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    Default The Six Weapons of Destruction [Artifacts, comments encouraged!]

    These are a set of artifacts made for the Ymaggion campaign setting. Opposite these were created the Seven Perfect Weapons.

    The Six Weapons of Destruction

    The Six Weapons of Destruction are six of the most powerful weapons found in Ymaggion. They were created by the Ninth Son of Darkness, Kuro, thousands of years ago, during the dark days leading up to the First End of the World. He created the Sword of Destruction, but its power was too great for anyone but him to handle, so he split it into six shards which became other weapons. Two of them he gave to his most trusted servants, while he spread the other four around the world, so that they might be found by unwitting creatures in a later age, and cause much destruction themselves.

    Using the Knowledge (forbidden lore) skill, someone can know bits of tales and the powers of these artifacts. (In other settings this can be replaced with arcana, history or the planes.)

    {table=head]Knowledge check DC | Knowledge gained

    28 | The names of the Six Weapons of Destruction.

    33 | The general history of all the Six Weapons of Destruction.

    38 | The powers of all the Six Weapons of Destruction, except for the Sword of Destruction.

    43 | The character knows everything about the Six Weapons of Destruction and likely has connections to previous wielders or their creators.[/table]

    The Axe of Ailments
    This +5 defending Large battleaxe has blades of blotchy, dark green colour and a spike at either end of its handle. The other end can be used for Two-Weapon Fighting if the axe is wielded in two hands, and it counts as a +5 defending dagger. When the axe (but not the dagger part) strikes a foe, the wielder may choose to affect the target with any one kind of contact or injury poison. Also, once per encounter, the wielder of the axe may make a special attack as a standard action, and the target of the attack must make a Will save (DC 25) or be unable to use one of their class features for 1 minute.

    The Bow of Emotion
    This wicked-looking weapon is a +5 composite longbow that adjusts itself to its wielder's Strength score. It's arrows have the power to inflict emotions on their victims. The wielder of this bow may choose to affect a target with crushing despair, fear, good hope or rage, chosen before each attack (other emotions are possible as well; no save and bypasses immunity to enchantments unless granted by Epic magic or another artifact). The wielder may also create ethereal arrows of arcane energy upon drawing back the bowstring and fire them to inflict any of these emotions, but these arrows deal no damage.

    The Katana of Elements
    This +5 katana is pitch black in colour and allows its wielder some control over the elements. The wielder's caster level with spells with the [Acid], [Air], [Cold], [Earth], [Electricity], [Fire] and [Water] descriptors increases by 10. The wielder also ignores arcane spell failure from armor and shields. Furthermore, each attack deals an additional 4d6 points of damage of acid, cold, electricity or fire, as chosen by the wielder at the time of each turn.

    The Sickle of Death
    A curved blade just over a yard long sprouts from the end of a staff seven feet in length. The staff has a worn appearance, and the blade has the image of three dead oak trees engraved on it.

    All attacks made with this +5 ghost touch scythe count as touch attacks. Furthermore, the wielder can use animate dead, create undead and create greater undead as spell-like abilities at will. Through the scythe's power, they can control up to 20 HD of undead per point of the wielder's Charisma bonus (10 HD of undead if the wielder doesn't have a positive Charisma modifier). However, a Good creature can never control more than 40 HD of undead through the power of the scythe and a Neutral creature never more than 80 HD of undead.

    The Staff of Fear
    This bright red +5/+5 quarterstaff has great power over fear. Wielding it gives the wielder a 60 ft aura of fear that makes all targets shaken (Will DC 23 negates). Targets that are already shaken by this effect become frightened instead. Targets that are already frightened by this effect become panicked instead. Saves against this effect must be made every other round (once per 2 rounds) and the effect ignores immunity to fear, unless it is granted by Epic magic or another artifact. Furthermore, the wielder can target a creature within 300 ft to learn their greatest fears (Will DC 23 negates) and may use wish as a spell-like ability once per encounter to make a target's fear become reality.

    The Sword of Time
    This +5 speed longsword grants the wielder some ability to control time itself. It is so dark that only when bright light is shed upon it it is revealed to be purple in colour. The wielder is permanently affected by the haste spell and may cast time stop once per day, and when making a full attack the wielder may make two full attacks instead. Someone struck by the sword can be affected as if by a slow spell (Will DC 23 negates), be made to age 1d6 years, or, if the wielder of the sword knows the command phrase in the Zafzenian language, send them to another time period.

    The Sword of Destruction
    The Sword of Destruction is undoubtedly the most terrible weapon created in the history of Ymaggion. Any attack made with this greatsword is resolved as a touch attack and deals an additional 40d6 points of damage. It ignores hardness and damage reduction and anything reduced to 0 hit points by it is turned into molecular dust. Any non-Evil creature attempting to hold it must make a Will save (DC 23) or be instantly compelled to acts of destruction, usually against its non-Evil (former) allies.

    Furthermore, Evil wielders of the Sword gain the ability to use apocalypse from the sky as a spell-like ability useable once per day as a full-round action, and they can also use it to cut holes in reality itself and travel through them to other planes or multiverses, as if by using planeshift at will as an extraordinary ability. Every day the Sword is in someone's possession, it drives them slightly further into the depths of Evil, lust for power, and madness.
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    Default Re: The Six Weapons of Destruction [Artifacts, comments encouraged!]

    Added a bit of lore and the Sword of Destruction. I should try and see if there are other emotion-based spells around for the Bow to use... and maybe make up more options for the Axe of Ailments.
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