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    Default Chronoborn (Template)


    Creating a Chronoborn.
    Chronoborn is an acquired template that can be added to any living creature.
    Chronoborn are created through chance or happenstance, when time simply malfunctions for them, or if time is a persona or sentient force it may favor them.

    Level Adjustment: +2
    Challenge Rating: +1

    Alignment: Alignment is unchanged.

    Hit Dice: A Chronoborn's hit dice are unchanged.

    Senses: Senses are unchanged.

    Speed: Speed is unchanged.

    Armor class: Chronoborn possess a +1 deflection bonus to AC.

    Attack: Chronoborn can shorten the given natural life span of a target by one year at a touch. It can take many dozens of such attacks to kill a person, but the effect is undetectable without strong divination effects to reveal the source. When they die of this, they die as though they died of old age. There is no visual aging, however. For every five year's drained in this way, the Chronoborn recovers one year of their own natural life span which unlike the attack itself, does effect their visual appearance.

    Special Defenses: No change.

    Special Attacks:
    Chronoborn retain all special attacks of the base creature.

    Special Qualities:
    Chronoborn retain all special qualities of the base creature but gains the following:

    Personal Time (Su): The Chronoborn can take risky actions and, if things go badly, simply reverse her personal timeline to before she made the effort. At the beginning of her turn, the Chronoborn can decide to use this as a free action. She then takes one normal round of actions, with all results noted temporarily. After her round of activity, before the next creature’s turn begins, the Chronoborn must decide if she is going to keep the round of activity she just took, or rewind herself.

    If she keeps the round of activity, any changes made to any character during her turn become permanent. If she decides to reverse her timeline, she goes back to the moment she used this ability, and all changes that occurred during her round are erased from all creatures and items. The Chronoborn is left with a standard action remaining, and is still considered to have spent a use of this ability and made use of her move action already. No one but the Chronoborn remembers actions that took place during a round of time she reverses, and only divination spells of 6th level or higher can reveal such events. If a Chronoborn is killed or knocked unconscious during a round of personal time, she automatically reverses back to the beginning of her turn.

    A Chronoborn can use this a number of times per day equal to her charisma modifier + 1/4th HD. At 20HD, it becomes an at-will ability.
    A Chronoborn can never use this ability more than once in one turn, thus if she restarts she must wait until her next turn to restart again.

    Once per week the Chronoborn can revert back one minute through time automatically if they would be killed by an effect outside of Personal Time.

    Abilities: The Chronoborn's nature grants them a few enhancements to their ability scores.
    +2 Dex, as they perceive time slightly slower with adrenaline and may get a sense for what happens in the next few moments easier.
    +2 Charisma, as they are blessed with an enigmatic air to them that can be alluring or frightening.

    Skills: +2 Escape artist and Tumble.

    Environment: Same as base creature.

    Organization: Same as base creature.

    Treasure: Same as base creature.
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    Default Re: Chronoborn (Template)

    Excedingly broken, however it is good that seeing the future is limited to one round.
    Still, some kind of penalty other than just use/day would be nice. Perhaps tie it into their stealing of time from others, which needs to be made detectable.

    Edit: Also, don't you have a game to be dming?
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