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    Default Ara-Yomi, Race, and the Undeflore (Pathfinder in mind)

    Based off the Yeomi, to which no one ever commented on.
    This race came to me in a very... odd dream.

    Ara-Yomi are a subrace of Yeomi formed through many centuries of cross breeding between the spiders and a lone Yeomi who's seed found it's way in to the deep dark pits of the Underdark and through ancient underground rivers, it came to rest deep in the bowels of the land among a rather unique race of monstrous spiders. It took decades for the seed to sprout into the Yeomi, after which time the spiders were increasingly familiar with the Yeomi's scent by the time it became sentient and alive.

    When it sprouted, the spiders were confused, but accepted it. They considered it an interesting past time, being more intelligent then most creatures of their kind, or indeed among animal kind let alone vermin (intelligent scores from 1-4).
    The Yeomi was at a loss however. She grew depressed, and malnourished without the sun. But where the Yeomi would give in to fatigue and despair in the light-less depths the spiders would push her forward, bringing her what food they could and keeping her near water. Pushing her to continue, to move when she would choose to give in and perish.
    The Yeomi would die every so often, but the spiders would continue their efforts when she regrew.

    Eventually the Yeomi grew accustom to the blindness, and accepted the spiders. She moved with them, they guided her to places. The spiders learned to bring food to her seed and keep it near water when taken by death. The spiders had accepted her now as more then something to play with, but a part of their own ranks. Which included in kind, an attraction of sorts. The spiders and the yeomi began to reproduce with one another, rarely at first then becoming increasingly common. Her body learned to accept the spiders and started to produce offspring, increasing the slow moving population of the spiders. The intimate contact over the countless years, the dead spiders consumed daily and as her seed grew, she started changing. And with her, the spiders were changing as well. The spiders became more intelligent and were increasingly compatible with the Yeomi. Over the years, the spiders lost the ability to reproduce with other spiders and relied solely on the yeomi... and one day, another was born. This one wasn't like the Yeomi, she could see in the blackness. Her body was far more flesh-like, more of a living creature. She was born for the darkness where her mother could not, she grew up among the spiders, who by now were intelligent and called themselves the Undeflore . Cultures started to develop and they expanded, creating communities... more of this new Yeomi were born, and they flourished, spreading out to divide their ranks.
    Eventually their lands started to collide with other races of the depths, such as the drow and the dwarves, and their civilization bloomed- in places where they weren't immediately met with hostility anyway, all the more credit to their plans to divide.
    Ara-Yomi and the Undeflore developed their own tongue, one that sounds like a mixture of hisses, growls, and purrs in various tones and direction. The written language appears somewhat savage, and runic, with blunt brute lines designed to be easily written by even the Undeflore .

    Fey [Leshy]
    +2 Str, +2 Con, -2 Wis, -2 Int, +2 Cha
    Size: Medium. A Yomi does not suffer penalties or benefit from bonuses due to size.
    Seed: Ara-Yomi's seeds do not naturally automatically detach. If a Yomi expects death soon, they mate with a creature during which time the reverse happens, they don't receive "Seed" but give their own away. Their seed detaches during the act to bond with the partner. The Seed bonds with the creature, tendrils burrow painlessly into the partner's flesh and attach themselves to it's circulatory, nerve, and digestive systems. Over the course of a few weeks the seed will slowly burrow into the host's flesh until it makes it's way to the stomach of the creature. It repairs tissue as it goes, and numbs the flesh around it making for a painless transfer. In most cases, with the Undeflore spiders, the spider then eat's the Yomi's leftover body to provide nutrients for the seed. Sometimes the Yomi may continue to live for up to two hours after the seed transfer however. But without the seed, the Yomi slowly dies regardless.
    When the seed reaches the stomach to more rapidly gain sustenance and strengthens against the acid from within the stomach, it starts to grow rapidly over the course of three months during that time the seed slowly builds a connection to the surface flesh of the creature to retain strong roots with the stomach but ready itself for birth so it can quickly move away from the stomach and vital organs to burst through the skin of it's host as the new Yomi emerges.
    In a female host, which does not naturally occur unless the seed is removed from a dead Yomi and implanted within the female host, this process may work within it's own natural reproductive organs to emerge similarly to a natural birth- with the added benefit that the seed dulls the nerves for a less painful birth in addition to taking only two months rather than three, as the Yomi is born smaller and takes less time to form a method of removing itself from the host.
    The Yomi continues to grow after birth at a fast rate to become fully grown after three days time. However, that time may be spent within the host if it is a large size Undeflore spider to emerge fully grown.
    A wild Yomi will often eat it's host after mating again to produce more eggs to further the Undeflore population.
    Ara-Yomi Anatomy: Ara-Yomi are related to arachnids, and are carnivorous in nature.
    Yomi have a set of longer fangs that have a strong bite force behind them. They have a bite attack that deals 1d6 damage, and has a very lethal poison dealing dealing 1d4 damage to all physical ability scores. One minute later it will deal the same again as ability drain. If the subject fails by 5 or more on the initial save (10 + 1/2 HD + Yomi's Con mod) they are also slowed, moving at half speed and unable to take 5ft steps. If they fail by 10 or more, they are paralyzed for 1d10 rounds. If they fail by 5 or more on the secondary save to resist the drain, they take a negative level. If they fail by 10 or more, they need to make another save vs the same DC or die. If they succeed vs the death, they are instead unconscious for 1d12 hours or until roused with a DC 15 heal check.
    Yomi are much more living and fleshy compared to their Yeomi origins, they behave exactly like a fey creature would, though they gain the Leshy subtype and retain a resistance to critical hits of 50%. Yomi are immune to acid damage, disease, and poisoning. They have a natural armor bonus of 1, and have very fine sharp blades in their finger tips and feet that when without boots or gloves can extend from within the Yomi's flesh to provide a +5 bonus on checks made to climb. At 5HD they also create a sticky bonding agent increasing this to +10 and a +2 to checks to sustain grapples.
    Ara-Yomi for the purposes of the Leshy subtype are related to mushrooms. In kind, a Yomi can choose to glow providing light equal to a torch (stemming from the body, clothing may interrupt it). Doing so eliminates any miss chance or stealth benefits due to darkness however (though not supernatural darkness the light wouldn't penetrate).
    All Yomi have dark skin ranging from silvery, grey, or black. They have unique markings on their body in gold, silver, or translucent colors. It is from these markings that they glow (See above). They are as unique as fingerprints. Their hairs are often dual-toned with almost any color except blonds, greens, or pinks, and the are always darker colored.
    Skill Bonuses: +2 Handle Animal, +5 Knowledge (dungeoneering), +2 Ride, +5 Survival.
    Automatic Languages: Common, Araflore
    Bonus Languages: There are few languages that haven't been spoken without the earth hearing it. The Yomi can select any language as a bonus language within normal rules.
    Favored Class: Ara-Yomi can choose to take the Druid Class, but do so using Charisma, using spells known/per day as a sorcerer, and replacing Wisdom references with Charisma. Or they can take the class normally. In either case, Druid is the favored class of a Yomi .
    Level Adjustment: 2

