components for a total of 50% if both components are required. Duration is also reduced by one step, ie 10min/level to 1min/level, 1min/level to 1round/level.

    Animate Dead: Normal Control limits are halved, casting time is 1 round.

    Baleful Polymorph and Polymorph Any Object: Maximum durations equal to one month/caster level and can be dispelled.

    Black Tentacles: Reflex Save vs first Grapple. *Tentacles grapple as if they were Medium Size.

    Blindness/Deafness: Duration is now one month/caster level

    Celerity: This line of spells no longer exists.

    Creation Spells: Spells that "create" substances now have a duration of permanent and can be dispelled. "Created" Substances cannot be used to craft items ie Creating the materials to Fabricate Masterwork Armor and then selling them. These items will not be bought.

    Explosive Runes: Maximum of one castings worth of damage irregardless of the number of runes there'd simultaneously.

    Feeblemind: Duration is now one month/caster level.

    Invisibility: Duration in Rounds/Level.

    Knock: Caster counts as having an effective 20 Ranks in Open Lock when attempting to unlock mechanical locks. This cannot be modified in any way. The Caster can choose to Take 10 while not threatened or rushed, but can never Take 20.

    Luminous Armor: Can be learned and cast by Spontaneous Casters. Causes Light Sensitivity(-1 to attack rolls, -2 for those who are already sensitivity to light instead of -4 to melee attack rolls)

    Gate, Time Stop, Astral Projection, Wish, Miracle, Shapechange along with other 9th level spells: All are removed from normal 20 level play with Spellcasting class fixes.

    Orb Spells, SR as normal.

    Planar Summoning: the use of any SU ability by a Summoned/Bound/etc creature must have its experience and material component cost provided by tu caster. No free wishes, communes, etc.

    Planar Ally: The price required for the use of powerful abilities do not follow the normal costs. Any sufficiently powerful ability comes with a correspondingly high cost, for instance a Noble Djinn may require a difficult quest or a large sum of wealth to grant a wish if the request is not outright denied along with the normal xp and material component costs.

    Planar Bindings: Charisma Check Modifier from +0-+10, asking a creature to explicitly use is SLAs is a +10. *A bound creature cannot use SLAs that have a refresh longer than one day(ie week, month, year, 3 wishes, etc). Planar Binding can not gain the use of 9th level spells such as Wish. Any attempt to force a creature to do so fails.

    Power word Pain: Will save each round to negate damage.

    Shrink Item: Items change size one category per round.

    Sleep: Creature receive additional saves the following rounds. Three failures results in the creature sleeping for the full duration.

    Summoning Spells: Casting Time is now 2 rounds for summoning spells with a 1 round casting time.

    Wraithstrike: Only affects one attack per casting.


    Metamagic can only be reduced a total of one spell level with the exception DMM. For instance no Metamagic Reducer stacking which reduces the cost of any Metamagic feat by more than one. No spell can be cast with metamagic which would put its effective level beyond 8th level spells pre epic.
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    Default Re: Zman's Minor Magic Fix(3.5)


    Added Planar Ally

    Added Creation Spells
    Modified Alter Self/Polymorph line
    Modified Planar Summoning Line
    Added Animate Dead
    Added Spellcasting Cost(Non Lethal/Vitality)
    Added Metamagic Clause

    Added Shrink Item

    Modified Invisibility Duration

    Added SLAs to Nonlethal and Vitality Causing.

    Added Knock

    Added Luminous Armor
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