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    Default The Psychic Warrior (Yet Another Take!)

    Possibly the most Homebrewed class idea out there. Here is my take.

    For my version, I wanted a class that had archetypes that fulfilled very different roles. I wanted a Tank-ish up close fighter, a sneaky light burst damage type and a social/leader type. I created a background format that can allow each archetype to share certain effects and used the Archetype to flesh out the somewhat major differences.

    I'm not entirely happy with the results.

    The Psychic Warrior

    Hit Points
    Hit Dice: 1d10 per Psychic Warrior level
    Hit Points at 1st Level: 10 + your Constitution modifier
    Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 (or 6) + your
    Constitution modifier per Psychic Warrior level after 1st
    Light Armor, Medium Armor
    Simple Weapons, Martial Melee Weapons
    Charisma and Wisdom Saves
    Choose two of (Athletics, Acrobatics, Persuasion, Deception, Stealth, Perception, Insight)

    1: Unarmored Defense (AC=Dex+Wis while unarmored, Shield is allowed), Psychic Weapon (summoned weapon, Deals 1d6 Psychic damage, is Magic for purposes of Resistances), Pick Sub-class: Guardian (Fighter), Emissary (Leader), Sentinel (Rogue)
    2: Mind Over Body (Add WisBonus to Athletics and Acrobatics checks), Spell Casting; Fighting
    Style (Dueling, Two Weapon Fighting, Defense, Protection, Great Weapon Fighting)
    3: Sub-class Feature
    4: ASI
    5: Extra Attack
    6: Enhanced Guidance (Roll 1d6 when using Guidance Cantrip)
    7: Sub-class Feature
    8: ASI
    9: Additional Cantrip
    10: Enhanced Mind Over Body (Adv. on Athletics and Acrobatics checks, Leaps no longer limited.)
    11: Sub-class Feature
    12: ASI
    13: Danger Sense (as Barbarian)
    14: Additional Cantrip
    15: Sub-class Feature
    16: ASI
    17: Supreme Guidance (Guidance Cantrip becomes a d8)
    18: Additional Cantrip
    19: ASI
    20: The Future is Now (May cast a self only version of Foresight as a Ritual)

    * Know whole spell list as per Paladin/Cleric
    * DC = 8 + Proficiency Bonus + Wisdom Bonus
    * Cantrips: At level 3, learn Guidance and 1 other cantrip from the list. Learn an additional cantrip at levels 9, 14 and 18.
    * Spells Known as per Paladin Advancement
    1: Gain Heavy Armor Proficiency
    3: Enhanced Psychic Weapon (Summon a second weapon, shield or increase the summoned weapon to two hand size (1d10+Reach))
    7: Aura of Protection: Add WisBonus to all Saves, affects nearby allies.
    11: Force of Will: Enemies have Disadvantage to resist Knockdown/Knockback effects generated by the Guardian
    15: Mind Over Matter: May add WisBonus to AC even while wearing Armor.

    1: Gain Investigation Proficiency
    3: Inspiring (As Bardic Inspiration, but Wis based), Personable (Add WisBonus to Persuasion and Deception)
    7: Preserver (As a Reaction, may cast Shield on a Target within 50' they have LOS to)
    11: Diplomat (Adv on Insight and Social Skill checks)
    15: Diplomatic Immunity (Unless they are the only target in combat, enemies must make a Wisdom save vs the Consular's spell DC or attack a different target. If the Consular is hit by an attack which does not directly target them, they have Resistance to the effect.)

    1: Gain Stealth Proficiency
    3: Sneak Attack (Lvl/3+1, Max 7d6 @ 18th Lvl), Hide as a Bonus Action
    7: Cloud Mind (May hide without requiring Cover, fails vs. Immune to Psychic/Illusions)
    11: Disguise Self at Will, Vigilant (Has advantage on Perception and Investigation check to reveal hidden things)
    15: Stunning Blow (Enemies hit by the Sentinel's Sneak Attack must make a Con save vs. the Sentinel's spell DC or be stunned until the end of the Sentinel's next turn.)

    New Spells
    Charge Weapon
    Level 1 Enchantment (Psionic)
    Cast Time: 1 Bonus Action
    Components S
    Duration 1 Minute (Concentration)
    Target Held Weapon
    You charge the weapon (if dual wielding, both weapons are enchanted) you are wielding with Psionic Energy. Enemies struck by this weapon take an additional 1d4 psychic damage. If you drop the weapon, the spell ends.
    Casting this as a 3rd level spell extends duration to 1 hour. Casting it as a 5th level spell extends the duration 10 8 hours.
    The intent here is that it fills the same role as Hex or Hunter's Mark, but is a self-buff rather than targeted effect. Since the caster does not burn bonus actions re-targeting, the die size is reduced one step to help maintain balance.

    Spell List

    Blade Ward
    Mage Hand

    1st level
    Catapult (EE PDF)
    Charge Weapon
    Cure Wounds
    Detect Magic
    Detect Poison and Disease

    2nd Level
    Hold Person
    Pass Without Trace
    Lesser Restoration
    Locate Object
    Protection from Poison

    3rd Level
    Dispel Magic
    Magic Circle
    Protection from Energy
    Wind Wall

    4th Level
    Freedom of Movement
    Locate Creature

    5th Level
    Commune with Nature
    Hold Monster
    Modify Memory
    Raise Dead

    1.1 Moved Archetype selection to level 1. Adjusted level 3 abilities to reflect this change.
    1.0 Initial Posting
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    Default Re: The Psychic Warrior (Yet Another Take!)

    I would've gone for Intelligence or Charisma for powers...

    JUST to be contrary!

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    Default Re: The Psychic Warrior (Yet Another Take!)

    I'm dodgy on the idea of Heavy Armor Prof coming at level 3. Perhaps choose your specialty at 1 with only 1 or 2 perks, the rest come at 3?

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    Default Re: The Psychic Warrior (Yet Another Take!)

    Quote Originally Posted by ZenBear View Post
    I'm dodgy on the idea of Heavy Armor Prof coming at level 3. Perhaps choose your specialty at 1 with only 1 or 2 perks, the rest come at 3?
    I can understand that. Taking this suggestion, I updated the initial post so that Archetype selection is done at level 1 but it only grants you a bonus skill at that point. The meat of the AT does not kick in until level 3.

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