    Hit Dice:
    Special Attacks:
    Special Qualities:
    Challenge Rating:
    Level Adjustment:

    I have no idea how the hell to make monsters >,..,>

    Undeflore are spiders ranging from tiny to huge. They have silvery bodies (Rarely seen) covered with black bristles and multiple layers of thin plates laid out in such a way, and fanning out in places such as joints, to give them a flower like appearance. They have very hard claws, spikes, and fangs that appear to be gold. Similar gold veins trim their plates of chitinous armor.
    They subsist on consuming precious metals, but it's only an enhancement and they require actual foodstuffs to eat, meat namely. However, they can survive for months on nothing but metals. Rock has no value for them, but they can eat stone and gravel around the metal they eat with no ill effect.
    Their excrement is known as Floraurum, Or Floral Gold. Floral Gold is approximately half again as vibrant as polished gold, and contains red and silver patterns reminiscent of flower designs. It is usually found in sphere forms ranging from the size of a minuscule pellet to the size of a fist from the larger Undeflore, and has a very high melting point with greatly increased durability over normal gold.

    Undeflore have a bite attack that deals damage as though they were two sizes larger, it delivers a lethal poison that deals ability damage to all physical ability scores that repeats as drain later on as the victim's body crystallizes from the inside out. The process causes the flesh to split and crack, causing blood to spill out. Effectively turning the creature into a short lived fountain of blood from which multiple undeflore can drink until the process is complete and they may slowly eat away at the body over time.

    They have a strange ability to cough up a floraurum pellet and build pressure to release it with explosive force. This has very useful ability to break up rocks or deal very nice ranged damage. Floraurum shots aim for touch AC against creatures within the first range increment. They take a move action to recall from their rear faculties up into the chamber from which they fire the shot, and a standard action to build the pressure and fire. They can continue to build pressure until the start of their next turn in order to double the range (and thus the range at which they can hit touch AC rather than the full AC)
    The chamber from which the floraurum pellet is fired is located at the back of the throat, any effect that would render the undeflore incapable of opening it's mouth prevent's it from using this ability, as well as the bite attack naturally. If done as the floraurum shot is pressurizing, the Undeflore damages itself and the shot catches on the undeflore's hard fangs (preventing it from bursting through to continue anyway).

    Most importantly, Undeflore have grown alongside the Ara-Yomi and have become a fairly intelligent race with intelligence scores ranging from 8-12, or 14-16 among the most intelligent. They are considered Magical Beasts rather than Vermin now.
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    Default Re: Ara-Yomi, Race, and the Undeflore (Pathfinder in mind)

    Hmm, The fluff is quite Good Cipher, Though a Question:
    How many hugs would I get If I made the Underflore?
    "All things must end, and you will be among the first."
    I love Ceika <3

    Quote Originally Posted by Kymme View Post
    You've got good reasoning, though the Akastarepti is never the best example.

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    Default Re: Ara-Yomi, Race, and the Undeflore (Pathfinder in mind)

    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowFireLance View Post
    Hmm, The fluff is quite Good Cipher, Though a Question:
    How many hugs would I get If I made the Underflore?
    All the hugs
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